Jump Starter is a type of portable battery which is used for the jump-starting of the vehicle without the need of another vehicle. Going on a trip or picnic without a jump starter is not a good idea. If your car or vehicle’s battery finishes off or breaks down at the center of the road then you might need some help from others.But if you don’t want that than keeping an extra jump starter will be a nice facility you provide to yourself. Isn’t it? Choosing the correct brand of jump starter would be a great confusion for you. There are certain points to keep in mind and the information of your vehicle to match the features of the jump starter as well. There are many different types of jump starters for different vehicles such as car, truck, SUV, tractor, etc.So, to clear up this confusion we have a list of top 15 best portable jump starter for you. Let’s see which are they.

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1.Clore Automotive jump starter

 Portable Jump Starter 2020

Clore is one of the best jump starters, well known for its manufacture of jump start, batteries, and inverters. It is also one of the top-rated companies for jump starter.

Now talking about its battery performance, the delivery of the current is 1700 Amp, and cranking power is 425 Amp. The features also include DC outlet and build in voltmeter that provide on charge battery status. It is durable and comes with heavy-duty case designs to withstand everyday use.

2.Beatit Jump Starter

Portable Jump Starter 2020

What can a package of a jump starter can consist of? This Beatit jump starter comes with a grunt to start up engines of gasoline and diesels. This includes safety and protection from over-load, current, and has dual USB pin which can be used for charging.

The battery capacity is of 18,000mAh battery with 800Amp peak current. It weighs around 1.19 pounds and recharges in 5.5 hours. It is durable and portable. The main specialty includes 15.5-inch extended jumper cables and has a waterproof design.

3.Artech Jump Starter

 Portable Jump Starter 2020

This jump starter is light in weight among all but powerful. You might not believe in further information about this but it is damn true. Let’s see what are they.

It can jump-start up to 20 times having an enormous capacity of 18000mAh battery, 600Amp current, and can be used for 7L gasoline and 6.5L diesel. Its safety features provide surge and short circuit protection. This Artech jump starter can be said as one of the best jump starter.

4.NOCO Jump Starter

Portable Jump Starter 2020

NOCO is an American company manufacturing high-quality products. It has lots of use compared to another jump starter. This is one of the reasons behind its highly rated product of the company.

The product includes a powerful lithium battery having a capacity of 4000Amp delivering 80 jumps on a single start. Isn’t that amazing? The LED light and USB devices are as per the other jump starters. It is portable and durable.

5.DBPOWER Jump Starter

 Portable Jump Starter 2020

What else you need for your protection and safety while using this type of tool? The protection includes high-quality and spray gold jumper class current protection and an LCD screen is added to show power remaining with a compass having a map direction in it when you get off from your track.

Isn’t that amazing? As usual, it can start 12V cars up to 20 times and has a battery capacity of 18000mAh and can charge 8 in 1 laptop, smartphone, tablets as well. The kit contains a 12V wall and car charger and 3 years warranty by the company. This is the best jump starter for cars.

6.GOOLOO Jump Starter

 Portable Jump Starter 2020

Are you looking for the best car jump starter? Here, we suggest you GOOLOO jump starter which is best among all. GOOLOO is an experienced and well-known company mainly manufacturing automobile spare parts.

Although, this jump starter is small yet powerful having a peak current of 800Amp and 12V battery. It has the inclusion of eight portable features, mainly, high-temperature, overcharge, overload, overvoltage protection.

7.Stanley Jump Starter

 Portable Jump Starter 2020

Stanley is one of the oldest American companies, founded in 1843. The producing products are of high-quality, reliable, portable, and durable. The features of this jump starter are the same as all other jump starters. The variant features include the polarity alarm indicator if you have mistakenly connected some negative cables with positive terminal.

The battery has a capacity of 1000Amp peak power and 500Amp crank power. It also has a 12V DC outlet and LED light which can rotate up to 2700. This company also provides a one-year warranty.

8.TACKLIFE Jump Starter

Portable Jump Starter 2020

Have you ever heard of a jump starter having all types of features you want? Here you go as a TACKLIFE jump starter provides all the features such as the powerful battery, long-lasting battery life, and safety protection. It is a highly rated international company producing high-quality material.

The peak current is of 800Amp and 18000mAh battery capacity and can start 12V cars, SUV, trucks, or vans up to 30 times. The design is bold but easy to handle and indicates the incorrect use by buzz or flashlight.

9.NEXPOW Jump Starter

Portable Jump Starter 2020

The design of this jump starter is best among all. It is durable, powerful, portable, and automatic. It can jump-start all 7L gasoline and 5.5 diesel engines at a time. The LED work light comprises of 3 modes, Flash, Strobe, and SOS light. This light works as a multipurpose for emergency, camping, and travel.

It has advanced protection technology and quick charge USB ports. The features of the battery include 1000Amp peak current and 12V car battery jump starter.

10.YABER Portable Jump Starter

Portable Jump Starter 2020

Looking for the best jump starter for car? YABER portable jump starter is best. This jump starter provides safety first by including high-quality lithium batteries, circuit boards, smart chips, and cables. This jump starter is suitable for all vehicles such as car, truck, boat, tractor, motorcycle.

The battery features include the jump starter of 12V vehicles with a peak current of 1600Amp and 20000mAh battery capacity. The small LED lights and flashlights are waterproof and dustproof. It is designed with 2 USB inputs allow to charge 2 devices at a time.

11.CAT Jump Starter

 Portable Jump Starter 2020

CAT is a durable, heavy-duty and high-quality professional jump starter. The most interesting feature is that it can start various vehicles on a single charge. Industrial grade metal clamps are equipped with a built-in switch and are power-coated and spark-proof.

Talking about battery, it delivers peak current of 2000Amp and cranking power of 1000Amp. The accessories feature includes 12V DC outlet, indicator and alarm light, and emergency flesher. One of the best jump starters ever.

12.POTEK Jump Starter

Portable Jump Starter 2020

POTEK is USA based company manufacturing high quality of jump starters, inverters, and batteries. If you are looking for a portable jump starter for your car, then POTEX is best. Its features include lead-acid battery having a current of 1500 Amp and cranking power of 750 Amp.

In addition to its features, you can use this jump starter as a power bank to charge your devices and has an indicator to know the amount of power.

13.Anker Jump Starter

 Portable Jump Starter 2020

This is rated as the number 1 jump starter by Amazon. This is small and durable and can be used at small platforms. It can start jump 3L gas and 2.5L diesel having 400Amp peak current and 10,000mAh battery capacity. It is used to charge many other devices in the car. It has advanced safety from current and overload with built-in emergency flashlights. This is one of the best if you are looking for small vehicles or 2 wheeler.

14.Vekkia Jump Starter

Portable Jump Starter 2020

Are you looking for a jump starter with all in one specialty? Vekkia is one of the best jump starters which is both powerful and portable. Now, talking about the battery, it has 20 times more enough power to start the dead battery, designed for 12V vehicles.

It consists of different USB ports that can charge 2 devices at a time like, battery, phone, and tablets. The chip protection helps to protect devices from over-temperature, charge, voltage, current, and reverse polarity. This is one of the best jump starters.

15.JACO Jump Starter

Portable Jump Starter 2020

No need to worry about the battery now. Forget about Jumper Cables. Here we have bought JACO Jump Starter for you with a powerful 16,500mAh of battery which will quickly help you to boost up the dead battery of your vehicle.

The features include LED flashlight and SOS emergency mode, dual USB ports for quick charging. It has an unbeatable roadside battery and built from military-grade components to last a lifetime.

Hence, I hope this article of the top 15 best portable jump starter 2020 was useful to you and helps to choose the best jump starter among all.