Few things in life are comforting as the simplicity of nature and that goes with the hammock. It helps us to get more connected to the nature. Whether it be on the beach, rocks, trees, a lake, or simply at the backyard of your house.  Ok, let me ask one question. Are you aware of different types of Hammock and at which place what type of Hammock is used? No, Right!

In ancient times, a hammock was used for daily sleep but, now it is used for relaxation or when you are out for trekking or camping. Nowadays, people have moved towards Hammock from camps so that they get more comfort and can be in more touch with nature.

Finding a hammock is not difficult, but learning about it apart from your comfort zone is definitely going to be great for you. So, in this article, we would love to share the top 15 best portable hammock 2020 with you. Below, we have provided all the information regarding all different types of hammock. So, Let’s get started.


1.Mayan Hammock

 Best Portable Hammock 2020

This is the hammock made in the traditional style of Mayan. Mayan Hammock is always a first choice for the people who not only want hammock but also wants to experience the authentic and luxury getaway.

Now talking about the features of Mayan hammock, it is handwoven and made from cotton consisting of double layers. The construction allows us to carry a large amount of weight and is good for camping. It is portable and is easy to transport.

2.Brazilian Hammock

 Best Portable Hammock 2020

What would be greater than being in touch with the Brazilian manufacture? This is a special hammock of brazil offering great comfort and relaxation.

Coming to its making, it is woven from tightly cotton threads of many layers to prevent draining of colors. For its making, we can identify different types of Brazilian hammocks. It includes hammocks for sandy beaches, forests, or for backyard. Different fibers are also used such as Macrame fringe, cotton, desert moon, and so on.

3.Quilted Hammocks

 Best Portable Hammock 2020

One can experience another level of comfort zone by having quilted hammocks as it contains plush, smooth, pillowy, fabric. The bright colors add the pop of style to your enjoyment.

It is composed of 2 layers of fabric and contains only cloth. It cannot be kept as outdoor as a permanent hammock as it is completely made up of cloth. This hammock does not provide comfort as other hammocks, but is best if used for indoor purpose, if you are interested.

4.Rope Hammocks

 Best Portable Hammock 2020

These types of hammocks are the first ones to pop into our minds when we listen to the word hammock. Rope hammocks are generally used when we are on a picnic and want to take a small nap. Although it just has rope strings attached in a criss-cross direction and does not contain any fabric.

The strings are usually of cotton or polyester. Cotton rope is comfortable, but after some time, it grows mildew. Whereas, polyester can be as it is without any damage. Rope hammock is not a good family size hammock.

Now, let’s see about a variety of Jungle Hammocks.

5.Hennessy Hammocks

Best Portable Hammock 2020

Among all the hammocks, Hennessy is counted as one of the best jungle hammocks. It is considered a legendary piece for camping. Well who doesn’t like trekking in Jungles? This could be best among all for sleeping at night in the jungle.

Now, talking about its design, it is made by keeping military operations in mind with the highest amount of threads and has the capacity to lift 114kg of weight. The interesting part is it layers of fabric which keeps you warm and can go with every season. It is super light in weight and has a good ridgeline system. This is the best hammock ever made.

6.ENO Hammock

 Best Portable Hammock 2020

Whether you are planning a trip with your friends or an adventure trek in the depths of the jungles, ENO hammock stands first because of its backpacking hammock for two due to its compatibility and durability.

The features include aluminum wire gate carabiners for the protection of 2-person hammock. This comes along with a full bug protection net. Hammock is long and sturdy and can lift weight up to 400 pounds. It is light in weight, easy to lift, and portable. It gives a perfect feeling for adventure.

7.Snugpak Jungle Hammock

Best Portable Hammock 2020

Thinking about the hammock for an outdoor adventure? Snugpak jungle hammock is best among all. Its designing and military color is best and contains attachable mosquito net which is built within the hammock and does not need to carry personally.

What would be more amazing than a hammock with four pieces in which 10 feet long rope and suspension attachment? It is easy to set up and can carry the weight up to 400 pounds.

8.Lawson Hammock

Best Portable Hammock 2020

Lawson Hammock would be the first one to come into your mind when you hear for the jungle hammocks. It has been rated as No. 1 by backpackers, outsiders and American survival guide by making it award winner of best ‘Gear of year’.

Due to this, it has become the reason for the people to buy this hammock. Now, talking about the features, it is versatile as it is able to fix in cars camping, jungle adventure, backpacking and it gives a feeling of bed as it has a bed like flat design.

The more interesting part is it comes with a detachable waterproof and bug protecting net. Thus, this one of the best choices available.

Now, let’s see some Parachute Hammock.

9.Cambond Camping Hammock

 Best Portable Hammock 2020

Have you heard before about Parachute Hammock? Here, it is. Cambond Hammock is slightly different from other hammocks as it has mosquito net as well as a tent bed which makes it stand out of the box. It is easy to carry, light in weight, and portable.

If we see its features, it can be used as a tent, bed, hammock, and swing as well. It can lift the weight up to 440lbs and 2 people can fit into it.

10.Winner Double Camping Hammock

Best Portable Hammock 2020

This is one of the best parachute camping hammocks. It includes an exceptional class of lightweight and is an ideal companion for any trip. The attractive part of the hammock is that it can lift the weight up to 500 lbs and can fit up to 2 persons.

These types of hammocks are usually used camping, traveling, beach, and backyard. The material used in this is Nylon. It is waterproof and versatile. Highly recommended if you want all in one hammock.

11.OuterEQ Portable Hammock

 Best Portable Hammock 2020

The specialty of parachute hammock is that it is long and wider than regular camping hammocks. You get more space and can fit 2 persons. It is easily portable and would be best at camping, jungles, adventure.

Without any doubt, parachute hammocks are in most demand in the market. It is the first knotless suspension system and one of the best in the hammock world.

Now, let’s see some of the Beach Hammocks.

12.Mac Sports portable beach Hammock.

 Best Portable Hammock 2020

This is one the best and foldable stand beach hammock. It can lift weight up to 250lbs. It is easy to carry and can fit into medium size carry bags. Isn’t that amazing? You can take the sunbath at the beach by just being in this hammock.

Talking about it stands, it has a powder-coated steel stand which will resist salt. The fabric consists of mesh accents so that it feels cool and comfortable even at the beach. It also cushion of single person and easy to be in and out of it.

13.Vivere Double Hammock

 Best Portable Hammock 2020

It has a wide variety of fabrics and color options which matches with your choice of the beach. The options for fabric may contain cotton, mesh, polyester, and many others. It can lift the weight of 2 adults weighing up to 450 lbs. The stands are zinc coated and are protected from rust.

It also offers other accessories with the hammock and its hook sets add the fame to the hammock. One of the best family hammocks gives comfort and relaxation at the beach.

14.Giantex Hammock

 Best Portable Hammock 2020

Best hammock for the beach. As we refer to the model, it is easily detachable and can be used at the beach as a bed or seat. It is light in weight and can fold into a narrow size which can be carried into a small bag. The fabric used in it is Oxford and can lift the weight up to 264lbs.

Highly recommended by the people and has become the best seller among all hammocks.

15.Hanging Chair Hammock

 Best Portable Hammock 2020

One of the best chair hammocks along with a detachable umbrella. It gives instant relaxation with a beverage in the hand and the sun at the top. This is a great outdoor hammock for beach camping. The comfort zone starts, when it rests your body with cushions.

It can also be kept in the backyard as it adds more to the view. It is easily portable. It is composed of heavy-duty powder-coated metal and can support the weight up to 265lbs. It is also used as swings, the best part I like the most about this hammock.

Hence, this was all about the Top 15 Best Portable Hammock 2020. I hope this article is useful to you and can make you choose the best hammock among all.