Who doesn’t like home with well interior designs including all the exclusive things? While making a picture dream home, imagine a family gathering around the fireplace and having gossips and fun, one of the best things one should never forget.

Like a lot of other furnishing things, the fireplace has a drastic change from the past many years and has been most advanced till now. There are various types of portable fireplaces including wooden fireplace, glass fireplace, electric fireplace, corner fireplace, freestanding fireplace, and many more that will add a warm and cozy atmosphere to your living room, bedroom or else wherever kept.

After reviewing many fireplaces from different places, we have concluded the Top 15 Best Portable Fireplaces. So, let’s see the list of the fireplaces given below.


1.Freestanding Frame-Like Fireplace

 Portable Fireplaces of 2020

Freestanding Frame-like fireplaces can be one of the best portable fireplaces as it is freely movable. This fireplace specifies that it is open from both sides and can be placed in the room which can provide high-level visibility flames which adds an authentic view to your room. This type of fireplace is usually made from glass. You might be thinking how it works?

This freestanding fireplace runs on Biofuels and can be eco-friendly as it doesn’t produce any smoke or smell. It can be used indoor and outdoor as well. There are a variety of options available for its color and size you should not take tension of.

2.Portable Glass Fireplace

Portable Fireplaces of 2020

The specialty of this fireplace is that it seems floating due to the layer of glass wall. The flame looking very delightful from the outer side of the view. The main purpose of the glass fireplace is aesthetics and functionality.

The designing of this fireplace is amazingly done as the pebbles and crystals are used as a decorative way to cover the gas jets to make the look more decent and stylish. The pebbles and crystals don’t look only great but it also increases the heat up to 4 times which makes the room warm.

3.Triangle Fireplace

 Portable Fireplaces of 2020

The design of this triangle fireplace inspires “The Great Pyramid of Cheops”. As it is portable, it can be placed anywhere you want. You might be worrying about the smoke and smell. But no need to worry. No Chimney! No Smoke! No Gas! This fireplace runs on biofuel which burns clean and is non-toxic.

This fireplace will provide you warm and will bring joy to your living room. The material used in it is of high-quality tempered glass, coated steel with the security protection as well. There are various colors and sizes available. The features and designs are at it best. This is personally recommended for buy.

4.Column like Fireplace

 Portable Fireplaces of 2020

This can be used as one of the best decorative things for the outdoor or at the backyards of the house. This can be kept at the entrance of the door.  It is easily movable from room to room as the 4 integrated casters make it easy.

The fuel used in this fireplace is Bio-ethanol fuel, burns clean, and is non-toxic which produces very little amount of carbon dioxide and water vapor just in the amount of candle releases. This fireplace adds a modern touch and the material used in it is at its best and long-lasting.

5.Half Ellipse Fireplace

 Portable Fireplaces of 2020

The design of the fireplace is as unique as its name. The design provides a unique touch and is equally suited for both indoor and outdoor use.  The best design of it includes that it can be used as gas logs, electric logs, electric logs, and as well as a wood-burning fireplace.

The fireplace can also run on the bio-fuel if you are not willing to run it on gas or wood. It is non-toxic and does not produce any smell or smoke. One must buy this as it gives a royal look and produces warmth. The material used in this is first class and long-lasting.

6.Tabletop Fireplace

 Portable Fireplaces of 2020

Fireplaces are mostly used more in the places where there is no enough of sunlight and cold is more. The tabletop fireplace is one of the best for them as it is portable and can be placed anywhere, they want especially on the table. This is mainly made from wood and is Ventless as bio-ethanol fuel is used in it. This is mostly recommendable fireplace one should ever have.

7.Free Standing Fire Fountain Fireplace

 Portable Fireplaces of 2020

This fire fountain fireplace is one of the most unique ever designed fireplace. A dramatic centerpiece for indoor as well as outdoor and can be kept in the garden as masterpiece décor. You might be thinking how could a fire have a fountain? Aren’t you?

It is the deadliest combination of water fountain and fire faux fireplace. It has a unique Tiki-bar mouth design where fire is placed and the one who can give warm-up-to. It also features sparkling LED lights which adds more to the looks. You must buy this if you are looking for a unique, best, and handmade fireplace.

8.Sided Portable Fireplace

 Portable Fireplaces of 2020

This fireplace has a unique design and the trend of it has started very early but is lasting till now. This is mostly designed in rectangular shape.

This is ventless and mostly runs on bio-ethanol fuel. This can be kept outdoor as well as indoor. It provides the warm in a shorter period and adds a natural atmosphere to any surrounding.

9.Unique Portable Round Fireplace

 Portable Fireplaces of 2020

This distinctive piece is designed with the highest quality stainless steel and its double flame is perfect for its longest time for outdoor and indoor use. This features a smokeless design that feeds fire at the bottom and burns of smoke by conceiving extra air. You should see the design; I am sure that you are going to love it.

10.Portable Stand Fireplace

Portable Fireplaces of 2020

Why stay chained with the immobility of the fireplace? This fireplace is a freestanding, lightweight, which can be easily lifted from one place to another. This is made out of extra supreme quality metal and has an antique vintage stand and glass doors which adds more to the design.

One must buy this fireplace as the top of the stand can also be used for keeping some decorative things.

11.Electric Fireplace

Portable Fireplaces of 2020

The electric fireplace is durable, portable, which will help you to warm up and provide ambiance real fire. The technology of the fire used is 3D flame which creates a realistic look with more brightness. The features include white and black color and are available in different sizes. It does not cost much to the electricity bills.

The most interesting feature of this fireplace is that it can be controlled through remote or automatic time is set.

12.Wood-burning Fireplace

 Portable Fireplaces of 2020

This fireplace requires wood to produce warm. It can be mostly used as outdoor camping. The design is simple which has four cross stands and is detachable. The net used in the fireplace is eco-friendly and is made of stainless steel.

This type of fireplace works more for picnics or night camping and adds more fun by providing warm.

13.Curved Fireplace

 Portable Fireplaces of 2020

What could be more interesting rather than buying a fireplace which adds more to your home? This type of fireplaces is generally much better for the smaller rooms. This gives a modern aesthetic look to the room. This electric glass fireplace can cover 150 sq. feet of area.

It works on electric mode and does not produce much bill. The warmth is quickly generated and is long-lasting. One must buy this fireplace as it is space free when hanged on the wall and one of the fireplaces ever seen.

14.Modern Novelty Fireplace

 Portable Fireplaces of 2020

This fireplace is a kind of contemporary twist on the traditional bonfire. The design of this fireplace consists of several rods used as a stand and a burner at the center that runs on bio-ethanol fuel and is Ventless. It can be made up of iron or stainless steel.

It is quite costly as compared to another fireplace but is unique from all other fireplaces. You must buy this fireplace as it may add an aesthetic look to your décor living room.

15.Portable Patio Fireplace

 Portable Fireplaces of 2020

This type of fireplace is usually used outdoor. This is mainly made of aluminum, plastic, and rugged steel and is electric. It is easy to start and can provide heat for a longer time. This is durable and costs less. One most buy this fireplace as all the requirements are fulfilled.

The design adds more to your backyard or garden look and highly recommended for outdoor purposes.

Hence, the above-mentioned fireplaces are the top 15 best portable fireplaces of 2020 one must need to check on before buying it.