Behringer is an audio equipment company founded back in 1989 in Germany. It is said that Behringer is the 14th largest music production company in the year 2007. It has a very vast platform for music production. This multinational group of companies is spread worldwide and the availability of the product is all over the world.Behringer is best for music and is surely going to change your thinking about the digital mixers. These can be said as all in one music player and mixers. To make your music and help the listeners to introduce through a piece of new music is such a great deal.So, here we have a list of top 15 portable Behringer X32 rack 2021 which will clear the dilemma of which is the best Behringer among all to buy. Let’s quickly see which are they and are perfect according to your need.

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1.Behringer Rack

 Portable Behringer x32 Racks 2020

Do you like music? Who doesn’t? Everyone likes it. So, to play the songs of your choice or to sing the song of your own choice is very creative. Behringer X32 rack will help you out with that. Let’s see how?

Behringer is an installed sound application used for a 3U rack-mountable digital mixer. The sound quality is amazing and includes fully programmable mic preamps and 16 MIDAS design. The channels include 40 input channels and 8XLR output channels with a connector and talkback mic input.

2.Behringer Rack Mount Exciter Processor

Portable Behringer x32 Racks 2020

This is one of the best musical instruments ever. By the addition of clarity, depth, and dimension, it improves the sound of the music. This rack is best for the professionals as well as for house purposes. The natural brightness of the rack possesses tight bass to produce great enhancement.

The high and low volume buttons adjust to tight bass and produce more sound effects on Night clubs and DJs. The presence of music is felt in all the types of music from rocking disco party music to some holy singing for temples.

3.Behringer Eurorack pro

Portable Behringer x32 Racks 2020

The design of this musical instrument is somewhat different from other racks. If you want all the sounds to be played in low or a high tone, then, this rack is best. It has 12 input mic and line rack mixer included in it.

Talking about its features, it has a high headroom analog with premium low noise 3U rack mount mixer. Comfortable to stand in boutique preamps having FX studio-grade processor. The awesome present of 100 includes reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter, and many other various effects.

4.Behringer Rack Mount Mixer

 Portable Behringer x32 Racks 2020

Looking for a multipurpose music Behringer rack? This one is for you. Its extreme flexibility includes a multi-purpose sub-mixer, level translator, and multi-track monitoring mixer. Consists of high-headroom analog with very low noise 3 ULN design and ultra-transparent audio.

It also contains various types of channel selector and also has mono and stereo use of each selector. The best rack one you can ever choose.

5.Behringer Xenyx 1204USB

 Portable Behringer x32 Racks 2020

Music makes our life more beautiful and if, your favorite song is played, then, it would be great joy and enjoyment. Isn’t it? Behringer Xenyx rack is different from the other as it has height and is bigger. The input quality is 12 and has a 2/2 bus music mixer.

Talking about its premium quality, it has ultra-low noise along with a high-headroom analog mixer. The type of music band includes Neo-classic, British 3-band EQs, and maximum input level for warm and musical sound.

6.Behringer U-PHORIA UMC1820

 Portable Behringer x32 Racks 2020

Want to hear great and high-volume bass and music? Here is the instrument that can fulfill your choice of listening to the music. You may enjoy this music system more as it also has the recording software including Avid pro tools, Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase.

Talking about its other audio capacity, it contains audiophile 24-bit/96 kHz resolution for professional audio quality. The streams have 18 input and 20 output of ultra-low audio and 8 state of art MIDAS mic preamplifier.

7.Behringer Xenyx X1204USB

 Portable Behringer x32 Racks 2020

Another model with some different features from Behringer xenyx 1204USB is this music -system. Most of the features are similar to that model but some new features are added to this. Let’s see which are they.

It comprises of 4 state of the art and 4 studio-grade compressors with one-knob controlled LED for local and professional instrumental sound effects. The grade studio has 16 editable presets which adds all types of music to your playlist.

8.Behringer XTOUCH

Portable Behringer x32 Racks 2020

Behringer XTOUCH is one of the best studios and live applications for universal DAW remote control. The features include 9 fully automated touch-sensitive 100mm motorized faders. It also contains 8 LCD scribbled strip for overview and also has RTP remote control for an ethernet interface.

It also controls many different pitches of volume and generates bass which would create more effective sound effects as well. This is the best Behringer rack among all.

9.Behringer XR12

 Portable Behringer x32 Racks 2020

XR12 is the best digital music mixer containing a built-in tri-mode Wi-fi router. The features include USB connectivity and stereo recording with revolutionary auto-mixing effects. The engine effects are 4 on top and have high-end FX rack at your fingertips.

The DJs can use this Behringer which could bring a new DJ hit song among all of the other music mixers. This is one of the best for music mixing and playing it for the whole long day.

10.Behringer Ultra link Pro MX882

Portable Behringer x32 Racks 2020

The best part of this Behringer is that the music can be operated independently in mixer or splitter modes. It converts level between -10Dbv and +4dbu and the ultra-low sound has 8 inputs and 2 outputs.

It can be used as an amplifier as 6 input and 6 output matching wire and extremely wide bandwidth from 5 Hz to 200 kHz which is used for providing the highest signal integrity.

11.Behringer XR16

 Portable Behringer x32 Racks 2020

It would be great if the Behringer can be connected with your mobile and can play the music of your choice. It would be greater if the Behringer can also be connected with your iPhones. The iPads and android mobile tablets have studio and live applications for the control of 16 input digital mixers.

The features include 8 MIDAS design which has good sound quality for fully programmable mic preamps and built-in tri-mode wi-fi router without any need of external sources for conducting direct operations. USB connector is used for uncompressed stereo WAV recording and playback.

12.Behringer X AIR XR12

Portable Behringer x32 Racks 2020

Another Behringer rack which can be used by connecting it through mobile is X AIR XR12. It has 12 input digital mixers and 4 MIDAS programmable preamps. For the iPad and Android tablet 12-input digital mixer for studio for audiophile sound quality.

No need for external routers as it is a built-in tri-mode wi-fi router for direct operation. It contains Dugan-style auto-mixing manages microphones sharing. This could be the best Behringer rack product ever.

13.Behringer X AIR X18

Portable Behringer x32 Racks 2020

X AIR X18 is said to be a tablet controlled digital mixer because it works by connecting iPads and android tablets with 16 gain-programmable Midas preamps. It contains a USB Audio interface for multi-channels.

Having XAIR series 18 channels with integrated mounted 18 channels which can be played according to your choice. It also contains an integrated build-in tri-mode wi-fi module router without any external routers. It also contains rack ears.

14.Behringer Ultracurve Pro

 Portable Behringer x32 Racks 2020

This model of Behringer is different from other as so many different specifications are included in it. Let’s see which are they. The features of this music instrument include ultra-high resolution 24-bit/90 kHz mastering processor and 32/400-bit floating point DSP technology.

It also contains audiophile 24-bit/96 kHz A/D- and D/A converters which offer 113 dB dynamic range and 4 currently stable EQ modules. The system has an ultra-high resolution analyzer of 61-band real-time FFT and has EQ function for room and loudspeaker having one of the best features among all.

If you are not a professional in this field and able to understand all the converters then take the help of some professional before buying any of the rack. This is most preferable and is one of the best among all.

15.Behringer 32 A-B Box

 Portable Behringer x32 Racks 2020

Behringer 32 A-B Box is quite costlier than other Behringer. But the features are also unique from all. Now, talking about its features, it has a studio and live application system consisting of 40 input channels, 25 bus rack-mounted digital mixer.

It also has a design of 16 MIDAS and fully programmable mic preamps. The extra line outputs and 8 XLR outputs for the phone connector and talkback section mic input. This Behringer is one of the best for professional as well as house use.

Hence, the above information contains the top 15 best portable Behringer racks 2020. I hope the information was useful to you and helped you select the best Behringer of your choice among all.