Top 15 Best Portable Battery 2021

Nowadays, the battery has become a savior for all of us as we cannot live without our smartphones, tablets, and laptops. What if you are out for a trip or some business meets, and your phone, laptop, or tablet goes on the last leg before you are done with it? The feeling is not good at all. Right? So, there are many different types of portable batteries available in the market which will help you out with this.
Here we have a list of the top 15 portable battery 2021 to give you the biggest boost when running out of your juice. Let’s see, which are they?

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Anker Portable Battery

 Best Portable Battery 2021

Can you imagine that this company has the leading technology and has joined over 50+ million power sales? What could be greater than this for the company? The device includes a multi-protect safety system ensuring the capacity of you and your device.
The device’s ultra-high capacity includes the lightweight of the battery but can charge iPhone 8 up to seven times and iPad mini 4 two times. Anker has a battery capacity of 20,100mAh helps to deliver the fastest portable charge.

RAVPower Portable Battery

 Best Portable Battery 2021

What can you expect from your mobile phones? Let’s see what all can be expected. RAVPower battery involves the specialty of a Nintendo do, which can charge the device when it is being played. Isn’t that amazing?
Talking about its features, it has a USD PD portable charger of 30W with it and requires a type-C pin for charging. Type-C pin charger can charge the whole battery within just 4-5 hours. The battery has a large capacity of 26,800mAh battery with multiple outputs.

Mophie Universal External Portable  

Best Portable Battery 2021

If you are looking for a battery that only charges iPhone, then none other than Mophie Universal External Portable Battery would be best in the market for you. This is because of its dual-purpose charging cable with a lightning adaptor.
If we talk about battery capacity, it is 12,000mAh, which can charge four smartphones, one tablet, and two different devices. It is expensive but not more than your iPhone dying without a battery when you are out for some work.

AUKEY Portable Battery

 Best Portable Battery 2021

If you are a person who likes to keep their things working for a few years straight then, this would be best for you as it has long-lasting capacity. Another beautiful thing is that the company provides 24 months warranty.
Quite impressive is the battery having a 20,000mAh capacity. It has two ports of USB and is compatible with all smartphones. The weight of the battery is 387g which is quite heavy. This is one of the best batteries one can ever wish to buy.

Omni Portable Battery

Best Portable Battery 2021

If you have got a bit more cash to spend on a battery, I would suggest you buy an Omni portable battery. This is a royal battery and it has the best outlook design as compared to others. The battery is heavy comprising a weight of 499g.

The battery size is 13 by 13 cm and has a capacity of 20,100mAh including USB-C charging cable with a total number of four ports, mainly, 2 USB AND 2 USC ports. It is compatible with all types of devices and can charge multiple devices at a time.

T-CORE Portable Battery

 Best Portable Battery 2021

T-CORE is one of the smallest portable battery. Do you know the specialty of this smallest battery? Let me help you to know about it. Talking about its charging capacity, it can charge your device 5 times a day and provides an extra 50 hours of talk time. Isn’t this amazing?

The battery has 10,000mAh capacity providing 2.1A output and 2 USB cables. This is not a carry burden for you at all as it weighs only 6.2oz less than 90% of the other portable batteries. This type of battery is said as a pocket battery because it can easily fit in the pocket.

RAVPower Universal Portable Battery

 Best Portable Battery 2021

The battery size is big and bulky. The price is quite high as compared to other batteries. Do you want to charge all the devices including smartphones, laptops iPhones, iPods, MacBooks from one battery? Then you have got the right one to select.

This battery weighs about 585g and has a battery capacity of 20,100mAh and has two USB cables of 20 and 60cm. It also has two types of pins, namely, Type-C and iSmart USB ports.

iMuto Portable Battery

Best Portable Battery 2021

iMuto is said to be one of the highest capacities containing battery compared to others. It is quite heavy and has a chunky design. The affordable price with its most interesting features attracts more customers.

If we talk about its features, then it has 20,000mAh battery capacity which can charge a smartphone four times until its battery gets low. There are only 2 ports available of charging and can charge all types of smartphones and laptops making it one of the best batteries among all.

MAXOAK Portable Battery

 Best Portable Battery 2021

The specialty of this battery is unique and interesting than any other. This is one of the best portable batteries. If you are on a trip with your colleagues and all want your phones to get charged, then this is one of the best portable batteries one could ever have.
Talking about its specialty, it has a whopping battery capacity of 50,000mAh and includes USB cables with six ports. It can be suitable for all types of mobile phones. It is quite expensive, big, and heavy. One drawback is that it cannot be able to charge MacBook.

Ventev External Portable Battery

Best Portable Battery 2021

Ventev is a portable battery and affordable. This battery has an output charging handset which can give maximum charging efficiency. The battery model comes with an attachable Type-C wire adding 12+ extra hours of talk time.

The capacity of the battery is 3000mAh and is comparatively less than the other. The feature provides an LED light indicator while charging and on-off switch. If you are looking for a good and in budget battery than this one is for you.

INIU Portable Battery

 Best Portable Battery 2021

Do you want a battery that can fit into your bag or pocket with an extra slim body? We would suggest you have INIU portable battery. It has the thinnest 10,000mAh battery in the market. The design of the battery is unique as it has a paw symbol with light which feels like icing on the cake.
The battery provides high-speed charging with output auto-adjusting up to 3A. The features include a micro USB cable with two charging ports and a charger. Not every smartphone can charge, so keep in mind the smartphone model while making a purchase.

GETIHU Portable Battery

 Best Portable Battery 2021

This is the company of R&D manufacturing one of the finest batteries with 11 years of experience. The battery is affordable, which is one of the greatest plus points for the company for having many customers. It has a Li-ion battery which is said to be an online approved charger.
The capacity of the battery is about 10,000mAh. It has an LED screen placed on the upper part of the battery indicating the battery percentage. The battery has the capability of charging low-power accessories like Airpods, Bluetooth headphones and speakers, and a small wristwatch.

Heganus Portable Battery

 Best Portable Battery 2021

Heganus battery is an ultra-slim portable long battery but doesn’t suit your pocket. The design is different from all other batteries. It has the fastest charging battery with a capacity of 5000mAh with 2.4A output and can charge iPhone 6s within 2 hours.

The weight of the battery is about 136g only. This battery is perfect for traveling and is safety certified keeping your protection from over-load, over-charge, over-current, and short-circuit.

AIBOCN Portable Battery

 Best Portable Battery 2021

Do you know what the attraction of this battery is? NO! OK, let me tell you that it has a unique Anti-fingerprint design and is exquisite and portable. The battery’s capacity is about 10,000mAh having twin USB ports that allow the charging of two devices at a time.
The battery usually charges iPad Samsung galaxy smartphones and tablets. It comes with safety protection, and a backup flashlight will help you out when in an emergency during some outdoor trip or camping.

Yoobao Portable Battery

 Best Portable Battery 2021

The features of this portable battery include a massive capacity of 20,000mAh battery providing charging to more than four devices for iPhone 11, 5 charges for iPhone XS, five charges for Samsung, and two charges for mini iPad.
The total current of the battery is 3.4A with 2 USB ports which allows the two devices to charge. Always know before you go.
Hence, this was interesting information about the top 15 best portable batteries in 2021. I hope you liked it and it was helpful to you.