Band saw are the ones which are used to cut any type of materials whether it be of steel, wood, plastic, metal or any other. There are many different types of companies manufacturing different types of band saws. Now, choosing one from it becomes the most difficult task for you.So, to clear out your dilemma of which band saw to buy, we have provided you a list of top 15 portable band saw you must keep your eyes on while buying one.

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1.DeWalt Portable Band Saw

 Best Portable Band Saw 2020

Are you looking for the best portable band saw for your benefit and perfection in your work? DeWalt portable band saw is one of the best bands saw under $200. This is one you should set your eye on as it is strong, reliable, and durable indeed.

What are its specifications? There is a LED light on the side of the saw which will let you see your task and will make it possible to operate in darkness environment. It generates awesome cutting power with the stroke of 100-350 per minute. Lastly, you will enjoy the pleasure of the band saw.

2.DeWalt Deep cut Portable Band Saw

 Best Portable Band Saw 2020

DeWalt has produced another portable saw having almost all the same features as of DeWalt Portable band saw. It is the best band saw under $400 one should keep at their best pick options.

Having many great different features includes 10 Ampere powerful motor can cut rectangular stocks up to 5 inches deep and wide. The speed customize option is also given which is changeable anytime you want. This band saw is long-lasting and can be used for many years.

3.The Milwaukee Deep Cut Portable Band Saw

 Best Portable Band Saw 2020

The Milwaukee deep cut portable band saw will make your work and yourself proud. This is the best bans saw preferred for the small work and can make a cut 2 inches deep and wide. Having a mere weight of 6.75 pounds it can be used for one-handed and overhead work.

Using a 6.0 battery it generates extra power which makes your work more convenient and easier by giving nice sharp clean cuts. This is of the best quality, lightweight, and affordable.

4.The Milwaukee Cordless Band Saw

 Best Portable Band Saw 2020

This is another band saw manufactured by the same company as above. You might be thinking what are the different features in this concerning deep cut Milwaukee band saw? There are many different features in this. Let’s see which are they.

As this is not much suitable for professional applications but it can make easy-going work for home purposes and as well as small stage work. It works on the power supply of 12V battery and has a cutting capacity of 1-5/8 inches and can make 150 cuts per minute. It is simple, durable, and easy to handle.

5.The Makita Portable Band Saw

 Best Portable Band Saw 2020

This portable band saw has the main feature of cutting extra sharp shapes of metal sheets. If you want to buy a special band saw just for cutting metal sheets, then, I would prefer you this Makita band saw which is best among all.

Talking about its motor, the company has used its manufactured motor which produces more power and makes fast cuttings. All the kinds of metals can cut in this band saw. The other features include a protective rubber bumper and trigger switch and will help you to operate the machine well with its power on and off switch. It is easily operated and gives alerts when some sort of issue occurs.

6.Bosch Deep cut Portable Band Saw

 Best Portable Band Saw 2020

Are you planning to handle professional jobs? We suggest you this deep cut portable Bosch band saw to try out. This has a compact design and weight of 14.5 pounds and you will find it useful for the handling of overhead materials.

The benefit also includes the matching speed of the cutter and operator with the kind of material you use. The main point is it does not produce sparks while cutting which will not damage your eyes. It also guarantees safety when in use.

7.BAUER Portable Band Saw

 Best Portable Band Saw 2020

Bauer band saw has a balance and stability offering you a perfect dimension cut. The tool is ranking number one in the market because of having 16lbs weight, the lightest weight among all. The Bauer band saw is portable and affordable with its ergonomic features.

The motor has 10 Ampere power and the blade cutter having the capacity to cut 5 inches deep. It is very accurate, clean, and provides limited efforts while working.

8.WEN Portable Band Saw

 Best Portable Band Saw 2020

What if you get a band saw for all in one purpose? It would be great, Right! This band saw can be considered as a priority if you want to deal with heavy metals. Wen band saw is one of the best portable band saw which has the capability of cutting many varieties of plastic, pipes, rebar, and metals.

Now talking about its specifications, it also has huge cutting capacity making cut of 5-inch-deep and 5 inch wide. You will also get to enjoy its variable speed adjusting blades of 60 to 420 feet per minute for cutting. Having 10 Ampere motor makes the process go fast with less effort.

It is lighter and has a tight handle which is more convenient to carry around.

9.SWAG Portable Band Saw

 Best Portable Band Saw 2020

The other under radar saw we have is Swag portable band saw. Does it work as per its name? Yes, it works more than that. It is mostly used by professionals. Now, if we see its features, it has 18 pounds of weight and has a thick steel plate of 3/16 inches.

It has the best cutting power involved as it can cut 22 inches tall, 18-inch-deep, and 13.5-inch-wide stretches. The cutting dimensions are sharp and perfect. It is most durable, tough, and reliable and provides the best cutting actions.

10.Rock Well Portable Band Saw

 Best Portable Band Saw 2020

When you think of portable typical cutter which saves your time and space then the first band saw to click in your mind would be Rock well band saw. This band saw can cut inside cuts, miter, scrolls, and rips.

Can you imagine a band saw having a speed of 3000 strokes per minute? Yes, you read that right. This band saw has that power and ability. It also includes a hold-down guard which will help to cut material with reliable ease.

11.Hitachi Portable Band Saw

 Best Portable Band Saw 2020

It is one of the great tools one could ever have. One of the finest features of this tool would be that it does not requires battery. It is used for multipurpose as it can cut materials like steel, metal, aluminum, power cables, pipes, and many more.

Overload protection is also given and less noise is produced during the cutting of any material. It is affordable and can be first on the list.

12.SKIL Band Saw

 Best Portable Band Saw 2020

Are you in a profession where you have to deal daily with many different types of woods? Make your work easier by choosing this SKIL band saw as it is easier and more reliable and can be used for multipurpose.

LED work light comes first as it will help you work in dark at your workplace in a vivid manner. It also consists of fence rip and meter gauge helping you to deliver straight cuts. It is tough and durable.

13.WEN Benchtop Band Saw

 Best Portable Band Saw 2020

From your mindset if you want the powerful and compact band saw, then, this band saw will suit both the parameters of yours. Now talking about its motor, it is of 2.5 Ampere and has a power output of 2500 feet per minute.

It has an ergonomic design and is easy to carry and has a work table of 120-1/4 by 11-7/8 inches. It has a faster cutting speed and comprises of dust top.

14.Jet Deluxe Pro Band Saw

 Best Portable Band Saw 2020

This type of band saw stands unique among all others. Do you have a project dealing with many metal sheets or woods?  We would like to prefer this Jet 14-inch band saw with an optional fence that is easy to use.

It is constructed in a retractable blade guard and has a strong iron frame for its safety. It also provides 15/15-inch work table and has a weight of 258 pounds which is quite heavy as compared to other band saw.

15.Grizzly Deluxe Band Saw

Best Portable Band Saw 2020

Are you looking for a band saw which as all the features from a to z, then this is the best-designed band saw for you? It is strong, durable, heavy-duty, with a cast-iron frame.

Can you say what can be the power of the motor?  It has 1HP, 1728 RPM power. It features a total height of 43 inches from top to bottom.  It has plenty of space ensuring the work are is not compromised. It is one of the best bands saw ever.

So, the above mentioned is the information about the top 15 best portable band saw 2020.