15 Best Pilots Apps (Android/Iphone) 2022

If you have been searching for the top best apps for pilots, here are the top fifteen best apps recommended for pilots and learners. These lists of apps are the latest version, and they are available for android and iPhone users. These apps would help you check detailed weather reports, flight statuses, and lots more from your device. There are several more apps useful for pilots, from calculators, games, weather briefings, and flight pieces of training. But as we mentioned earlier, these are the top best.

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FltPlan Go

 Best Pilots Apps Android / Iphone 2022

The FltPlan Go app is a partner app to the FltPlan website. The website happens to be one of the frequently used flight planning apps around the world. This amazing app comes with mapping and powerful route features that you can use when offline and online.
This app also comes with lots of information about Airports and FBO’s. The app displays fuel prices along the route for private fliers so that they can make stopovers. Users can also create and file a flight plan and sync it with the app to keep their data updated.
You would surely find the charts, nav logs, in-flight weather, and moving maps interesting. The app also has two stimulators built-in: X-Plane Stimulator and FSX and Prepar3D GPS you would love. More interesting, the app is free.


 Best Pilots Apps Android / Iphone 2022

This free app is regarded as the best weather app and it is fast and easy to use. The app gives pilots access to hi-def nationwide radar, weather forecast, nationwide temperature,  real-time hurricane, tropical storm tracking and, NOAA weather alerts. It is simply fun to use.


 Best Pilots Apps Android / Iphone 2022

Aerovie started as a weather app with the main focus on PIREPs and now features moving map navigation, complete charts, in-flight weather, flight planning filing and many more. Often regarded as the most advanced electronic flight bag (EFB), the app is also compatible with Iphone. Try out the free feature for 30 days and proceed to purchase full version.



 Best Pilots Apps Android / Iphone 2022

The CloudAhoy app is lots of fun and easy to use. The app is also useful for currency and flight instructors. It also keeps a detailed data of your flight, speed, altitude and location. When in-use the app also provides a post-flight comprehensive debriefing on flight tracks, maneuvers and instrument approaches. The app offers 35-day free trial for the debriefing feature before a yearly subscription.


 Best Pilots Apps Android / Iphone 2022

If you are searching for an app that tracks both airline and general aviation, FlightAware comes in hand. FlightAware is one of the most popular, with a good blend of features and conveniences. This app also makes it easy to see if a friend has landed, see how big your weather diversions were and more. You can even track your own airplane when it is flying VFR.


 Best Pilots Apps Android / Iphone 2022

Weatherspork is not an electronic flight bag (EFB) but still an easy use tool that aims on preflight weather briefings. Weatherspork gives you access to see and plan for weather from different angles. Route profile view also provides you with an amazing vertical look at the impact of hazardous weather and impact of winds along your flight path. A visualization tool called meteogram would help you see a vertical depiction of the next three days weather at a specified airport. It can also save time and help you make chose better options for planning a flight in the future, mostly for VFR pilots. It is also exciting to play around with and have fun.

FlashPass eAIPS


This very app allows you to use different methods when filing for the required eAIPS passenger to US customs when flying across the U.S border internationally. It also serves time-saving features like passport scanning, aircraft and passenger profiles that can be saved on the app for future travels. This app is really a major time-saver you should check it out.

LogTen Pro 

 Best Pilots Apps Android / Iphone 2022

This app makes it easier and faster to keep track of currency, flight time, duty, rest, endorsement, and more. It is also a requirement for aspiring airline pilots. With this app, you can get rid of the troubles and mistakes of handwritten flight logs. You can also link your LogTen Pro account to update your pilot profile when applying for a job through Pilot credentials.


 Best Pilots Apps Android / Iphone 2022

This amazing app stands out with stunning visualization of wind conditions up to 200 hours into the future. The windy app also gives information on cloud clover, wind gusts, wind direction, wind barbs and temperature at different altitudes. It provides detailed weather information which glider pilots and skydivers would even love more. It also added aviation-specific features like METARs and TAFs.

Air Navigation Pro 

 Best Pilots Apps Android / Iphone 2022

The Air Navigation Pro would really be much appreciated by VFR pilots. The app is created to be a flight assistant that serves real time GPS navigation on a 2D aeronautical moving map and other useful features like 3D synthetic vision, waypoints, charts, plates, terrain awareness, airspace and obstacles. 


 Best Pilots Apps Android / Iphone 2022

This app stands out to be the best weather app. RadarScope takes it to the professional level, and real weather geeks know it is hard to beat it. This amazing app provides access to NEXRAD level 3 and super-resolution data, plus warnings about tornadoes, thunderstorms, and flash floods. With this app, you can also compare base and composite reflectivity, overlay lightning data, and look at individual radar sites. Finally, RadarScope gets you prepared for foul weather both in the air and on the ground.


 Best Pilots Apps Android / Iphone 2022

WingX comes first when looking for the best of the best in the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) category. The app has been the leading navigation app on the Apple store for the last five years and the winner of five Stevie awards in 2017. Certified flight instructors are entitled to a full free version of WingX, a synthetic vision subscription, and an advanced IFR subscription as a bonus.

Garmin Pilot

 Best Pilots Apps Android / Iphone 2022

Garmin Pilot is practically one of the most comprehensive apps created for pilots, both commercial and private. Also, if you search for a tool that would serve you all in one, Garmin Pilot is your best bet. The app breaks the entire process of flying an aircraft into four labels – File, Fly, Plan, and Log.
Also, the NavTrack feature allows you to preview the impacts, and that changing weather conditions may have on your flight. This very amazing app has continued to make progress over the years. It features powerful split-screen options, deep integration, Garmin GNT-style menus, and Garmin panel-mount avionics.

The app also comes with a 30-day free trial, after which you would have to buy a subscription, making use of the in-app purchases.

ForeFlight Mobile

 Best Pilots Apps Android / Iphone 2022

ForeFlight Mobile happens to be an IOS-only app, with many amazing features, including touch planning, interactive route editing, and SID/STAR preview with many more amazing features.
With the app graphical briefing, you would get up-to-date weather information before your flight. The app can also be used to edit, file, or cancel visual flight rules (VFRs) directly from your mobile device. Also, a zoomable vector aeronautical map provides a plethora of data as interactive map layers for hazards, weather, and fuel prices.
The app comes with a bonus feature included in the app that can draw and write directly on the map by entering drawing mode. It goes on to make taking notes and highlighting directions simple.


 Best Pilots Apps Android / Iphone 2022

Last but not least, on our top 15 apps is Xavion. Xavion centers on your safety. One of its basic functions is to frequently generate ready engine-failure glide routes to all airports within the gliding range throughout your flight. If an engine failure occurs during a flight, the app does all the glide-planning for you to fly the designated plan.
It also checks your weight and balances, confirms that your needed takeoff distance matches the runway you are about to take off on, and estimates takeoff distance. The purpose of this app is nothing but your maximum safety.


So there is our list of the top 15 best apps for pilots, and we can assure you that they are the very best of iOS and android you should install on your devices. Some of them happen to be free while some are paid for but, they all surely have something to offer.
Meanwhile, there are hundreds to thousands of pilot apps, but as we said, these are the top best. These apps can be used to get alerted about weather conditions, TFRs, and more. It can also be used to plan out your flight with correct details about everything you might come across on your way.
We believe going through this article, and you must have seen the one you feel you would like trying out already. Do you have any questions, suggestions, or you feel we missed your favorite app on the list? Message us through the comment box and get an instant reply from us?