10 Best Personalization Apps (Android/IPhone) 2022

Are you bored with your smartphone? Here are many best Personalization apps on Android/ iPhone 2022 which will customize your smart device and will provide you best absolutely new experience of using your old device. With these applications, you can customize your keyboard, themes, wallpapers, gestures and many more!

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 Best personalization apps Android/ iPhone 2022



Best personalization apps Android 2022

Zedge is one of the best personalization app, Android/ios 2022, and it has a variety of wallpapers, and the selection is fairly decent. However, Zedge’s big specialty is its ringtones, notification tones, and alarm tones. In this app, you can find a swatch of excellent songs, sound effects, and other content for that kind of stuff. In addition, you can upload your own on Zedge’s website if you have something which you want specifically and you also want to share that with others. This is one of the best apps for ringtones and notification tones which you don’t require to make yourself. You must try this personalization app to customize your Android device.

 Fancy Wallpaper & Lock Screen

 Best personalization apps iPhone 2022

This app is another best personalization app, iPhone 2022, and with this app, you can make your screen amazing and impress your friends with your device’s new look. This app will make it much easier for you to personalize your device. This application allows you to select from tons of cute, cool and inspirational wallpapers, which are carefully selected for you by the artist’s team. It allows you to explore lots of categories and select the best.

 Magic Screen Customize

 Best personalization apps iPhone 2022

This application provides you the most adorable wallpapers. It includes magic wallpapers, which will provide about 35 creative magic effects to your device. It is an amazing app that creates ‘magic’ effects for your lock screen, backgrounds, app icons, and calendar. It let filters, editing, different shapes, borders, shadows and many more.


Best personalization apps Android 2022

Gboard is arguably the two best keyboard apps on Android/ios. This app has feature of extensive theming, gesture typing, decent features, and a variety of other features. Gboard is a much simpler app and it comes with many main stream features. This is highly customizable application and you can make it look basically which you want it to. This application is a better option and good place to start if customization is your goal.

Best personalization apps Android 2022

Navbar Apps is a another good and fun little customization app. This app changes the colour, theme, and style of your navigation bar. This application comes with lots of goofy themes like watermelons, Garfield, and other such things. This app can also change the nav bar colours for whatever app you have open. The only drawback is that this app’s auto-theming doesn’t work with Google Chrome and the app itself don’t work well with Huawei devices. Otherwise, this application seemed to work well during our testing. You can use most of the features of this app for no cost.


Best personalization apps Android 2022

Tapet is one of the best among tons of good wallpaper apps. For wallpapers, Backdrops, Walli, Wallpapers HD, and Muzei come to mind. However, Tapet is probably the most unique out of the bunch of wallpapers apps. Ths app includes a variety of patterns. Each pattern is entirely personalizable. In this app, you can choose the colours and reload the pattern for a slightly different variant. All wallpapers are amazing and should work on even the more better and highest resolution displays. Tapet works great for personalization as every wallpaper is configurable.


 Best personalization apps Android 2022

Tasker is another most powerful app in the complete Google Play Store which can do basically anything. This app can automate your all tasks, and can create new actions, and do all kinds of other stuff. Tasker app is not an easy to use app. This app allows user to change some settings which users can’t change normally.

substratum theme engine

 Best personalization apps Android 2022

Substratum is an app for theming frameworks for Android devices. They use Android’s OMS (Overlay Manager System) to theme your phone. Substratum works well without root on some devices. However, you can get the best experience of using this app with root. This application is excellent customization apps. This application is an older product and much more stable and mature.

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

Best personalization apps Android 2022

KWGT is a custom widget app that allows you to create widgets that will look how you want. This app can make widgets for a variety of things which include calendar, weather, clock, actionable buttons, music controls, RSS, and more. It is excellent for deep levels of personalization. You can make widgets that fit your wallpaper and theme as required. This application is one for the hardcore, like most of the personalization apps in this list.

Best personalization apps Android 2022

Android Pie presents you with a new gesture navigation system. This application allows you to omit the navigation bar altogether in favor of a series of swipes and gestures. In this app, each action is personalizable with several gestures. In this app, you can swipe in various directions from various sides with and without a hold. This application has the feature of toggle split screen and can open previous apps. It can be used to open assistant apps and can be used to hide the pill. It has many more features. Try this best personalization app now!


So these are the best Personalization apps Android/ iPhone 2022, which will customize your smart device and will provide you best absolutely new experience of using your old device. I hope you like this article. Please do like and share, and please don’t forget to share your experience and opinion about the above-listed apps via comment. If you have any queries, feel free to ask anything related to the above apps.
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