10 Best Personal Safety Apps (Android/IPhone) 2022

It is the bitter truth that brutal crimes are occurring daily against women across the world. Not only women but men and children are also not safe today. It is not safe to walk down the street alone late in the night, but sometimes it is unavoidable to move out of the home during the night. For those conditions, we are telling you about the Best Personal safety apps, Android/ iPhone 2022, which will help you to stay safe, and it will send an alert or text message along with location to your guardians immediately in emergency conditions.

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Best personal safety apps Android/ iPhone



 Best personal safety apps Android/ iPhone

bSafe is one of the best personal safety apps for Android/ iPhone 2022. This app, in case of emergency, provides pioneering features like voice alarm activation, automatic audio and video recording and live streaming. You can activate the SOS button by your voice even if your mobile is in your pocket, purse or jacket. This app will send the audio alarm to your guardians, and they will get your location. They can also see and hear everything via its real-time live streaming feature. This application also has the feature of following me when you tell your family member or friend to follow you home via the map on the cell phone.

Family Locator

Best personal safety apps Android

This application is the Best Personal safety app Android 2022, and this app will allow you to locate your family safety even when they are far from you. This app will simplify your life by making it easy to stay connected with the people who matter much in your life. In this app, you can create your private group, “Circle of loved ones, teammates,” and regularly chat with them. In this app, you can check their real-time location and can receive real-time alerts whenever your teammates or family member arrives or leave for the destination. This app will also tell you the location of your stolen or lost phones. Have this app now!

Sprint Family Locator

Best personal safety apps Android

It is a great GPS locator app that will find out where your family member’s phone is right now. This app will enable you to locate any phone on your Sprint family plan, and after this sprint plan, you will not need to install any other app for tracking. This app will also help you to get back your stolen or lost mobile device. In this app, you can look at the location of your family’s phone in real-time with the help of its interactive app. You also have the option to locate the location of your family member with the help of your computer by going to sfl.sprint.com. This app will automatically send you a message if your family member is not there where they should be. Have this great safety app now!

 Presence: Video security

Best personal safety apps iPhone

This application is another best Personal safety app iPhone 2022 and this app will allow you to repurpose your old mobile device, iPods and tablets to behave as in home security system. This app will send you alerts when it notice motion in inside your home. In this application, you are also having option to invite your family members, roommates or friends to receive alerts. Have this app now!


 Family Locator and GPS Tracker

Best personal safety apps iPhone

This app will help you to keep your family and kids safe. It is a family tracker app and best for children safety and emergency alert app. With this app, you can keep a eye on where your family members are right now and with it you can share free cross platform family messages. This app will regularly send you alert when your kid leave school and will alert you when they go where it is not safe. This app will allow you to receive SOS with exact location. This app has many more features also.

 BEAWARE – Personal safety app

Best personal safety apps Android

It is app for emergency/ SOS, help alerts and it comes with many personal safety features. This app will enhance your personal safety and with this app, you can generate active alert in case of sudden safety concern. This app also has feature of geo fence in order to create single location or defined route fence and will automatically generate alert when you leave this fence.

 Chilla :

Best personal safety apps Android

This is a unique women’s safety app that will detect screams even if your phone is in a pocket, purse or jacket. This app, after activation, will send SMS and location and send Email with audio recording. This app will also automatically places a call to the guardian. This app can also be used in emergencies like heart attack, and this app will send the victim’s location and recording immediately without unlocking the phone.

Shake2Safety – Personal Safety

Best personal safety apps Android

This app will send an alert only by either shaking or by pressing the power button four times. This app will work on a locked screen also and will work without an internet connection. This app will never ask for any registration. This app will allow you to send a text message to your guardian, and you can also share pictures with locations and record audio in case of an emergency. Download this app now and secure yourself!

 Nirbhaya – an SOS App


This app will might help in case of emergency/ assault. This app in case of emergency will send alert, text message and location to emergency contacts. When those emergency contacts open the nirbhaya app, they will able to see the exact location of the person who needs help. Download this security app now and stay secure!



This is a great personal security application basically for women’s safety and any emergency conditions. This application is android based mobile application which will allow women to send a distress call to the Police Control room or their relatives or friends in case of any emergency. Have this personal security app now, and stay safe!


So these are the Best Personal safety apps Android/ iPhone 2022 which will help you to stay safe, and it will send an alert or text message along with location to your guardians immediately in emergency conditions. I hope you find this article helpful. Please like, share, and please tell us via comments which app you like the most.
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