How to Create Perfect instagram Username 2023

Won’t it be wonderful if we wake up one day and our Instagram fan base crosses over the one million mark! Although it might sound a bit absurd initially, but you can actually attain the same with engaging content and an interesting username. Yes, you heard that right, the name you choose for being displayed in your Instagram profile can have a big role to play in determining your ultimate popularity.Every user gets initially recognized by their username which makes it equally important as that of posted photos, videos and even hashtags. This makes it imperative to find a name which can invoke interest of others and attract followers who would like to know more about you. Instagram has a user base of billion users which keeps on increasing with every passing day. To keep you covered against the odds, we have devised a guide which shall help you come up with unique and attractive usernames.

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How to Create Perfect instagram Username 2022

Make It About Yourself

How to Create Perfect instagram Username 2022

If you wish to stand out from others, then you need to incorporate unique things about yourself while deciding on your username. You can thus talk about your interests and hobbies to give people a first-hand impression of what they can expect out from your profile. Whether you are a tech-junkie or have an indomitable appetite for travelling, the same can be hinted while planning on your username.

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Adjectives Galore

How to Create Perfect instagram Username 2022

It’s tough to describe ourselves in one word. But if you can manage to do that, then it would definitely serve as an interesting username. Thus, rather than simply typing in your first name, make use of adjectives such as ‘awesome,’ ‘fabulous,’ ‘wanderer,’ ‘foodie,’ ‘cricket buff’ and the list goes on. People often make the mistake of using their email address as the username and this simply compromises on the overall security aspect.

Unique Characters

How to Create Perfect instagram Username 2022

You can make your Instagram name more unique by using keyboard symbols such as ‘@, #, $, ^, &, *’ and a lot more. It is also possible to create innovative emoji’s using a combination of these special characters and symbols.

Multiple Languages

How to Create Perfect instagram Username 2022

Even the lamest of phrases in foreign languages sound fascinating to us as we know so less about them. Similarly, you can increase your engagement meter by using lesser-known foreign phrases while planning your username. While browsing through the Instagram feed of popular influencers, you will notice that most of them use foreign terms to spice up their profile.

Being Careful

How to Create Perfect instagram Username 2022

The first thing you need to keep in mind before using social media is that, it is extremely public in nature. While sharing posts, you are actually opening up the most personal elements of your life ahead of your friend circle, some of whom you might just know virtually. Thus, you should refrain from using sensitive information such as your phone number, account number, bank pin or even address while deciding on the Instagram username. Using obscene words can also have an adverse effect on your career as modern day corporates scan through the social media profiles of potential candidates before calling them for interviews.

Keep It Short

How to Create Perfect instagram Username 2022

People often end up with lengthy user name while trying to keep things unique. But this can make it difficult for people to follow you as typing in your lengthy name poses as a big problem. To make matters worse, your existing followers might also face difficulty in searching for your profile thus making it almost impossible to reach your desired level of engagement. Keeping things short and crisp serves as the safest bet.

What To Do If Your Username Is Taken

How to Create Perfect instagram Username 2022

As more and more people are joining the Instagram platform with every passing day, getting the username of your choice is getting more difficult. If you ever face such a scenario, then you can try out similar symbols such as @ in the place of a, S in the place of 5, 3 in the place of e and $ in the place of 5 to name a few. Social networks and messaging apps usually allow users to take their pick amongst a diverse selection of symbols in their username which opens up greater possibilities ahead of them.

Bottom Line

Your username is your ultimate online identity which can help you while setting up your job or dating profile. The internet is filled with repetitive names which makes it pretty difficult to create a unique identity. But you can stand out from the queue by following the tips we have shared above.