Hey guy’s need some awesome best fitness tracking apps  android/iphone 2021 ?
Here I pick best pedometer/step tracking apps 2021 for you.
Achieve your fitness goals with these apps on the go.
All the best and top rated fitness tracking app is here.
So guy’s are you ready to fit and hit.
Ready to your first 10,000 steps counting goal.
Set goals achieve them reward yourself and live more.
A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.
So guy’s let’s start
Here we go.
top 10 best pedometer/step counter apps android/iphone 2018


1.Step counter android / iphone  

best pedometer apps android/iphone 2018
This is the one of the best and all in one step counter and pedometer app Android/iphone 2021.
Everything you need in fitness tracking is here.
It’s gives you every data you need steps tracking,distance tracking,calories burning tracking and much more.
This app doesn’t require gps so you save your smartphone battery and it’s directly track your steps by it’s inbuilt sensor functionality.
Track a-z things about your fitness.
One of the most popular and downloaded app on Google play store more than 5 million downloads on Google play store.
Let’s download and start tracking your fitness goals.

2.Google fit

best pedometer app android 2018
Super duper app for fitness lovers this is all in one fitness tracking app for you.
This is only available for android user’s.
This is one of the  best app for your fitness goals.
It’s compatible with all the smartwaches and bands.
Just connect and start tracking.
Manually set steps and calorie burn goals and achieve them.
See your progress directly on your home screen with a beautiful widgets.
Set and customize according to your needs.
Very easy and smart user interface.
Stay motivated with this awesome app.
Get personalized recommendation and suggestions.
Do little more and fit little more with it.
Let’s download and start your first fitness goal now.

3.accupedo   android iphone

best step counter app android/iphone 2018
Another great pedometer/step tracking app android/ios 2021.
This is also a great app for tracking every fitness you need.
Track and set goals on steps,calories and much more.
Change theme colors customize according to your choice and start walking and running like pro.
Set goals and achieve them.
It’s very simple and easy to use app.
Download on your android/iphone and start tracking now.
Power saving mode,3d motion tracking system,personalized setting and much more.
Let’s download and start counting your steps.


 best step counter app iphone 2018
This app only available on iphone devices.
Download and enjoy enhanced experience of tracking😶 .
Set fitness goals and achieve your fitness goals on your iPhone device.
Battery saving mode direct inbuilt sensor tracking and much more.
Export your data directly and share with your friends and family members.
Let’s download and start tracking it now.


best step counter app android 2018
This is another great pedometer app Android 2021 for you.
Simple and easy to use pedometer app for you.
13+ different Different types of themes available here.
Change and customize according to your. Styles.
Track anytime anywhere
One of the most rated and downloaded app for fitness tracking.
Track your goals,achieve your goals and fit yourself.
1 million’s + downloads on Google play store.
Let’s download and start tracking now.

6.Pedometer pacer health

best fitness tracking app android/iphone 2018
This is another fitness tracking app Android 2021 for you.
This one of the best and editor choice step counting and activity tracker android app  for you.
Simple and easy to access features.
Connect your fitness band or smart watch with it and track everything.
Customize design according to your choice and enjoy tracking from your smartphone.
Set goals alarm and much more.
Everything you need in a fitness tracking app is here.
Let’s download and start tracking now
Fit like pro.

7.Pedometer ito

best step counter apps android 2018
This one is from ito technologies.
They create such a awesome pedometer app to track and get fit in everyday life.
One of the perfect fitness tracking app for losing weight and calculating steps on the go.
Simple and easy to use app.
impresive user interface you definitely love it.
13 different types of themes design pick and set according your choice.
Awesome fitness tracking app available om the Google play store with more than 10 million downloads.
Let’s download and fit yourself.

8.Pedometer and step counter easy fit

best pedometer app android
Another super duper app for you which help you to stay fit all the time.
Calculate steps,calories in beautifully animation graphics manners.
Fully unlocked not a single buy feature here.
All the features available here is already unlocked.
Beautifully widgets for your home screen.
So you can directly access your steps and calories on the go without opening the app.
22+ beautiful customizable themes for you.
Set and enjoy.
Simple and easy to use app with pro features of making you fit all day.
One of the best pedometer and step counter app 2018 android for you.
More than 1 million hits on Google play store.
Now it’s your time download and start fitting yourself.
Let’s set go.

9.Pedometer step counter enjoy life more

best step counter apps
This one is from enjoy life more developers.
Enjoy your life little more with this fitness tracking app.
Set goals achieve them get badges and much more.
Interective graphical step and calories counting on the go.
Beautiful looking app with awesome designed themes and much more.
Daily,weekly and monthly reports of your steps and burning calories see your progress and burn and fit more with it.
Let’s download and counting your steps now.

10.Step tracker

best step counter app android 2018
Another awesome and last app in this list.
Awesome step counter app Android 2021.
Awesome stunning themes fit with beauty.
Set goals achieve and level up your progress.
Never ever stop invite your friends and fit together.
Stay healthy and stay wealthy with this superb app.
Share your daily fitness goal result directly by just one single tap on your all social media accounts.
Loose weight with personalized pedometer.
Awesome fitness tracking app for fitness lovers.
More than 1 million downloads on Google play store.
Let’s download and start your fat to fit journey.
So guy’s these are the most downloaded and top rated apps fitness tracking.
Every thing you need in a pro fitness tracking app is here.
Let’s download and start fit and hit journey of your.
Achieve all the fitness goals
Lets fit more with them.
These apps help you to motivate you on fitness.
So guys let’s download the apps connect your smart watch and band with your smartphone.
And start running and walking.
Let’s set go.
This post is all about best step counting/pedometer apps Android/ios 2021
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