What is a PC fan Splitter?

Then PC fan splitter works in 1 to 3 ways: the fan splitter attaches three computer case fans on a single fan header motherboard and is compatible with 4 pins and a three-pin fan connector. The splitter fan cable provides an additional fan that enhances your device airflow. The PC Fan Splitter attaches three computer case fans to a single, 4-pin, and a 3-pin PMW fan header.  It is used to enhance airflow in your device via the Fan Splitter cord and the line length of cable is (Approx): 10,5 inches.

You will be able to use a fan splitter as long as the fans you connect do not draw more current than the motherboard header. Splitter doesn’t change the power difference between the two fans and it is powered completely, so you only read the one-speed sensor for one fan. But as you said that your GPU has a cooler blower style, you don’t have to worry about it as much as regular aftermarket design. This usually means two or three fans per capita at most. They are safe. The reason that the fan connects to the motherboard is that it can tell the fan when it will increase its speed (it doesn’t work at full speed unless it needs it).

The motherboard can still lead fans to speed up if necessary with a fan splitter but will guide them all at once. If you had multiple ties, it would offer different orders to different fans depending on your needs. Particularly if you set the fan curves yourself. So now as you know how important it is for you to have a PC fan splitter so let us have a buyi8ng guide for you.

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1.Fan Splitter 4 pin Molex > 3 Qty 

 Best PC Fan Splitter 2020

  • This PC fan splitter is a to provide a quiet and intelligent fan in your device.
  • With the help of this device you can sync three PWM fans for the use of PC with CPUs.
  • This device is used to create a fast link with all connectors.
  • It is a very useful device to increase the lifetime of your PC.

2.   4-Pin Molex to 2 X 3/4-Pin PWM 12V 

 Best PC Fan Splitter 2020

  • The comes with a Molex Connector Power with two 3-pin or four-pins PWM Connector.
  • This device comprises a set of Molex voltage of 12V for fans that must work.
  • This device comes with standard 3-pin fans and cable that is backward compatible.
  • The device also comprises a total 4-Pin Molex Pass (Most cables are passed only by 2 pins).
  • The cable length of this device is 11″/27 cm (Except for connectors).

3.   yan 3-pin Female to Dual 3-pin Male PC Fan

Best PC Fan Splitter 2020

  • This PC fan Splitter is of High quality and is 100% Brand New.
  • The -pin splitter has 2x 3 Pin FEMALE cables, with the fan power supply of Y cable to connect the PC case supplier to the motherboard.
  • This device also has a power cable that can be used by motherboard users of the PWM to connect a fan to generate constant RGB lighting effects or the included control box can be used to configure light and speed effects.
  • This device is compatible with the US aura Compatibility, Gigabyte RGB FUSION, MSI Mystic Light Sync, ASROCK polychrome, and the Razer Chromium, Sync, RMB and ASB. +5V / D/-/G friendly RGB lighting synchronization with RGB headers.

4.   Evercool Model EC-DF001 17.72″ PWM 

Best PC Fan Splitter 2020

  • This Evercool PC fan splitter PWM fans from one PWM header motherboard and the cable is black and is braided.
  • This splitter includes (2) white, 6-outlet, power strips for protection; and a 14 AWG chord powered by 2-foot each.
  • This device has a special feature of a 200-Joule three-line Basic Surge Protection Rating for small devices, phones, and lamps Protection.
  • It comes with a Red “protected” LED indicator light to indicate you are protected with a 15-amp circuit breaker.
  • It is best compatible with AC 15A, 125V, 60Hz, 1875W.

5.   DeepCool Fan Hub Control 4PWM Fan

Best PC Fan Splitter 2020

  • This PC splitter provides function which is very useful in maintaining the healthy working of the device.
  • This device has a fan hub 4-Port junction.
  • It is compatible with 3-pin/4-pin.
  • This device has excellent cable management service support.
  • It is used for the installation of double hand adhesive.

6.  Noctua NA-SYC1, 4 Pin Y-Cables for PC 

 Best PC Fan Splitter 2020

  • This Noctua PC fan splitter are for two fans and a fan header.
  • The two PWM in this device has 4-pin fans that can be operated at the same time via one PWM fan header; when one fan transmits the RPM speed signal to the motherboard for supervision this device promotes cooling to CPU.
  • The 4 pin interface in this PC fan splitter supports 3 pin as well as 4 pin fans.
  • It is made up of clear connectors and clean optics clear cable sleeves.
  • The package includes 2 cables; and a manufacturer’s guarantee for 6 years.

7.   CORSAIR AF120 LED Low Noise Cooling 

Best PC Fan Splitter 2020

  • This PC fan splitter has a up to 52 CFM at peak 1.400 RPM airflow.
  • It comprises of four LEDs and can easily add bright LEDs to the network.
  • It produces low noise and with a custom fan blade and hydraulic bearing it permits low noise without sacrificing performance operation.
  • This device provides the best airflow and static pressure which offers an outstanding combination of high airflow and lower static pressure for case fan or CORSAIR Hydro Series.
  • It also has coolers for fluid CPU.
  • This device supports diffuse lighting. It is an opaque fan blade that diffuses lighting to ensure impressive illumination in your system.

8.   StarTech.com TX3 Fan Power Splitter Cable 

Best PC Fan Splitter 2020

  • This PC fan splitter provides more flexibility to place motherboard and CPU suppliers for optimal
  • This splitter is compatible with TX3 Connector all CPU fans.
  • It comprises of 2 thin cables that are versatile to produce excellent output.
  • It also has a 3-pin fan and the extension cable which is additionally 6-cm long.
  • It is used to link 2 CPU suppliers to a single power socket.

9.   Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub

Best PC Fan Splitter 2020

  • This PC fan splitter is used to to any compatible device immediately.
  • It works with the power status of each port for LED indicators.
  • This device supports connection speeds up to 5Gbps (USB 3.0), 480Mbps (USB 2.0), and 12Mbps (USB 1.1) and are eligible for upload.
  • It is best compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1.
  • This device is very simple to set up and you can very easily plug and play.

10.NZXT Internal USB Hub

Best PC Fan Splitter 2020

  • This PC fan splitter is used to to your network to attach more tools and to eliminate the handicap of your network. It comprises of 5 USB 2.0 ports and 3 internal and 2 external connectors.
  • It also has CAM driven devices, including Kraken, GRID+, and HUE+, that are checked and guaranteed to operate with. They ensure that you have enough ports to get all the devices up and running.
  • This device has a magnetic body and cable management straps for fast and easy setup.
  • The facility of MOLEX CONNECTION is also present in this device as it provides extra power through PC.
  • It is very easy to PLUG AND PLAY and No drivers are required.
  • A USB 2.0 internal connector is mandatory while using this device.
  • This device also has a 1 x USB 2.0 header and a 1 x Molex link.

11.Cooler Master MASTERFAN

Best PC Fan Splitter 2020

  • This PC fan splitter has of 5V/3PIN RGB Case Fan Hub Modification PWM ARGB that uses a Fan Control interface such as SATA Cooler Master 1 to 6.
  • This device is used to have a MULTI CONNECTION. It can be used for connecting more computers, up to six collections of RGB addressable headers, and PWM headers (3-pin).
  • This device has a MAGNET BUILT-IN. This lightweight HUB fits comfortably into your shell. This can be fitted with built-in magnets on any metal surface.
  • This device is SPACE SAVING. It can efficiently save your room, encourages cable control, and ensures the inner case is clean and tidy.
  • It supports SATA POWER. It can still maintain a steady performance even when fully powered.

12.StarTech.com 12in 4 Pin Fan Power

Best PC Fan Splitter 2020

  • This PC fan splitter is used to (PWM) fans to a single fan control unit.
  • It comprises of 2 CPU fans that are linked to 1 power connector cable.
  • This device is used for reposition for the case fans on your device to give your machine maximum refreshments.
  • Warranty for Lifetime is given with this device.
  • This device supports a cable of 4 pin fan power splitter / 4 pin fan extension power y cable / cable Case fan fan/ cable splitter fan / cable / 4 pin fan splitters / cable / PWM fan y fan pin / cable / fan splitter button / fan cable PWM cable.

13. Be quiet! Silent Wings 3 120mm PWM

Best PC Fan Splitter 2020

  • This PC fan splitter is a great ratio of 28.6Db(a) with performance to noise. The rate of noise with this device is 28,6 decibels.
  • This device comprises of 6-pin fan engine for lower power and vibration.
  • It has a fluid-dynamic bearing that allows for 300 000 hours of super long life.
  • This device has a special Vent system for extremely high-pressure air with funnel-shaped air inlets
  • It comprises of seven fan blades that have an airflow optimization.
  • It has a PWM motherboard regulated fan speed.

14.Aimixin PWM Fan Hub, PC CPU 

Best PC Fan Splitter 2020

  • This fan splitter has a net weight of 13.8 g and comes with a PWM fan server.
  • This device has an with 3-pin / 4-pin ports to overcome the absence of motherboard control and central fan wiring.
  • T, he first CPU fan interface and the PWN interface is related to the CPU motherboard fan interface. T/he interfaces FAN1 / FAN2 / FAN3 are conventional PWM fans.
  • A total of 37 cm in length is connected to the motherboard’s PWM cable.
  • This device comes with a replacement offer of 60 days.

15. The Kingwin FPX-001 Fan Controller 4 Channel

Best PC Fan Splitter 2020

  • This PC fan splitter comes under the model  which is used to do Power on / off and comes with a LED Indicator.
  • It comprises of a check 4 Fan Sets to provide cooling to your device.
  • This PC fan splitter has a 3.5-inch match bay and connections of 3 pin fans.
  • THE Square Sized Pattern of Lighting present in this device has THE FORMIC SCHAP RGB that has 2 unique square-shaped lighting effects that can be viewed from the front and back of the fan.
  • The extended surface and air inlet design Blade of this device can create pressure up to 40 percent higher airflow than any other fan of RGB, thanks to its unique squarer frame design.
  • The Smart PWM speed management in this device offers 300Rpm initiating rpm speed and superior silent experience in damping vibration (speed: 300-1500rpm).

Get the best pick for you.

Now you are aware of the thing that extensions of good quality are worth buying. In PC fan splitter only one connector in the extension is 4 pin PWM; and the other one is 3 pin. So get one for you to enhance your device performance.