The world of computers is continuously updated and the demand for new components is also increasing from new technology and designs. Most people use the full potential of certain machines without losing their efficiency when it comes to aesthetics.
Gaming requires not only outstanding applications and high-quality specifications but also top-notch gaming equipment. Although software is significant, if one wants to have the best gaming experience to date, the hardware has to be considered as well.
It involves buying only from the best brands of computer equipment. The computer will need a high-tech mouse, keyboard, CPU, display, and other paraphernalia for gaming. In many cases having the best computer case or tower one can buy would have a major impact on the gaming experience. It also requires more investment in the procurement of top-of – the-line appliances.
Do you want to build your PC or do you already know which parts you want to build, but just have to find the perfect case? PC gaming gets bigger and with VR just bigger it could become a smart investment to invest in a building that would allow you to play the latest games. We made a list of the best PC cases that have been less than $100 this year to help you find this ideal PC case, which is not astronomically expensive.
PC Cases have gained popularity in recent years, with more people building their computers. You can design your PC to look as cool and smart as you can imagine. Despite popular perceptions, your hardware does not have to sink a hole in your pocket to create your dream rig. Some of the best PC cases can be bought for less than $100, practically.

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1.Phanteks Eclipse P400S

 Pc Cases Under 100$ 2020
The Phanteks Eclipse P400S is kicking off, at the very top of our list. This is what we believe to be the best PC case for under $100.
If you are a game lover and you need a solid budget-friendly PC gaming case from the middle tower, don’t look any further.
Start by looking at the nature of the build and the material used. We note that Phanteks has a sound damping substance actually on the inside of the case. This might be your ideal purchase if you are looking to optimize your compilation for this super low-noise output.
Phanteks also put a tempered glass panel on the side of the case to give it an expensive look and let you have a look inside. This scenario not only ticks all the technical boxes but it is also pretty good to look at!
The flow of air is probably the only problem we will lift for the price point in this scenario. The case uses 2 120 mm fans, one at the front and the other at the back. We figured some extra cooling might be appropriate, but that’s the only negative point that we could make.
Certain minor features such as magnetic dust filters, adjustable fans, and a flexible HDD cage simply sweeten the deal. Who can also ignore the RGB lighting, as if it already isn’t enough, pre-installed for you all enthusiasts?


Pc Cases Under 100$ 2020
The brand of thermaletake has always been eye-catching PC cases and the thermaltake is no different. This mid-tower gem has a few tricks up its sleeve to win your heart over, one of the more stylish cases on our list.
The first item that might catch your eye is the beautiful tempered glass slide panel that allows you to glimpse the interior of your PC. While in terms of features there is nothing mind-blowing, the minimalist approach taken is simply amazing.
But enough of that, on to the tech specs and what makes this a perfect buy for any gaming PC. The case includes two Aer F120 mm airflow suppliers located at the top and rear of the case, which provide a strong airflow. Additionally, this case has provisions for liquid cooling; if that is the kind of design you’re looking for.
Thanks for the ample room left by NZXT; cable management can be handled with a breeze. There is even a cable shroud that smoothes up the process. We do have a few complaints, however, and it centres around the noise interestingly.

3.NZXT H510 

Pc Cases Under 100$ 2020
The disparity between the NZXT H510 and the NZXT H510 Elite is slight. There is a gap of $80 between the two, to continue with. The NZXT H510 is certainly cheaper. This one has no RGB LED-lit fans, in terms of features. But it remains an outstanding event from the Mid Tower and a premium upgrade from the NZXT H500.
The H510 sports the tidy, attractive style which is typical of most NZXT cases. There are five shades to choose from in this case-black, black/blue, black/red, white/black, and white. Whatever you choose, you’re going to be getting a flamboyant budget scenario.
The NZXT H510 comes complete with a few cool features. The case is compliant with USB 3.1 Gen 2. The front panel is equipped with a USB Type-C connector, a tempered glass panel box window, dust filters and a removable radiator bracket.
There are two strategically positioned Aer F120 mm fans which provide the NZXT H510 with full airflow. This case is designed for liquid-cooling; a 240 mm radiator can be mounted on it.
One of the best things we’ve seen about this case is the cable routing package that comes with it. Under the hood, there is enough room to store distressing wires.

4.Thermaltake Core P1

Pc Cases Under 100$ 2020
Quite an interesting entry we’ve got, somewhat at the end of our sub-$100 scales but no less a worthy example. The Thermaltake Core P1 is here to take the breath away with its’ open-plan’ design which will take you every 5 minutes to pull out the dust cloth.
Before we go too far into the study, we just want to remind everyone that you plan if you think to get this case! You have to consider carefully which components you purchase and how you protect it against the imminent dirt and dust.
You should also be conscious that mini ITX motherboards are only allowed here. We suggest bright liquid cooling and RGB lighting necessary to make it stand out.
Because of its architecture, ventilation is arguably better than most other situations, noise levels can sometimes be a bit of a problem due to the’ open-plan’ layout. Cable management is, however, an absolute dream and will make you breathe a relieved sigh.
Wrapping up, it’s nothing short of beautiful and a case we’ve enjoyed using and setting up to the max. Just be careful of how much dust and dirt you’re about to get into your PC.

5.Phanteks Pro M

Pc Cases Under 100$ 2020
We have the Phanteks Pro M, a major mid-tower desktop case that aims at offering a very conventional Desktop building experience. This is something that is not unique.
You have a case that is close to what you usually expect, a tempered glass plate on the side as a nice feature and a good case in all directions.
The 198 mm high tower and two Phanteks 140 mm fans are powered by Airflow. Fans and dust filters are also easily accessible if things get a bit messy.
In short, a well-rounded PC case comes with an elegant brushed aluminium look. Whilst it may not be a solid no-complaints entry in our top 15 PC list for anyone who wants to stand out.

6.In Win 301 Mini Tower Case

Pc Cases Under 100$ 2020
The In Win 301 mini-tower case is a completion of our top 5 gaming PC case list. This case is like no other case on our list that places portability on the table. The weight is about 16.5 lbs (7.48 kg) and significantly lowers than the others.
The case comes with the normal HDD cages and magnetic dust filters as standard. Although the lightest case in our list is by definition, it still succeeds in including a tempered glass side panel, adding class to any build.
One aspect you should remember is that the ventilation and cooling efficiency is not up to the standards of the larger cases. You don’t also get a fan included in your case so make sure you budget it.
Moreover, you have excellent cable management ability and a portable PC aiming for the better. If you ever need to take your PC for a LAN party on the go then this is your option.
To sum up, the In Win 301 is a special entry by itself and deserves a place on our top 15 list. It offers solid features and specifications as well as a special, compact style.

7.DeepCool Matrexx 55 ADD-RGB

Pc Cases Under 100$ 2020
DeepCool released the stylish Matrexx 55ADD-RGB earlier in 2020. As the name suggests, the case came packed with addressable RGB fans and enough radiator support to keep even the hottest PC cool.
With smooth edges and a dual 4 mm tempered glass screen, the Matrexx 55ADD-RGB flaunts glamorous in style. The three pre-installed 120mm-addressable RGB fans adorn the side of the case. The Matrexx 55ADD-RGB can only accommodate a radiator up to 280 mm. Although it is a case of the Mid-Tower, it can handle Extended-ATX motherboards and long graphics cards.
At the top, there is a removable magnetic dust filter which helps the radiator and fans provide optimum cooling. There are 5V 3-pin, 1x USB 3,0 and 2x USB 2.0 and 1x HD Audio Mic I / O ports.
At the bottom, there is a flexible filter for power supply which is protected by solid rubberized footing.

8.Thermaltake Core V21, freedom to expand

Pc Cases Under 100$ 2020
Thermaltake Core V21 is one component offering many options for expansion. It has a huge window that allows you to view the platform’s components. It comes as one of the most compact cases on the market for micro atx PC. That doesn’t take away its stylishness because, if you know how to, it helps you to stack two V21 cases together.
Since this case can handle up to five radiators and 11 fans, the device will have them back to install other high-end components in the future. The Core V21 is ideal if you want to customize your drives to a minimum.

9.Fractal Focus G

Pc Cases Under 100$ 2020
The internet has stored all the information. You can look at infinity billion budget PC cases without moving from the chair in which you are currently sitting–there are nearly too many to choose from. Note that if you choose the best budget PC case for your needs today, you won’t have to buy another one for quite a long time; most of the components you put into it will survive.
However, don’t worry about dust, since massive air-protected surfaces are protected by air filters which prevent dust from entering your case. Although the Focus G has two 120 mm fans, up to six fans and several radiators can handle it. Fractal has designed this case to fit high-profile CPU coolers, which complement this case’s overall high-airflow design.

10.Corsair Carbide 200R

Pc Cases Under 100$ 2020
The Corsair Carbide 200R is probably your best cheapest case when you find yourself running out of storage area on your computer thanks to a growing library of games, movies and music. This case has incredible storage space at a total of 11 drive bays for both prices and dimensions.
Four 2.5, “four 3.5” and three 5.25 “bays are included on the drive lines. Some people should be allowed to store their Steam library, loads of films or ample music to last a lifetime. The case can also be built very easily with a toolless style almost entirely. Corsair says that the only time that you need a screwdriver is to bring the motherboard in during the building process.
You still have plenty of viable configuration options if you do not want to completely use the numerous drive bays. The 200R can be fitted with up to 8 fans and several different radiator settings depending on the number of drives. While in this case, you can get a lot of ventilation, it’s not as breathable as the Focus G.


Pc Cases Under 100$ 2020
One of the best airflow cases with inventory optimized can be called SilverStone RL06. The version of the RL06 is different and the RL06WS-W-V2 can be chosen here. This comes to the front without any pre-installed LED fans.
The IO contains 2x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0 together with an audio and mic cover. The RL06 features a 1-in-10 three-pin fan panel, a tempered glass fan screen, a front fane filter, and an HDD cover.
This case can handle anything you throw at it, priced at $99 for that particular version. Moreover, currently, the price of the RL06WS-PRO is $124.99, and 3×120 mm LED fans are available at the front.

12.Riotoro CR500

Pc Cases Under 100$ 2020
Ricotoro is a brand that is just beginning to become operational, but behind it, you can be sure of a product that mainly serves the needs of gamers with the minds of former employees from Corsair and NVIDIA. The case of the CR500 PC doesn’t excessively threaten you with its looks but provides sufficient functionality at a very reasonable price.
The Riotoro CR500 handles thermal and acoustic fine for a budget PC case. Even if you have high fan speeds, you will not be fooled by the noise levels. This is not necessarily a dual-chamber configuration as one would like it to be, but components are within reach and easily accessible. In 2019, Riotoro CR500 is one of the best PC cases to purchase and we do not hesitate to recommend it for your next gaming rig.

13.Nanoxia Deep Silence 3

Pc Cases Under 100$ 2020
Sometimes it’s more important to have a quiet PC scenario. Whether you play PC games or just try relaxing and seeing Netflix, it can be a game-changer if you are on a quiet PC. Therefore, we love Deep Silence 3 Nanoxia.
Now, it’s not a lot to look at this PC case. It’s an easy, black metal box, and maybe this isn’t too exciting. Yet, it is what counts beneath the surface. There’s a noise-isolating foam behind the closed front of the case which will stop noise dead in its tracks. That means it’s not going to be too gross even if you have an extremely loud Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti like us.
There is also plenty of room for expansion. Up to 5 hard drives can be equipped with 3.5 mm, and you can take one of the hard disk bays with an extra-long graphics card for even the longest graphics cards.

14.Thermaltake Versa H17

Pc Cases Under 100$ 2020
We get to larger cases, starting with the smart, cost-effective Thermaltake Versa H17. It is clean with a brushed metal front and it is only made in black, making it an unusual computer case very minimalist.
Overall, relative to Mini ITX cases, the Versa H17 is a good step up in size, but it is also a step down in price. If you are looking for a case that can support additional fans and suit a bigger motherboard but remains relatively lightweight and affordable, then that could be the right thing for you.
The only real problem is that the front of the case does not give the front-mounted fans an optimal airflow. As such, in the cooling department, it won’t shine exactly, particularly if you’re planning to do some serious overclocking.

15.cooler master

Pc Cases Under 100$ 2020
Now we get to a real step up–a Micro ATX case that blends beauty and efficiency of cooling into one beautiful whole. The case in question is the cooler master, which comes in multiple colors and with extra fan and radiator mounts, featuring a design similar to that of the H200.
Although the H200’s just a slightly larger Micro ATX version, the H400 also has extra fan mounts, ships with three excellent 120 mm fans, and boasts great overall thermal performance. For anyone looking for a case that is both compact and effective, it is certainly the go-to case, not to mention the great-looking.


The computer case has to be large enough to accommodate ventilation to avoid overheating of the PC components. Through buying the most appropriate computer tower for promoting air flow inside the compartments, damage to surge parts can be avoided. Apart from that, the argument against computers serves as defense against the elements. It can prevent small particles from reaching the device and, in turn, can disrupt computer hardware operation. The tower also serves as a cooler, an extension house and a comfortable structure for connecting secondary equipment to the computer.
All of the above cases are better in terms of value for money and their success in this subject. Some may be in the price segment but this can be seen as the best option to choose from according to use. When buying a new PC case we should be aware of all its technical details and know the requisite jargon so that we do not look like a fool when listening to the speech of the sales assistant or reading the description of the products on the net.
We have come to the end of our list; the best PC cases for under $100 have been introduced to you. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a nice and stylish case that works fantastically for you. Anything perfect for all in this list, sleek and trendy cases with fascinating RGB lighting, small cases, big cases that will keep your computer’s temperature cool and cases that even exist because they are so quiet.
In terms of looking to avoid the needless design burden, the case and device both have to complement one another. Facing this, gambling is a lifestyle in most situations, which is why computer gamers have to choose a case that looks good, but also boasts a performance punch.
It is up to you now to choose the case best suited to your needs. Good luck with your new PC, and have fun.