Pastry mats are the most fashionable accessory for any kitchen. All have kitchen tops, but these mats are used as a protection shield of them. It makes the removal of pastry easier. There are other advantages too, which vary slightly from different mats.

Different mats have different features. Some mats have measurement mentioned outlines, while some are extremely helpful in rolling. These mats provide mess-free work and are easily washable. So to have enjoyable baking experience, grab the knowledge about them in detail, and order them now. Here you can check the detailed information about the top 15 best pastry mats in 2020:

1.Extra-large silicone pastry mats

 Best Pastry Mats 2020

Are you looking for extra-ordinary quality pastry mats? If yes, then your search might end here. Made up with food-grade silicone, these mats are extremely users friendly. They are non-sticky and easily cleanable. One can use it both in the oven and freezer. It can resist heat from -45 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

These mats are flat, and one can place it easily on the table. It lasts long and won’t rip crinkle easily. One more exciting thing is that they come up with guidelines, which help beginners a lot. As they are non-sticky, one can clean it up very quickly.

2.Roll-up Non-slip Pastry Mats

 Best Pastry Mats 2020

If one has a space problem and wants a mat that can easily be rolled up after use, try this one. They are exceptionally hygienic, and the rolling surface is non-slip in nature. That’s why doughs are easily removable. They have an integrated strap, which helps to keep the mat rolled.

Now, come to the rolling area, which is an exciting part of them. They have a printed rolling area with the size guide, to make a perfect rolled out pastry. They are completely dishwasher safe.

3.Eco-friendly Non-stick pastry mats

Best Pastry Mats 2020

If you want a kneading and rolling mat together, then this mat should be your choice. Platinum-silicone made these pastry mats available in different sizes, and they are incredibly eco-friendly. They are made of very high -quality, and at the same time, they are very high-temperature resistant.

They have a perfect measurement guide on it. They can easily be fixed on the table with their super absorbent bottom. The non-sticky surface of them gives the user a clean, mess-free use. They are very easily cleanable and washable too.

4.Super convenient large mats

 Best Pastry Mats 2020

Super comfortable and large mats are here, with many tools, like directly printed circles, cross grid, and conversion table. Directly printed circles help to roll correctly to get fitted to pan sizes; cross grids are for cakes and last one help to try out recipes of abroad.

Made up of excellent quality, these mats last long. They are entirely non-slip and non-sticky, mess-free mats. After completing the work, clean it quickly and make it ready for the next use.

5.Stain-proof, BPA free pastry mats

 Best Pastry Mats 2020

These Taiwan made mats will help you to bake without any stain on them. They keep you without the tension of discoloring after baking. They are generous in size, specially designed in both centimeter and inches scale.

Although unique in design, they are not at all demand handle with care. All you need to do is use it to dump the mess and wash it with ordinary soapy water. While using these mats, keep in mind that these freezers friendly and microwavable mats are not to be used to chop.

6.Soft –durable, wrinkle-free mats

 Best Pastry Mats 2020

Don’t want to compromise with quality and want your mats to be soft, durable, and wrinkle-free, then go for 16*24 inches extra thick non- stick mats. They come up perfect for fondant, dough rolling as they are made with premium quality silicone and glass fiber. They can be used as a counter mat also.

They are thicker in size but not heavy. They are very much user-friendly mats. They stick easily to the kitchen top for their anti-slip bottom, and after you are done, wash them in no time.

7.Plastic pastry mats

 Best Pastry Mats 2020

Are you looking for pastry mats, but your budget is a little less? Don’t worry; you can go for these good quality plastic mats. They are 18*24 inches in size and are entirely non-sticky, with recipes and dimensions printed on them.

The exciting thing about these mats is that they are very compact and don’t need much space to fit. So if you are stepping behind because of space, just go for these.

8.Meticulously designed long-lasting Mats

 Best Pastry Mats 2020

These specially designed long-lasting Mats will be a perfect one to fit in your kitchen if you are very particular about kitchen accessories. Although made with sturdy silicone but they are flexible too. Unlike the other mats, they remain non-sticky even after years, and their longevity is unquestionable.

They have heat resistant up to-76degree to 392 degrees F, and they bring flow in pastry making. They have layers of grease that don’t demand any extra oil and butter grease when rolling and baking as well.

9.Pastry Mats with Measurement

 Best Pastry Mats 2020


If you get failed repeatedly to roll a perfect sized dough, then have these pastry mats with measurement. They will help you to roll desirable dough. They are perfect for the novice; stick at a place with no twisted sides, which gives you mess-free baking.

Secure handling 24*17 inches mats are an excellent replacement for parchment paper and aluminum foils. Wash it with mild detergent after use, rinse and dry then and there.

10.Professional pastry Mats

 Best Pastry Mats 2020

These are professional, 100% best quality, chefs certified, blue-colored mats, for perfect baking. They contain circular markings from 15cm to 47.5 cm. That’s why these mats are ideal for not only cooking but kneading and rolling also.

As they are professionally made, that doesn’t mean that their size will be huge. They are minimal space occupiers, only washable with the least possibility of discolor.

11.Double-thick, perfect cooking-baking mats

 Best Pastry Mats 2020

If you want to encourage someone in baking, then these mats will be a perfect gift for him/ her. They are two times thicker than the other mats, that’s why don’t move even slightly at the time of rolling.

A beginner can use it without any hesitation. Believe me; even they can roll professional-quality pastries by keeping their kitchen mess-free.

12.Non-toxic Pastry Mats

Best Pastry Mats 2020

Perfect choices for the health-conscious are non-toxic and safe food-grade silicone made mats. With the available in 26*29 cm, these mats come up quickly for flour, pastry, dough, etc. The quality of these mats is outstanding. They are durable too.

Due to the feature of easy to deal with, these mats are a space saver, and not only that; they are recyclable and reusable. As they are hot and cold resistant, these mats can be used from freezer to microwave.

13.Commercial grade pastry-mats

 Best Pastry Mats 2020

Commercial grade pastry mats are specially designed for cooking and baking at home. The exciting part is that they work from conventional to convectional i.e., all kinds of the oven. With the capacity of the transformation of even heat, they prevent your patties from extra browning.

They contain a non-porous surface with the tension relief of the cross-contamination of foods. They release foods easily without a tinge of greasing. They help you to make your baking healthy by equally work with freeze and oven.

14.Multi-functional and practical pastry-mats

Best Pastry Mats 2020

Are you looking for such a kind of pastry mats that are multi-functional? Yes, suitable for multipurpose use, they are non-sticky and hardly fade. One can not only make pastries but pizza, pie, soft candies, and other foods also if he/she has them.

Undoubtedly, the best food-grade silicone made mats are very much user friendly, multi-functional, and practical. This doesn’t make them extra-ordinary in size. And, they occupy a little space and are in friendship with both hot and cold.

15.Quantity indicator Mats

 Best Pastry Mats 2020

We often face problems like we don’t know how much quantity will be exact to bake a pastry—no need to mourn about it. The best solution will be the quantity indicator mats. You can roll pastries on top of it that too, without any dust—the indicators on mats upright quantity of pastry to the exact size of the mold.

They are not at all expensive.  Even though all the sides, they are perfect for rolling an also shaped pastry. You can use it in freeze and oven.

Quick Wrapping Facts

Pastry mats are available in many shapes and sizes. It might confuse the buyer to get. Just check the heat resistant power of them. A buyer needs to check the dimensions along with all other features. By comparing all the facts, one can order the mats of their desire to get relief from parchment paper and aluminum foil papers.