Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. If you are having an outdoor wedding reception, unless your location has an alternate indoor location that is up to par you need some kind of contingency for bad weather. Even if it doesn’t rain, excessive heat can kill a party. A tent makes it possible to have a party nearly anywhere. Instead of renting out a banquet hall, you can have your party in a garden, or at a meaningful location like your grandparent’s farm. Party tents are wonderful additions to many different types of outdoor events. While throwing a party, the host has a number of things in his mind. He has to look after each minute detail to make sure his party is the perfect one. Party tents are a good choice and provides a twist in the party and as extra fun. There are number of factors that go into choosing the right party tent for your event. One of the first has to do with the size. If you are planning a large gathering, such as a family reunion, the tent will need to be large enough to reasonably accommodate the number of people in attendance. The same is true if you plan on holding a wedding ceremony or reception in the tent. Make sure the tent will leave plenty of room for seating, any food tables that may be needed in the area, and any decorations or other special elements that the party space may require.

Now let’s do some math, don’t worry differential equations, or Langley’s Adventitious Angles are not involved here it’s pretty simple mental math. How to calculate your tent’s size? Big question isn’t?

Take your guest count. If everybody’s going to be seated at 60″ Round tables, you need a 10×10 area, or 100 square feet per eight guests. If you’re seating them at long tables, you need 80 square feet per eight guests. Always have room for your buffet table, ask your caterer how many tables you need if 8 then add extra 800 sq. ft.( 10’x10x for each table). Do you want a stage for a band & of course a dance stage! Then sum 270 square feet to your tent. I can just outline a bare minimum of the total square footage to be 2900 if you are serving 150 guests.

This article for you can serve a guide to buying a tent for your next event. Though we haven’t calculated the tent walls, flooring, lighting & air conditioning. Just remember AC consumes 5 folds more power in a 2000 square feet tent than a building! We will be showcasing you tents here of every possible size, color, variety. Still we believe you choose your investment wisely crunching as much figures as possible to avoid fuss.

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1. FDW 10’x30′ White Outdoor Gazebo 

 Best Party Tents 2020

The party tent is easy to assemble. It can be set up by four people, no additional tools of the patio tent are required, just keep the frame steady when assembling the wedding tent steel tube and cover. This is considered the best and most efficient high-quality tent. The party tent is perfect for weddings, parties, meetings, or camping and so on. It is very efficient for outdoor activities. The party tent size is big enough for up to 50 people or for weddings. It is made with 8 removable sidewalls with windows to provide the patio tent more shade for any outdoor activities. This canopy ensures high quality at an affordable price.

2. Punchau Pop Up Canopy Tent 10 x 10

 Best Party Tents 2020

Punchau is a very famous brand in tent industry for its state of the art looks & other offerings like UV coating which shelters even under hot sun, its waterproofing is just outlandish. And you won’t be dissatisfied with its quick release button & commercial grade material. To be precise this 10×10 feet party tent is worth considering when you think of owning a tent.

3. Peaktop Outdoor 13’X26′ Part

Best Party Tents 2020

 It will give you more of everything you want in a party tent. More protection, more durability, more strength and more weight savings. Its high quality powder coated frame and durable water proof PE cover will accompany you through event after event. Elegant pure white Walls attach with Velcro fasteners makes your assembly/ removal more easily. Solid easily removed sidewalls suit for any open air exhibits or outdoor events with overhead protection. Attractive framed windows on both sides for maximum light and viewing. Corner flaps hide frame poles perfectly when sides are removed. It looks fantastic in any outdoor setting.

4. CORE 10′ x 10′ Instant Shelter Pop-Up 

 Best Party Tents 2020

If you don’t know what core H2O block technology is the let me tell you this is treating polyurethane coating to tent fabric which helps in preventing rain & water pill and roll off the fabric instead penetrating it. The canopy material may be light but can withstand the elements and is perfect for most seasons. It also has good ventilation that keeps the occupants cool even on the hot days. Lastly, this pop-up tent can be assembled in less than 2 minutes and has very good UV protection.

5. Palm Springs 10 X 20 White Party Tent Gazebo Canopy with Sidewalls

 Best Party Tents 2020

Fabricated from a durable and waterproof polyethylene material, this party tent is capable of holding over 30 people and keeps them cool and dry. It should be kept away from extreme weather conditions as it is not a guarantee that this product can hold up. It is perfect for light weather. The package includes six detachable (Velcro) sides which can be added in any combination to suit your needs. The powder-coated steel frame is rust and corrosion resistant, so you wouldn’t have to worry about its sturdiness. Please note as with all products of this type it is not recommended to be left up in the wind. We advise customers NEVER to leave them up overnight, particularly with the roof and side panels on when gust of winds can damage them. 

6. Quictent 10′ x 30′ Party Tent Gazebo

 Best Party Tents 2020

Quictent is one of the top brands that operates mainly in Carports, Party Tents, Greenhouses, and Grow Tents since early 21st century. Party tent from Quictent that you should have if you are concerned about durability and comfort. The tent has rust-resistant, high-quality powder coated steel frame. This gives a durable, reliable and stable structure that should put your mind at rest during any event. Other features and designs include 120g polyethylene, UV protection and fully waterproof covers. The design allows warmth within the tent with good air circulation when being used.

7. 32’x16′ PE Party Tent White 

 Best Party Tents 2020

This is a tough party tent which is made using a strong PE material which is hot sealed and waterproofed to ensure that you have a great time regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. Something else, the product features a galvanized steel frame which makes it quite incredible and ideal for use. Something else worth noting is the fact that there are two zippered entrance doors which make entry and exit easy and convenient. The corner ropes, pegs and bungee straps included in the package make the product even better and ideal for use. In fact, you also get super stakes in the package which makes it ideal and convenient. The four storage bags included making carrying and storage easy.


 Best Party Tents 2020

The polyethylene fabric is waterproof and tear-resistant making thus can be used in rainy as well as sunny weather conditions. It has no sidewalls, windows or even preset doorways. This allows for enhanced lighting and ventilation. This open design is perfect for outdoor exhibitions. If you are seeking a quality polyethylene canopy party tent that can be assembled super-fast, choose the American Phoenix portable events canopy tent. It comes in the following dimensions 10ft x 10ft, 10ft x 15ft, 10ft x20ft making it very voluminous and capable of accommodating many people.

9. Quictent 20’x32′ Upgraded Galvanized 

 Best Party Tents 2020

Quictent presents a variety of styles and patterns in our tent products, which means that we can cater for a variety of needs and preferences. Whether you want a durable all-weather mountain camping tents or a canopy tent for garden parties in spring, Quictent brings the Great Outdoors closer, for longer. The steel frames are packaged in 3 wooden brackets to protect them from damage during shipment. Its cover fabric is made of industrial grade heavy duty polyethylene fabric. This material is water resistant, heatproof, and UV protected. It can accommodate up to 50 people, all seated comfortably.

10. Shade Tree 20′ x 30′ Heavy Duty 

 Best Party Tents 2020

This is a top of the line Heavy Duty outdoor event tent, carport or canopy brought to you by SHADE TREE Tents and Carports. This is a NEW model in a factory box. This attractive and durable tent comes complete with a 1.5 inch galvanized steel tube frame, NOW with integrated spring loaded locking balls, designed to lock the frame together for added stability. It also features heavy-duty commercial grade 180g polyethylene woven fabric for the canopy and sidewalls, making the tent fabric waterproof. This tent offers UV protection, with 90% blockage from the sun’s rays. Sidewalls are complete with lattice accented windows. In addition, there are two windowless end wall panels, one that has zippers for door opening. The Shade Tree tent can be used with or without the sidewalls. The Shade Tree tents & Carports has a reputation for designing quality party tents. Over the years, this company has distinguished and identified itself with attractive and long lasting tents, some of which come complete with galvanized steel frames.

11. GOJOOASIS Improved Version Canopy 

 Best Party Tents 2020

This canopy is perfect for a big party of up to 30 people. If you are looking for a suitable canopy that is easy to install and fast set up by four people while offering enough space, this one’s for you. This tent’s 10’x30’ size offers a vast amount of space that is suitable for over thirty-five people in a sitting position. It also contains an exclusive thicken metal connector that provides super strength and durability. It is ideal for camping, yard sales, trade shows among many other outdoor activities.

12. ALEKO APT30X10GAZEBO Outdoor 

 Best Party Tents 2020

It is perfect for picnics and small gathering occasions and can be easily assembled and dissembled. It is a portable tent that is movable and fully waterproof with protection from all four sides. This year, make sure your barbeques and outdoor events are the best yet with ALEKO’s party tent! High quality, powder coated and corrosion resistant steel frame is durable and reliable, and the roof is made of weather and water resistant polyethylene, so you can spend less time cleaning and repairing and more time relaxing and entertaining! ALEKO’s party tents are a snap to assemble, and come with all the required fittings and support poles, so you can be sure that your tent will remain stable no matter what! This party tent that covers 30 x 10 feet floor with 8.2 Ft maximum height. It is made of PE fabric for easy maintenance and can be assembled with ease.

13. MCombo 10×30 Feet Outdoor Canopy T

 Best Party Tents 2020

MCombo provides reliable service. They are committed to improving the shopping experience for every customer. At the same time, they have been trying to improve their own products to make them more user-friendly, more comfortable and better quality. The party tent is perfect for wedding events, birthday party, family gathering, meeting, camping and so on. You can use it to have a nice barbecue time with friends or family, also you can hold a wonderful birthday party even you can place your car under it. The Durable waterproof polyethylene case blocks up to 90% of UV sunlight. And the 90gm polyethylene (PE) plus UV Sidewalls, 100gm polyethylene (PE) Top Cover gives additional shelter. It has an extra-large space for 50 people, but it’s quick to assemble. Sidewalls are easily removed for open air exhibits or outdoor events with overhead protection, also it can increase flow of air, stay with the warm sunshine and allow air circulation. It is great for relaxing and enjoying the summer sun in leisure season.

14. DELTA Canopies 29’x21′

Best Party Tents 2020

The tent is equipped with a steel frame which ensures that you have a great time at all the time. The frame will stand all weather conditions. Something else, the elegant decagonal design makes it more attractive and ideal for use. It has several corners so you get convenience and comfort while using it. Another thing, the top-grade steel coated material never rusts so the product stays good-as-new even after years of use. Furthermore, there are 8 windows which will guarantee adequate ventilation. And, the removable sidewalls make the product even better and convenient. This party tent boasts a tough commercial grade construction which makes it tough and durable. The tough water resistant material makes it ideal for all weather conditions. 

15. AMERICAN PHOENIX Party Tent 16×32

 Best Party Tents 2020

This huge canopy is perfect for enormous events such as for a commercial fair. It is a blue and white canopy with the size of 16×32 ft., it is ensured to provide a full shade for any outdoor activities. This tent is a high-quality product with a heavy-duty framework to provide strong stability. It is also rust and corrosion resistant with the frame that is made from 38mm steel tubes.


Extra comfort and shade is necessary in important events such as weddings, birthday parties, or even big family camping. When hosting any kind of event, it is paramount to ascertain that you have the proper tent for the event. While it sounds simple to just purchase one, it could be overwhelming to buy the suitable for your family with great quality and affordable. Looking for the best party tents is a hard task. However, this step-by-step guide seeks to make the process easier. We have carefully selected these brands so you don’t need to be worried at all when selecting any of them.