10 Best Open Source Operating System 2023

An operating system (OS) is this system that, after being loaded into the laptop with the aid of a boot program, manages all of the different packages in a computer. The other packages are called applications or software applications.

The application applications employ the working device to make requests for services through a described software program interface (API). Further, customers can interact directly with the running gadget via a user interface such as a command line or a graphical user interface (GUI).

Here we are listing the top 10 Open source operating systems windows/mac 2023 that is best for users to use:

Best Open Source Operating System

Chalet Operating System

Best Open Source Operating System
Are you a person of loopy home windows? Failed to you find any home windows or alternative? Excellent. We are genuinely seeking out human beings like you. Because we respect your likes and additionally work on decorating your affection. We need to introduce you to the new running device that allows you to feel even higher the actual flavour of home windows. Not most effective that, it’s also going to provide you with increasingly more exciting and unique functions.

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Ubuntu OS

Best Open Source Operating System
Ubuntu is a Linux-based os. This is considered one of the most efficient open supply operating structures inside the globe. It took a collection of proficient developers placed internationally to create this full-fledged operating machine this is rapid and function-wealthy. Ubuntu includes an essential software program that includes an instantaneous messenger, office suite, internet browser, media maps, and much more significant. Its miles the most used Linux-based operating machine that makes it a perfect opportunity to home windows or mac.

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Best Open Source Operating System
Fedora is another well-known Linux-based working framework, which is ostensibly the best open source OS after Ubuntu. Fedora OS is a broadly helpful OS that is RPM-based, upheld by Red Hat, and planned by the Fedora Project people group. Fedora’s central goal is to make and give an open-source of bleeding-edge innovation for nothing. In this way, Fedora designers make upstream changes in opposition to make fixes only for Fedora. All Linux dispersions can profit from updates discharged by Fedora designers. Fedora has a GNOME-based work area that can be modified. Its Fedora Spins highlight can enable you to adjust and execute varieties in the UI and work area condition.

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React Operating System

Best Open Source Operating System
React OS is any other free open supply os that has got almost 1 million downloads in more than 100 nations. This community-primarily based os has the capacity to run home windows packages, which makes it an outstanding opportunity for windows operating gadget. Even though Reactos continues to be developing, customers, who love tremendously customizable running systems, can choose React OS. However, the operating gadget is developer-focused.

SOLUS operating system

Best Open Source Operating System
Solus is a free open source working framework that can be used in your area of work. It’s another Linux family working framework that was created in 2012. Right now, the product is being exploited by over 6000 registered customers. Solus highlights include VLC, Transmission, Open Shot Video Editor, XChat, Thunderbird, Budgie, PlayOnLinux, Firefox and LibreOffice Suit.

Linux Mint

Best Open Source Operating System
When we’re talking about Linux distributions, the first name that’s easy in the language, that’s just Linux Mint. What are the reasons? We see many people using this operating system, and then we asked them why to use it. Most of them are telling us, “It allows me to do what I need to do.” The program is truly full of essential features that make it easy to use. It includes an excellent feature called “Timeshift,” which enables you to back up and restore any system. If something seems to go wrong, the functional system can be restored.

Feren OS

Best Open Source Operating System
Feren OS is a free Windows and MacOS replacement with the best the Linux Community can offer in one package for customization, applications, and much more. Feren OS is also a one-of-a-kind distribution for its customization and familiarity, as well as one of the very few Rolling Release* distributions that take the Stable Path over Bleeding Edge, designed to be faster, more powerful, and safer. With a design praised by many users, Feren OS has a beautiful Cinnamon DE customization that is easy to use and displays many user contributions to Cinnamon. Soon enough, hopefully in a few years, Feren OS will be upgrading its design with a new Qt-based Desktop Environment to look like the concepts of the design of Feren OS.

Elementary OS

Best Open Source Operating System
Ubuntu-based distribution, the primary OS, is designed to focus on the beauty and ease of use of your desktop screen. It comes with its beautiful “Pantheon” interface. It’s such an operating system type that highlights the ease of operation. The program includes so many features like the internet, Bluetooth, sound, battery applets. It featured a notification center providing you with the ability to control all the apps installed. You may need to keep some apps in a non-disruptive mode so you can run more smoothly on other apps. The primary OS enables you to do this. Benefit?

Peppermint OS

Best Open Source Operating System
This is one of Ubuntu’s best distribution based on Linux. It is lightweight, and your desktop, laptop, or notebook can easily match your requirement. For being a lightweight OS, it does not require a high configuration machine from you. It includes all the usual features, and instead, it provides you with more unique features. Some of them I’d like to mention. Ice concept is impressive, and except for the other OS, it bothers me when you don’t find this option. This feature allows you to find web content as standalone as an application. And you don’t have to connect to the URL here. Isn’t it incredible?


Best Open Source Operating System
This is the users ‘ overall Debian-based operating system. The engineers worked hard to build Q4OS, focusing on security, speed, reliability, and long-term stability. They mark the most customizable option for the desktop environment. Using the RUN option, you can easily change the desktop environment. Type in the command box “altdeski” and click enter. A variety of options will come, and you can change it according to your choice.


These are the best open-source operating systems 2023 that can be considered an excellent alternative to operating systems like Mac or Windows, which are typically paid. There is a good mix of power and features in the list. Try them, therefore, at least once!