One Piece: Marine Ranking System (Explained)

Ahoy there, fellow One Piece fans! Are you ready to dive deeper into the world of the Marines? In this blog post, we will be exploring the Marine Ranking System in One Piece. From high-ranking officers to lowly sailors, we’ll take a closer look at each tier and their responsibilities within the force. So buckle up and get ready for an adventure on the high seas as we explore one of the most important systems in the One Piece universe!

One Piece: Marine Ranking System (Explained)

Marine Ranks in One Piece: A Guide (2023)

The Marine Ranks in One Piece are an integral part of the series’ world-building. The Marines maintain law and order throughout the vast oceans, protecting innocent civilians from piracy and other threats. Their ranking system is a reflection of their rigid hierarchy and discipline.

As we move into 2023, it’s important to understand how this system works. At its highest level is the Fleet Admiral, who commands all branches of the military. Next comes the Admirals, followed by Vice Admirals, Rear Admirals, Commodores and Captains.

Commanders/Lieutenants occupy a middle tier position while Ensigns serve as junior officers in training. Seamen Workers form an essential part of any naval force with Petty Officers serving as non-commissioned officers overseeing sailors.

Among these ranks exist some special positions like Commander-in-Chief or Inspector General who hold significant power over their subordinates.

Understanding these different tiers will give you a deeper appreciation for how complex this military organization truly is!

Who Are the Marines in One Piece?

The Marines are a prominent military force in the One Piece world. They are responsible for enforcing law and order throughout the vast seas of the Grand Line, as well as protecting innocent civilians from dangerous pirates.

The organization was established by the World Government with the goal of maintaining peace and stability across the four seas. As such, becoming a Marine is considered one of the highest honors in their society.

Marines come from all walks of life and backgrounds. Some join out of a sense of duty or patriotism, while others seek adventure or personal glory. Regardless of their motivations, all Marines share a strong sense of discipline and loyalty to their cause.

One distinguishing characteristic about Marines is their strict adherence to rules and protocol. This includes following orders from superiors without question and upholding justice even at great personal cost.

While not all Marines possess devil fruit powers or exceptional combat skills like some pirates do, they make up for it with extensive training in various forms of martial arts, weapons handling, navigation, tactics, and more.

Being a Marine is both an honorable profession that demands courage and selflessness on behalf its members but also comes with immense responsibility to uphold justice against those who would threaten it within this vast world full dangers hiding everywhere.

One Piece: Marines Ranking (High to Low)

In the world of One Piece, the Marines serve as one of the most powerful and influential organizations. From their high-ranking officers to their lowly sailors, every member plays a crucial role in maintaining order in the vast seas.

At the very top of this hierarchy is none other than Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, also known as Akainu. He is considered to be the strongest Marine currently alive and holds ultimate authority over all others within his organization.

Directly beneath him are three Admirals: Kizaru, Fujitora, and Green Bull. These powerful figures hold immense strength and are tasked with overseeing various regions within the Grand Line.

After them come Vice Admirals, who act as commanders for entire fleets or bases. They have proven themselves to be highly skilled individuals capable of leading others into battle.

Rear Admirals rank just below them and typically oversee smaller groups or divisions within larger units. They are still respected members of their organization but lack some of the clout held by higher-ranked officers.

Commodores hold a similar position but tend to specialize in specific fields such as logistics or intelligence gathering. They may not lead large numbers into battle but play an important behind-the-scenes role nonetheless.

Captains command individual ships while Commanders/Lieutenants take charge of squads or platoons on board those vessels. Ensigns act as junior officers under them but still carry significant responsibilities on deck during combat situations.

At the bottom rung sit Infantrymen and Sailors who make up bulk numbers within any given fleet or base. Though they hold less power compared to other ranks mentioned above, they are no less important in keeping things running smoothly day-to-day onboard ship!

Commissioned Marine Officers

Commissioned Marine Officers are some of the most important members of the marine team in One Piece. These officers hold a high rank and have serious responsibilities to maintain.

At the top of this ranking system is the Fleet Admiral, who is responsible for leading all Marines across all seas. They are considered to be one of the strongest fighters among their ranks.

Admirals come next in line after Fleet Admirals, with three positions available: Akainu, Kizaru, and Aokiji. Each admiral has their own unique set of abilities, but they all share incredible strength and power.

Vice admirals follow and serve as captains over fleets or groups within larger forces as well as being commanders on warships. They execute orders from admirals and report back on operations.

Next are Rear Admirals who typically command smaller units such as individual ships or teams that specialize in specific combat situations like boarding enemy vessels or infiltrating enemy territory.

Commodores are above Captains and below Rear Admirals; they lead squadron-sized units consisting either of multiple ships or divisions specialized in certain types of missions – like intelligence gathering unit (Cipher Pol).

Captain’s roles vary according to their commands – from commanding single ship crews to supervising entire ports’ security measures including ground troops tasked with shore defence

Lieutenants work under Captains’ supervision while also maintaining watch over crew performance levels at sea for efficiency reasons.

Ensigns serve an administrative function by taking care paperwork related duties though still carry out manual labor when necessary before becoming more involved operationally during training exercises.

Fleet Admiral

The Fleet Admiral is the highest-ranking officer in the marines and has complete authority over all other ranks. They are responsible for leading the entire Marine organization, including managing operations, missions, and personnel.

To become a Fleet Admiral, an officer must have exceptional leadership skills and a proven track record of success. Only a few individuals in One Piece have achieved this rank throughout history.

Those who hold this position are respected by both allies and enemies alike due to their tactical abilities and strategic planning. As leaders of the Marines, they are often seen as symbols of justice but can be ruthless when necessary to maintain order.

Fleet Admirals command great power with access to classified information on sensitive matters such as ancient weapons or important figures in the world government. Their decisions carry significant weight within the World Government itself.

Being appointed as Fleet Admiral is not only an honor but also comes with tremendous responsibility and pressure. The role requires someone who can make difficult choices while maintaining integrity and upholding justice at all times.


The rank of Admiral is the second-highest position in the Marine ranking system. Admirals are responsible for commanding a fleet of ships and overseeing major military operations. They have considerable authority within the Marines, and their decisions can greatly impact the course of battle.

Admirals are chosen by the World Government based on their skills, experience, and loyalty to the cause. To become an admiral, one must first serve as a vice admiral and demonstrate exceptional leadership abilities.

There have been multiple admirals throughout One Piece’s storyline, each with unique personalities and strengths. Some notable admirals include Kizaru, Fujitora, Aokiji (formerly), Akainu (current Fleet Admiral), and Sengoku (former Fleet Admiral).

Admirals possess incredible strength that makes them formidable opponents even among other high-ranking Marines. Their powers vary depending on their individual abilities but often involve control over elemental forces such as fire or light.

Admirals play a critical role in maintaining order and protecting citizens within One Piece’s world. Their strategic thinking combined with immense power make them key players in any war or conflict situation that arises within this anime universe.

Vice Admiral

The Vice Admiral is a high-ranking officer in the Marine Ranking System of One Piece. They are positioned just below Admirals and above Rear Admirals, making them one of the most influential officers in the World Government’s military force.

Vice Admirals possess immense strength, skills, and experience that make them formidable opponents. They are tasked with maintaining order within their assigned territories and executing orders from higher-ups.

One notable Vice Admiral is Smoker, who has become a recurring character throughout the series due to his distinct abilities and personality. His Devil Fruit power allows him to transform into smoke at will, giving him an edge in combat situations.

Other known Vice Admirals include Tsuru, Momonga, Garp (who was formerly promoted as Fleet Admiral), Fujitora (who became an admiral later on), Onigumo, Doberman among others.

Vice Admirals play crucial roles in maintaining peace and order within the world of One Piece. Their strength and authority make them fascinating characters to watch out for throughout the series.

Rear Admiral

Rear Admiral is a rank in the Marine Ranking System that is above Commodore and below Vice Admiral. It is considered to be one of the highest ranks in the Marines, but still falls short of being among the elite Admirals.

Those who attain this rank are highly respected within their organization due to their experience, skills, and achievements. As Rear Admirals are usually responsible for commanding squadrons or fleets, they possess great leadership qualities and strategic thinking abilities.

They also have significant combat experience which makes them formidable opponents on the battlefield. Many Rear Admirals have been shown to possess powerful Devil Fruit abilities that make them even more dangerous.

One notable example of a Rear Admiral in One Piece is Smoker who possesses logia-type smoke-smoke fruit powers that allow him to control smoke at will. He has been seen using his powers to create defensive barriers as well as offensive attacks.

Rear Admirals are an integral part of the Marine Ranking System and play a vital role in maintaining law and order in One Piece’s world. They are experienced leaders with impressive combat skills backed up by devil fruit abilities making them valuable assets for any mission or battle they may undertake.


Commodore is a rank in the Marine system that falls below Rear Admiral and above Captain. The title of Commodore is usually given to senior Captains who are responsible for commanding groups of ships or naval bases.

Similar to other Marine ranks, the Commodores have different responsibilities depending on their placement within the organization. Some are tasked with leading small groups of vessels, while others take command over larger fleets.

One notable example of a Commodore in One Piece is Koby, who was promoted to this rank after his impressive performance during the war at Marineford. He later commanded a group of ships during the Dressrosa arc and played a crucial role in stopping Doflamingo’s plans.

While not as high-ranking as Admirals or Vice Admirals, being a Commodore still holds significant responsibility within the Marines. They must possess leadership skills and tactical expertise necessary for managing smaller units effectively.

Commodores play an essential role in maintaining order and protecting citizens from piracy threats across One Piece’s vast oceans.


Captain is one of the most respected and highest-ranking officers in the Marines. They are responsible for leading a ship or group of ships, managing the crew, and ensuring that they complete their missions successfully.

To become a Captain in the Marines, one must have extensive experience as an officer and proven leadership skills. Captains often have specialized skills such as navigation, combat strategy or communication.

Captains play a crucial role in maintaining discipline among their subordinates. They are given authority to make decisions on behalf of their superiors while also being held accountable for any mistakes made by their team.

In One Piece universe, we see many examples where captains lead with both strength and compassion towards their team members. For instance, Monkey D. Garp was once captain before becoming Vice Admiral; Smoker is another example from recent episodes who similarly commands respect from his subordinates.

Captains serve as an inspiration to junior officers while keeping them focused on completing missions efficiently and effectively. In short – without great captains like those found in One Piece – it would be almost impossible for Marine forces to succeed against notorious pirates!

Commanders/ Lieutenants

Commanders and Lieutenants are essential positions in the Marine Ranking System of One Piece. These officers hold a great deal of responsibility as they lead and manage their respective units within the organization.

As part of the commissioned officer ranks, Commanders and Lieutenants have undergone extensive training to hone their skills in strategy, combat techniques, and leadership. They are responsible for overseeing a group of soldiers or sailors under their command, ensuring that they carry out missions effectively while maintaining discipline among their unit.

In battle situations, Commanders and Lieutenants serve as key decision-makers on how to execute tactics against enemies. They must be able to analyze enemy movements quickly while keeping an eye on the safety of their troops.

One notable Commander is Smoker who has often clashed with Luffy throughout the series. He commands his own G-5 unit stationed at Punk Hazard where he is known for his strict yet fair leadership style.

Commanders/Lieutenants play a crucial role in maintaining order within the Marines’ operations while also serving as leaders during times of war or conflict.


Ensign is a rank in the Marine system of One Piece. It is considered to be the lowest commissioned officer rank and falls under the Infantry and Sailor Division. Ensigns are usually responsible for leading small groups of sailors or infantrymen.

To become an Ensign, one must first pass through rigorous military training and graduate from a Naval Academy. They must also have served as Midshipmen for at least two years before being promoted to this rank.

Despite being low-ranked, ensigns play an important role in the military chain of command. They are expected to follow orders from their superiors and lead their subordinates with confidence and competence.

While some ensigns may aspire to climb up the ranks quickly, others may choose to remain at this level throughout their careers. Regardless of their ambitions, they are all dedicated members of the Marine organization who serve with honor and pride.

Infantry and Sailor Division

The Infantry and Sailor Division is one of the largest divisions within the Marine ranks in One Piece. This division comprises the foot soldiers and sailors who are responsible for carrying out various tasks assigned to them by their superiors.

These Marines undergo extensive training to develop their combat skills, physical strength, and endurance. They are equipped with weapons such as rifles, pistols, swords, and other tools that help them accomplish their missions efficiently.

The Infantry and Sailor Division is further divided into different units based on specialization. For example, some sailors may work on warships while others may be part of ground forces. Each unit has its own set of responsibilities that contribute to the overall mission of protecting citizens from pirates or other threats.

In addition to fighting off enemies at sea or on land, the Infantry and Sailor Division also provides humanitarian aid during natural disasters such as typhoons or earthquakes. They transport supplies like food and medicine to affected areas, rescue survivors from debris or floodwaters while maintaining order among those impacted by these events.

This division plays a crucial role in ensuring safety not only for civilians but also for fellow Marines serving alongside them in dangerous waters or hostile territories.

Warrant Officer

The Warrant Officer is a unique rank in the Marine Ranking System of One Piece. They are considered highly skilled specialists in their respective fields, such as engineering, intelligence gathering, and medicine. Unlike other ranks within the Marines, they do not go through the traditional officer training program but instead receive special training for their specific field.

Warrant Officers are responsible for advising superiors on matters related to their area of expertise and assisting with decision-making processes. They also have command authority over lower-ranked personnel within their specialty.

Despite being specialized officers, Warrant Officers still hold a certain level of authority over non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel. This makes them a crucial part of any mission or operation that requires specific technical knowledge or skill sets.

In One Piece lore, some notable examples of Warrant Officers include Vegapunk who is an expert in science and technology and Kobby’s mentor Hermep who serves as a medical specialist aboard marine ships.

The role of Warrant Officer highlights the importance placed on specialized skills within the Marine organization while providing career opportunities for those seeking advancement outside traditional officer tracks.

Master Chief Petty Officer

The Master Chief Petty Officer is a high-ranking non-commissioned officer in the Marine force, just below the warrant officers. They are responsible for leading and training other enlisted personnel while also supervising their daily activities.

To become a Master Chief Petty Officer, one must have extensive experience and knowledge in the military service. It takes years of hard work, dedication, and discipline to achieve this rank.

Master Chiefs serve as mentors and advisors to lower-ranked personnel. They provide guidance on various aspects of military life, including career development, leadership principles, and personal conduct.

They also play an essential role in mission planning by providing critical input that helps commanders make informed decisions that ensure success during operations.

In addition to their leadership responsibilities, Master Chief Petty Officers also perform administrative duties such as managing budgets, maintaining equipment inventory lists and ensuring compliance with regulations.

The Master Chief Petty Officer is an integral part of any Marine division. Their experience and expertise help maintain order within the unit while fostering a culture of excellence among all members.

Chief Petty Officer

The Chief Petty Officer is a crucial rank within the Marine Ranking System in One Piece. These individuals are responsible for supervising and leading groups of sailors, ensuring that they properly carry out their duties.

To become a Chief Petty Officer, one must have demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and technical competence in their field. They must also undergo rigorous training to prepare them for the responsibilities that come with this position.

Once promoted to Chief Petty Officer, they become part of an elite group within the Marines known as the “Chief’s Mess.” This group is made up solely of senior enlisted members who provide mentorship and guidance to those junior to them.

In battle situations, Chief Petty Officers play an essential role in organizing troops and executing plans effectively. Their experience and knowledge make them invaluable assets on any mission.

Becoming a Chief Petty Officer is no easy feat but is ultimately rewarding both professionally and personally. It requires dedication, hard work, and commitment to serving the Marine Corps at its highest level possible.

Petty Officer

Petty Officers are the backbone of any successful naval operation, and that’s no different in One Piece. These officers occupy a unique position within the Marine ranking system, as they hold both seniority and respect from their subordinates.

To become a Petty Officer in the Marines, one must go through rigorous training and meet specific criteria. They must be proficient in various combat skills such as hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship, navigation, communication systems etc.

Once they’ve achieved this status, Petty Officers are granted more authority than lower-ranked sailors but less power than higher-ups like captains or commanders. They lead teams of Seamen Workers and Chore Boys during operations on land or at sea while also carrying out administrative duties assigned to them by their superiors.

In battle scenarios, Petty Officers typically serve as non-commissioned officers (NCOs) who provide tactical guidance to their team members while coordinating with other units for better efficiency. Their excellent problem-solving abilities can make all the difference when it comes to achieving mission objectives efficiently.

Petty Officers play an essential role within the Marines’ ranks by providing leadership capabilities at critical junctures while keeping morale high among enlisted personnel.

Seaman Workers

Seaman Workers are the backbone of the Marine forces in One Piece. They form a big part of the Infantry and Sailor Division, which is made up of ordinary soldiers who have not yet been promoted to officer ranks.

Despite being at the bottom of the Marine ranking system, Seaman Workers play an essential role in maintaining order and discipline within their units. They are responsible for carrying out various tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and maintenance duties aboard ships or bases.

They also provide valuable support during battles by helping to operate weapons systems and transporting goods and equipment. Although they may not be directly involved in combat missions like their superiors, Seaman Workers still face many dangers while serving on active duty.

To become a Seaman Worker in One Piece requires no special qualifications other than passing basic training. However, promotion opportunities exist for those who demonstrate exceptional skills or show leadership potential.

Seaman Workers might be at the bottom of the ladder when it comes to rank but they serve an indispensable role within the Marines’ organization.

Chore Boy

Chore Boy is one of the lowest-ranking positions in the Marine system. These individuals are responsible for performing menial tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry duties. Despite their lowly position, Chore Boys play an important role in maintaining order and discipline within a Marine unit.

Although the name implies that these individuals are young boys, Chore Boys can be both male or female and come from any age group. They are often newly enlisted Marines who have yet to prove themselves worthy of more significant responsibilities within the organization.

While it may seem demeaning to perform such mundane tasks, being a Chore Boy is an essential part of becoming a full-fledged member of the Marine corps. This experience teaches humility, respect for authority, attention to detail, and teamwork skills that will benefit Marines throughout their careers.

In times of war or other emergencies when every individual’s contribution counts towards mission success; even a chore boy can make all the difference by ensuring that his fellow soldiers’ uniforms are clean and well-maintained or keeping their living quarters tidy for maximum efficiency during operation execution.

Special Marine Ranks

In addition to the standard marine ranks, One Piece introduces several special marine ranks. These positions are typically held by individuals who have achieved significant accomplishments or possess unique skills that set them apart from their peers.

The Commander-in-Chief is the highest-ranking officer in the entire Marine organization and has authority over all other marines. They are responsible for making important decisions regarding military strategy and tactics.

Another special rank is Inspector General, whose primary responsibility is to oversee the conduct of the Marines and ensure that they follow proper protocol. This role requires strong leadership skills and a keen eye for detail.

There are Instructors who train new recruits and help improve existing troops’ combat abilities. Instructors often specialize in specific areas such as hand-to-hand combat or marksmanship.

These special marine ranks add depth to One Piece’s world-building by showing how even within an established hierarchy; some individuals can stand out because of their exceptional abilities.


The Commander-in-Chief is the highest rank in the Marine system, and they hold ultimate authority over all other Marines. This position is currently held by Kong, who has been seen a few times throughout the series, but not much is known about him.

In terms of power and responsibility, the Commander-in-Chief outranks even Fleet Admiral Sakazuki (Akainu). They are responsible for overseeing all operations carried out by the Marines as well as making important decisions that affect their organization.

It’s unclear what kind of powers Kong possesses or how he became Commander-in-Chief. However, it’s safe to assume that he wields immense political influence within both the World Government and Marine organizations.

While we don’t know much about this high-ranking individual yet, it’s clear that holding this position means you have an incredible amount of power and responsibility in One Piece’s world.

Inspector General

The Inspector General is a special rank within the Marines that is responsible for overseeing and investigating all aspects of the organization. They are tasked with ensuring that all members of the Marines, from top to bottom, are following regulations and carrying out their duties properly.

As one might expect, this position holds a great deal of authority within the Marine hierarchy. The Inspector General has access to sensitive information and can order investigations into any area they see fit. This includes everything from individual cases of misconduct to larger issues affecting the entire organization.

To become an Inspector General in One Piece’s world, one must have already achieved at least Vice Admiral rank or higher. It’s also worth noting that this position is not permanent – Inspectors will typically serve for a limited amount of time before returning to their previous role.

While not as well-known as some other marine ranks (such as Fleet Admiral or Admiral), the Inspector General plays a vital role in maintaining order and discipline within the organization.


One of the special marine ranks is that of an Instructor. Instructors are highly skilled and experienced marines who train and educate other members of the Marine forces. They are responsible for teaching new recruits basic military training, weapons handling, combat tactics, and survival skills.

Instructors have a very important role in ensuring that new Marines receive proper training to become effective soldiers. They often work closely with officers to develop training programs based on current needs and trends. In addition to teaching basic military skills, they also teach leadership principles and help develop critical thinking abilities among their students.

To become an instructor in the Marines, one must first demonstrate proficiency in their chosen field as well as show excellent communication skills. It takes years of experience in active duty before one can be considered for this rank. The selection process is rigorous, but those who make it through contribute significantly to the success of the Marine Corps.

Instructors play a crucial role in maintaining the readiness and effectiveness of Marine forces by imparting valuable knowledge and skills to new recruits and existing personnel alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is the strongest Marine in One Piece?

The Fleet Admiral, currently Sakazuki, holds the highest rank and is considered to be the strongest Marine.

2. What does a Warrant Officer do in the Marines?

Warrant Officers are technical experts who provide specialized knowledge and skills to support marine operations.

3. How many ranks are there in the Marines?

There are 15 different ranks within the structure of the marine ranking system.

4. Can you become a Vice Admiral directly from Captain?

No, becoming a Vice Admiral requires years of experience as well as exceptional leadership qualities and abilities.

5. Are all Marines bad guys in One Piece?

No, not all marines are portrayed as antagonists on One Piece; some characters like Smoker and Coby have been shown to be allies with Luffy and his crew at times.

Understanding how the Marine ranking system works plays an important role when watching or reading One Piece series. While it may seem complex at first glance, taking time to learn about each rank will deepen your understanding of this fascinating world created by Eiichiro Oda!