15 Best Notes Taking Apps (Android/iphone) 2024

Hey, the guy’s how you are?
Need some excellent note-taking apps for android/iOS 2024
Here I pick the top 10 best note taking apps for you.
So you can write and take notes like a pro.
Simple and easy to use apps.
If you love to take notes in an instant, then these apps help you to take notes and writing.
Write directly from your hand or record and draw your notes.
Convert your handwriting to text and share with your friends.
Sync your notes to multiple devices and access them from anywhere.
So guy’s are you ready to take your first note.
Here is the list.
 Best Notes Taking App


Best Notes Taking App

My favourite app on this list more than 100 million downloads on the Google play store.
This note-taking app is available on both platform Android/iOS.
I am using this app for more than three years
I just loved it.
You can write on the go and directly take notes from notification no need to launch the app.
Sync your all notes from multiple devices.
This is my most loved feature ever time.
In the free version, you can use and sync to your notes upto two devices, and if you need more, you can upgrade and use it on more devices.
It’s worth purchasing.
But if you don’t have heavy needs, then go for the free plan.
Create and publish.
One of the top-rated note-taking app on Android/iOS 2024
Let’s start creating notes now.

install – Android / iphone

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Google keep 

Best Notes Taking App
Another most loved and famous note-taking app Android/iOS 2024
It’s also available on both platform Android/iOS.
Use it like a pro.
This app from Google corporation just amazing.
Create notes on the go.
Create notes from direct writing, create bullets, use checkboxes and complete tasks.
All in one note-taking app Android/iOS 2024
if you love taking notes, then this one is for you.
Highlight your notes, organize and set according to your priorities.
Let’s start taking notes with this app.
More than 100 million users love this app.
And choose this app for taking notes.
Let’s get started with this app now.
Download and write your first note now.
install – Android / iphone

Good notes 

Best Notes Taking App
If you are using an iPad and iPhone, this notes-taking app iOS is a miracle for you.
Unlimited possibilities with it in writing.
Write like you writing on actual paper.
Sync and automatic backup in your Multiple iOS devices.
Fastest and efficient writing directly from hand.
You can also convert your handwritten text into original machine text and share it with your friends and family members.
Writing makes it easier with this excellent app.
You love it.
One of the most popular apps available on the iOS store for taking notes.
Let’s start writing with it.
install – Android / iphone


Best Notes Taking App
Another excellent app on this list.
But bad news for iOS users’s this app not available on iPhones.
But the good news for Android this app available on all Android devices.
Experience accurate writing with this advanced technology of pressure writing.
You feel like you are writing in your textbooks.
All the pages are available here are infinite, and you can choose various types of pages and write on the go.
One of the far best note-taking app, Android 2024
This is just awesome.
Experience the beauty of writing.
Let’s download and start taking notes now.
install – Android / iphone


Best Notes Taking App
Mind-blowing notes-taking app from Microsoft Corporation.
You already love the Microsoft office on your desktop pc.
Now they are ready to grab your Android device.
Create notes on the air.
Lightning-fast speed of notes.
Create, clip, draw, label, categories, and much more.
Access all your notes from any device.
It syncs automatically with all your notes.
Write and create notes without any bounding.
Unlimited possibilities with it.
Available online on both platforms, Android/iOS.
One of the best note-taking app, iOS/Android 2024
More than 100 million hits on Google play store.
Pick your smartphone download and start taking notes.
install – Android / iphone


Best Notes Taking App
Create interesting colorfull notes with this awesome notes taking app Android 2024
It’s simplicity win your heart in first impression.
Very easy to use .
One of the fast notes taking app available on the Google play store.
This app also hit the million club on Google play store.
People just crazy about this app.
It’s cool features and interesting user interface addicted to you.
Create and pin notes directly to your home screen.
Directly pick and and write.
Let’s open your WiFi and download this beautiful notes taking app now.
Let’s get started.
install – Android / iphone


Best Notes Taking App
It’s your new personal diary.
Experience the realistic personal diary experience directly on your smartphone.
Lot’s of different different types of themes and Color  themes.
Write like pro.
No one can stop you from writing.
Make notes any time anywhere.
One of the best and fastest note taking app available on the Google play store.
More than 5 millions hits and on Google play store.
Protect your notes with password and much more.
Let’s download and start writing.
install – Android 

Speech notes

Best Notes Taking App
Its main highlight feature is speech-to-text writing.
Experience the fastest and efficient writing with speech to text.
Connect third-party mic with Bluetooth connectivity and write with speech like a pro.
Let’s pick and write your words in a flow.
Its automatic grammar and punctuation checker is fantastic.
Gives you accurate time suggestions and results.
You can also use this app as an average text writing notebook.
Takes notes directly from the home screen.
Widgets, custom themes, custom options, and much more.
Let’s start writing with it.
One of the best note-taking app, Android 2024
install – Android 


Best Notes Taking App
If you love writing notes directly from your hands.
Than this app best fit for you.
This app specially designed for those who love writing from their own hands.
You get best experience while writing on your tablet and smartphone.
Handwriting made easy with this app.
This app provide you completely distraction free writing experience and on the go.
This app available on both devices android/iOS.
more than 1 million hits on play store.
 best handwriting taking notes app iOS/android 2024
Let’s download and write with your hand.
install – Android / iphone

G notes 

Best Notes Taking App
All in one click, record, handwriting, painting and much more with this note-making app Android/iOS.
One of the far best apps for taking notes directly and manage them easily.
Lock them and maintain your privacy.
Fast and efficient note-taking app.
Directly write and stick it.
You can also set a time reminder for it.
Let’s start taking notes now.
More than 1 million downloads on the play store.
Download and take your first note now.
install – Android / iphone