15 Best Nintendo Switch Rhythm Games 2021

The Nintendo console is eligible for games of all genres. Apart from value for money services, this is what makes Nintendo conquer among having gaming consoles. Well, rhythm games are quite exciting and fun to play. While Nintendo consoles double the fun and entertainment, these are the top 15 best Nintendo switch rhythm games of all time.

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 Nintendo Switch Rhythm Games 2021

Well, this game is one of the rhythm games in Nintendo Switch. Released on 23rd April, 2015, Brace Yourselves Games developed this game. Just enjoy the musical beat and compete. With excellent soundtracks, this game is an attraction for youngsters.
Nevertheless, there is no multiplayer mode in this game, which is a limitation. Nevertheless, you can still play this game on your television, controlled by a remote.


 Nintendo Switch Rhythm Games 2021


This game was released on 16th December 2017 by Springloaded publications. However, this game is better known to be an educational game. You can refresh your mind just by hearing the inbuilt soundtracks. So, if you want to learn the Japanese linguistic characters, this is the game for you. This game can only be played in a single-player mode. However, it is instead educational and recommended.


 Nintendo Switch Rhythm Games 2021

Released on 23rd April 2015, this game even pleases someone hard to please. It has over 65 sings, and 200 different song patterns emerged in it. If you are keen on exploring varieties of music, this game is a highly recommended option for you. Like many rhythm genres, this game comes with only a single-player option. It has a world tour mode when you have to compete in different areas. This is what makes this game entertaining and makes it on the list.


Nintendo Switch Rhythm Games 2021

You probably fall in love with the animations of this game. Released on 25th May 2016, this game was published and released by Rayark. However, the story is entirely fictional about 6 youngsters gaining international popularity. The game is embedded with over 100 songs in its library. This is one of the familiar rhythm games that have a story behind it. Due to its fantastic content, the game deserves to be on the list. 


Best Nintendo Switch Rhythm Games 2021

Released on 7th December 2017, this game was developed and published by MERJ Media. You would never like to miss the graphics, as they are quite attractive and fresh. Unlike other Nintendo rhythm switch games, two players can battle in this game. It has an impressive record of winning give records in the gaming world. The game is a complete package that describes breakdancing in general. So, the game owns the list. 


Nintendo Switch Rhythm Games 2021


Released on 13th June 2019, this game is blended with Legends of Zelda and Crypt of the Necrodancer. Like legends of Zelda, the cadence of Hyrule has a relatively small story. The hero of Necromancer gets magically transported to Hyrule. With appreciable graphics, the map of the game resembles Crypt of the Necrodancer. The goal is to collect musical instruments to stop Octavio, the villain. The music is made from the keyboard and heavy drum remix and is a long time to listen for Zelda fans. 


Nintendo Switch Rhythm Games 2021


Both concepts of racing rhythm are used to develop this game. Released, on 29th January 2020, this game was published and developed by ‘Sometimes You’ publications. All you have to do is dodge obstacles and make your way in, along with 25 beautiful cars. The game has 14 levels and 4 modes of gameplay. The beautiful neon and retro-styled graphics make it more attractive. So, this is one of the recommended rhythm games for you. 


 Nintendo Switch Rhythm Games 2021

This game started a dancing revolution throughout the globe. Released on 24th October 2017, the famous Ubisoft publications developed it. The game is so popular that it won ‘Kid’s choice award for favorite videogame’ indeed. Equipping it with multiplayer modes makes this game a better value for money options. Besides children, it is also the first choice for adults. So, grab the game and have fun with family and friends. 


 Nintendo Switch Rhythm Games 2021

This game was released on 21st December 2017 and was published and developed by forever entertainment. However, it is a single-player game with good plot characters. The protagonist of the game is Frederic, who was dead and, now is back from the afterlife. The world of music is in its final stage where flop singers have taken over. You are Frederic where you must try to retain and replenish the musical world to its former glory. This RPG game is one of the most immeasurable in its segment. 


 Nintendo Switch Rhythm Games 2021


This rhythm has been published and developed by drool and was released on 10th October 2016. Interestingly, the foremost protagonist of the story is a cosmic beetle that goes though many obstacles on musical rhythm. This single-player has won the hearts of many and, continue to win. Follow the journey of the beetle and experience the exhilaration. Due to its unique story, the game deserves to be on the list. 


 Nintendo Switch Rhythm Games 2021


Released on 25th April 2019, this game is one of the most popular rhythm games. It was developed by Rayark and published by the famous Flyhigh works. With a more futuristic sense of approach, the game portrays Artificial intelligence with human memories, as the only existing force on planet Earth. Your task is to bring the musical dimension back to life. The game is vast over 200 different songs in its library. Due to its content, this popular Nintendo Switch rhythm game is on the list. 


 Nintendo Switch Rhythm Games 2021


This Nintendo switch Rhythm was released on 13 November 2013, developed in Taiwan. The protagonist of the story is a small girl whose name was Alice. Deemo is the name of a cosmic character who helps Alice to grow a magical tree by playing the piano. Your task is to play the right rhythm so that Deemo could help Alice. This rhythm game has only a single-player mode of play. However, it gained popularity in 2015 with excellent reviews from the gamers.


 Nintendo Switch Rhythm Games 2021


This simulation video game was developed and published; by Nintendo themselves. It was released for the first time on 20th March 2020. The game has a huge fan base of gamers all around the globe. The three-dimensional graphics and the attractive animation left its watermark even in the hearts of its critics. Unlike other Nintendo rhythm games, this game is a bit complex. The game has many levels embedded in it. All you have to do is synchronize the rhythm. Thus, the game owns to be on the list.


Nintendo Switch Rhythm Games 2021


Surprisingly, this game is all about rhythm. Released way back on 31st July 2008, the game is known differently in different places. In Korea, it is called the Rhythm world, and in Europe, it’s Rhythm Paradise. It has three different types of touch screen controls: tap, tap and hold and, flick. Simple as it is, the game developers had a lot of fun in developing these controls. There are 24 different musical games where you have to flick ping-pong balls and, slice vegetables. The game creates a fun environment for youngsters. So, it deserves to be on the list.


 Nintendo Switch Rhythm Games 2021


This game was released on 12th October 2017, and was developed and published by Harmonics music systems. Supported play modes are TV, tabletop mode, and handheld mode. The game is embedded with 5 mini-games. Your gameplay depends upon how fast can you rectify the rhythm. It was overwhelmed with pretty good ratings and was admired by gamers all over the world. This is a perfect option for you to gift your younger sibling. Due to its popularity, the game remains on the list.


 Nintendo Switch Rhythm Games 2021


Published by Konami on 2nd July 2014, this game is of an adventure, rhythm genre. This anime game has more historical and musical content. You are a protagonist back in the mid 19th century in the Bakumatsu era in Japan. It was the time when only heaven’s songs were allowed to sing. You, along with your mates, protruding out from the masses, bring a rock revolution. People get more attached when history is involved. Therefore, this game owns the list.


The era of Nintendo switches Rhythm games has just begun. Nowadays, Rhythm games attract people a lot. People’s choices have moved from the fighting genre to rhythm. This is because of the variation that the gaming world has experienced in these past years. Besides, this craze for Rhythm games is expected to grow in the coming years exponentially. To keep pace with time and, grab these top 15 Nintendo switch Rhythm games now!