As a gamer, it is your utmost responsibility to keep your gaming items secure. But for the Nintendo consoles, you need extra care. The Nintendo DS cassette is portable due to its relatively small size. However, without proper storage facilities, these valuable things might get lost, and ultimately you be the one in the loss. To; prevent all mess, this post brings the most exceptional Nintendo DS cases just for you!

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 Best Nintendo Ds Cases 2020


Are you a traveler and a gamer? If yes, then this might be the package for you. The Orzy travel bag has a lot to offer in this segment. This bag comes with an exterior and an interior zip pocket with metal zips. It won’t let you complain about its storage space, which has a volume of 2380cc. This is more than enough for your DS console and charger to add.
Additionally, this versatile bag also comes with a front pocket, where you can store items without opening the inner zip pocket. When it comes to handling, you don’t have to worry about anything. This bag has a shoulder strap, which is a comfort-friendly feature. Also, there is a belt loop to provide a more secure grip around your belly, which is also easy to access quality. If you want full features in a single package, this is the best option for you in the market.


 Best Nintendo Ds Cases 2020


Are you in search of a rock-solid vault case for your Nintendo DS console? Well, this option might be the thing you need. This case is named ‘Power,’ as it suits its quality. The product is officially licensed by Nintendo, making it a more standard model. Every gamer is possessive about their gaming accessories and cannot spare any expense in its protection. However, there is nothing to worry about in this case. Built; with high-quality and rock-solid plastic, this case is the perfect shield for your Nintendo DS accessories. When durability arrives in the scenario, you cannot question this feature. It lasts even longer than your expectations. Besides, the case is eye-catching, as it comes with a classic NES styling, making it a perfect combination of style and power.
Furthermore, the storage facility in this vault case won’t disappoint you, as it can store up to 6 game cassettes. So, this product can withstand the moderate quantity of your collection. The main feature embedded in this vault case is its secure closure with a push-button release feature. This prevents your game cassettes from damage, as it is a bit fragile. So if you want a more classic option with strength, this is the product for you.


Best Nintendo Ds Cases 2020


Do is not let the visuals of this card case fool you. However, this might look a little and fragile, but actually, it is not. On the contrary, it has a substantial amount of storage, as it can store up to 18 game cards. This is enough room for your vast collections. Weighing; 40 milligrams, this case feels more substantial than you might expect. This is because it is made from high-quality plastic, making the storage system even potent and durable. When it comes to discipline, the case is a champion. The interior storage area keeps your game cassettes intact and well-organized. Although it might seem small, it’s the most considerable advantage, as it remains compact. Just like any other regular DS game boxes, it works the same and is easy to operate. Having; dimensions of (14×13×2) cm, this case has a volume of 364cc. So, if you require a more value for money option, this case is just for you!


 Best Nintendo Ds Cases 2020


There probably isn’t any other better option for gamers having an immense collection of games than this product. When your group is vast, there are chances for a missing cassette. Designed for the Nintendo 3DS and DS game cassettes, this case can hold up to 64 game cards with proper organization. The anterior segment has a unique design of four flaps. Each flap contains up to 16 components for card holding, with four pieces each in the front and back sides. This prevents those tiny cards from getting messed up and lost. It is quite natural for you to use, as you can slip those cards in and out effortlessly.
Furthermore, the outer material of this case is made shockproof, which is a durable semi-hard shell. The point is easy to grasp and is embedded with premium quality zip along with metal zippers. This makes the case a more durable, wear-resistant product. So, if you have a vast collection, this product is highly recommended.


 Best Nintendo Ds Cases 2020


The ‘Power A’ Universal Folio case comes with the fantastic and fan-favorite ‘Animal Crossing’ design. This case is being officially licensed by Nintendo, making it a more classic piece of storage for the DS console. However, you cannot complain about its built quality, as it has a soft-felt lining and pockets with Velcro closure. This is probably the main reason behind its attractiveness. Along with the DS console, this case is also eligible to hold the Nintendo 2DS and 3DS game accessories. However, when it comes to the storage unit, it can only hold up to 4 DS game cases, one full-size stylus, and two replacement styluses. You won’t get plenty of storage options for your game cards, but this doesn’t lower its value. Rather than gaming cassettes, you get plenty of room for your gaming accessories. This versatility makes this case a more value-for-money product. So, if you are a fan of the famous Animal Crossing franchise, this is the product you can’t resist.


 Best Nintendo Ds Cases 2020


The ‘Sisma 72’ case is a perfect combination for gamers and photographers. In this case, you have plenty of storage space for 32 Nintendo DS cassettes and memory cards. It is specially designed for mixing and sorting various game cartridges when you are traveling or at home. Due to such versatility, this product is the foremost choice of many gamers and photographers. Since the organization is the dominant feature here, the case prevents all mess.
Moreover, the pocket holders look very cute and well-stitched, allowing them to slip cards effortlessly. The outer material is quite durable and is made from shockproof EVA plastic, providing ultimate protection. Furthermore, this game is cast with a durable semi-hard shell, providing this product with additional products. Embedded with easy-to grasp and pull-metal zippers, it is more wear-resistant and durable than ever. So, if you are a gamer or a photographer, grab this piece of versatility.


 Best Nintendo Ds Cases 2020


Are you too a fan of the ‘Hello Kitty’ franchise? If yes, you can’t resist this product. This game case comes with a three-dimensional logo and styling of the famous Hello Kitty franchise. This is probably the primary reason behind its popularity among diva and child gamers. With a dimension of (7×2×9) inches and weighing 227 milligrams, the case is child-friendly and comfortable for little hands to hold.
Along with its portability, it includes a matching case, which is also a unique feature in this segment. As a result, you can securely store your DS games without any hassle. Furthermore, this adorable case is embedded with an upper-inner pouch that helps you keep additional items like your charger and more styluses. So, if you want a lovely and fantastic-looking gaming case for your younger siblings, this is what you should buy.


 Best Nintendo Ds Cases 2020


This storage facility is perfect for your Nintendo DS, DS LITE, and DSi consoles. Officially licensed by Nintendo, it is a whole new premium-quality package. This sturdy nylon bag comes with solidity-built shoulder straps, enabling you to carry while traveling. However, this case cum bag efficiently stores, organizes and holds essential gaming accessories securely. Since gamers take their gaming accessories seriously, they worry about their security the most. You won’t have to bother about the safety, as it won’t spare a single scratch.
Furthermore, the two zippered compartments allow you to access the surplus storage space. This provides a more hassle-free environment for you to maintain your gaming cassettes. Unlike other storage cases, this case comes with three color variants. These are Black, Pink, and Cobalt Blue. So, without any further delay, grab your favorite color.


Besides fun and amusement, gamers should be able to take responsibility for the organization too. A gaming enthusiast is always possessive about his/her accessories, which leads him towards the best choices available in the market. There are tons of items available online, which is quite tricky to judge. Therefore, to ease your efforts and help your better judgment, we brought you these particular items after in-depth research. Based on popularity and features, we bring you these eight best Nintendo DS storage cases available. So, grab these before scratches visit your accessories.