15 Nintendo 3DS Games Girls 2021

Well, Nintendo is always successful in providing engaging content for all genres and genders. For the first time in gaming memoir, the market never felt a shortage of games of all genres. It is observed that girls are more attracted to rhythm and simulation games than other genres. After doing much research, we bring you the top 15 Nintendo 3DS games for girls of all time.

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 Nintendo 3DS Games Girls 2020

Standing on top of the list is ‘Travel adventures with hello kitty.’ The game was released on 1st October 2013 and was developed by Rising star games for the Nintendo 3DS. The game belongs to the adventure genre, where you explore regions all around the world. The main character in this game is Kitty, and she loves to travel with her Sanrio friends. So, this is a perfect adventure game for girls in this segment.


 Nintendo 3DS Games Girls 2020

This adventurous game was released on 7th February 2019 and was developed by Brett Yeager. Without any complexities, the gameplay is quite simple and easy to play. The first character of the story is Vera, whose dream is to reach the moon. One night she fell asleep and dreamt about her journey towards the moon. Your task is to fulfill her magical journey by swinging her up the stars. Finally, reach various checkpoints and save your game. Since this is not a co-op game, only one player can participate in the gameplay. So, if you like simple games, this might be the game for you.


 Nintendo 3DS Games Girls 2020

This adventure cum simulation game was released on 29th March 2018 was developed and published by Sonic powered. It is probably the simplest game on this entire list. Being a single-player game, only you can participate in the gameplay. Therefore, the only task you have to do is to make sweets. There are varieties of Japanese sweets and delicious pancakes. Consequently, if you are a girl who likes simulation games, this might be a perfect one for you.


 Nintendo 3DS Games Girls 2020

Released on 29 March, 2018, this game was published and developed by James Montagna. Limitations of the game remain, as it is single-player. As the name says, your task is just to dodge. You are asked This game was released on 27 March, 2018 a to a party where you are challenged to dance. There are fireballs as obstacles that you have to dodge while dancing. Interestingly, the game is embedded with several other mini-games which is rare about games in this segment. So if your young sister likes both action and dance, this is the perfect gift for her.


 Nintendo 3DS Games Girls 2020

This game was published on 27th March, 2018 and was developed by Atlas USA. Well, this game has a unique story attached to it. Being; an RPG game, the game provides you to play as 9 characters, each having their unique skill. The story describes the world taken over by demons that subjugated humanity. Your role is to fight against all the odds to restore humanity. This is a perfect package of exhilaration that even girls are comfortable to experience. 


 Nintendo 3DS Games Girls 2020

This action cum adventure game was released on 18th January, 2018 and was published and developed by Crazysoft. Without any complexities in it, the gameplay is rather simple. The main character of the story is a poor girl named Eve. Suddenly, one day it started raining gold coins. Your task is to collect those coins for poor Eve so that she could buy toys. With a simplistic approach, Raining clouds is one of the best games for girls. 


 Nintendo 3DS Games Girls 2020

Are you a beauty enthusiast? If yes, then this is the complete package for you. Released on 25 December 2017, Nintendo published the game for the Nintendo 3DS console. Being a game of lifestyle cum simulation genre, it never fails to attract young girls. You are an entrepreneur, and you have to style your customers in a unique way to proceed. There are over 20,000 different items that you can earn to make progress in your gameplay.


Nintendo 3DS Games Girls 2020

This is cooking-based Nintendo 3DS simulation game. The Cooking Mama series was first released on 18th January, 2017 for the first time for Nintendo 3DS. If you are passionate about cooking, this is the game recommended for you. Make delicious dishes, discuss with all your friends and, enjoy the game. This game makes you feel that you are cooking. It is more diva friendly and attracts young players too. Due to its realistic approach, the game deserves to be on the list.


Nintendo 3DS Games Girls 2020

Released on 22 December 2016, Art System Works Co-developed this simulation game. However, these have is not recommended to gamers below 10 years of age. In this game, you are a restaurant manager who tries her best to maintain order and progress. You have to achieve an S rank for your restaurant. Feed your hungry customers and make them happy. Hence, if you are a girl who loves simulation games, try this game out. 


 Nintendo 3DS Games Girls 2020


This game was released on 26 October 2010 for the Nintendo DS segment. The story is based upon a fictional family called The Sims. Your task is to manipulate them to earn money. The characters can be modified in any way you want. Like many simulation games, this game can only be played in a single-player mode. However, the game is not suitable for kids and is labeled only for teens. Thus, this a perfect game for girls because that is needed to be done is manipulation. 


 Nintendo 3DS Games Girls 2020

This game was released on 22nd December, 2016 was published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS console. Possessing; a good reputation in the market, the game has won the innovation award and the best handheld game award. Taking proper care, providing good nutrition are the tasks of the game. It did not face any sort of criticism from the audience. Due to its child-friendly and viva friendly content, this game had an even more extensive fan base. Many animal lovers admired the game throughout the globe. So, if you are one of them, grab the game. Because of its innovative ideas, the game rules the list.


 Nintendo 3DS Games Girls 2020

Surprisingly, this game is all about rhythm. Released way back in 15th July 2016 the game is known differently on different places. In Korea, it is called the Rhythm world, and in Europe, it’s Rhythm Paradise. It has three different types of touch screen controls: tap, tap and hold and, flick. Simple as it is, the game developers had much fun in developing these controls. There are 24 different musical games where you have to flick ping-pong balls and, slice vegetables. The game creates a fun environment for female youngsters. So, it deserves to be on the list.


 Nintendo 3DS Games Girls 2020

Released on 21st December 2017 this action cum adventure game was published by Circle interactive. With more fascinating characters, this game provides you with the opportunity to slay vicious enemies. The main character of the story is a brave warrior girl named Zizou. Your task is to defeat enemies to restore justice over evil. In the beginning, the level starts easy and moves towards challenging tasks. At the end of each level in the game, you encounter the fiercest enemy. Defeat him and unleash the diva warrior within you. 


 Nintendo 3DS Games Girls 2020

This game was released on 19th June 2017 and was published and developed by 13AM games. Since, it a co-op game for 4 players, it comes with more fun and entertainment. Your task is to jump over floating surfaces and synchronize your speed with time. The environment during the gameplay changes every time you pass towards the next level. Interestingly, there are over 145 levels, where you face more difficult as you proceed. Since the leading character is a girl, the game makes you realize your inner feminine power. 


 Nintendo 3DS Games Girls 2020

This RPG cum adventure game was released on 13th October 2016 and was published and developed by Drinkbox Studios. The storyline of the game has a more mystical approach, which is rather interesting. Since the post is only concerned with ladies, the main character of the game is a brave lady named Sasha. She possesses a living sword and eliminates evil forces to retain her lost family. The story has a bit of drama and action that leaves a watermark in female gamers’ hearts. Therefore, if you are someone who likes action, grab this game soon.


Talking about adventure, why should boys have all the fun? Irrespective of gender, games of some genres are equally liked and played by everyone. However, some selective games that are more suitable for girls. 

Nevertheless, this was a difficult task in the selection of these games. So, grab the games and unleash the gaming diva in you.