5 New Education App Ideas in 2023


The chances are high that you might already have some great ideas that you would like to develop as a college student or would like to explore the education apps that might be helpful in the future. Some apps make it possible to calculate our sleep patterns, while others promise to compose our assignments by offering the best ways to shape a thesis statement or even edit our writing for those odd grammar mistakes. One only has to take time to explore beyond the famous ways or think about how to make certain learning innovations possible.

Among them are apps for people with learning disabilities or special solutions that help overcome procrastination and exam phobias. As long as it’s helpful, explore and seek the best ways to make your voice heard or become a beta-tester for interesting educational solutions. Let’s review 5 ideas worth checking in 2023!

5 New Education App Ideas in 2023

1. Daily Assistant Apps For Autistic Children.

It’s always difficult to create an app that can help autistic children learn and develop in a healthy way. Still, when there is a solution that follows their daily requests and adjusts itself to meet their basic needs, you know that it works in the right direction. This app’s idea is to collect specific information and react by offering sound signals, visuals, or alerts for the parents and educators to make relevant changes.

2. School Bus Tracking App.

While the concept is not new, and most schools already offer something in this ballpark, one should think about creating universal bus tracking software that will help parents receive alerts on when to send their kids to school or when to pick them up from some school trip. It will help the school staff and the parents control things and ensure that the tracker works correctly to keep the youngsters safe.

3. Story Writing Apps.

Based on AI-powered technologies, it’s also possible to think about creating a special educational app that helps tell a story by applying analysis to what you write or say. Depending on the use of voice formats, you can train the descriptive tone and see how well you are using the adjectives and literary devices like metaphors. It’s also possible to let the app provide you with a creative story idea based on keywords or the short paragraphs that you provide. If all else seems to fail, you can also approach an expert by asking something like can I pay someone to write my research paper and get assistance with the subjects that you must address. In either case, using artificial creative help may not always work, so some human input is essential!

4. Mood Tracking App.

We have already heard about those apps that help burn calories or control our time on social media. Now, it’s also helpful if we have an app that tracks our daily activities and analyzes our moods. It’s a great self-assistant feature that will help you to determine what things make you happy and what activities bring up a sense of anxiety and exhaustion. If you are a blogger or study Psychology, it will help you to have a great datasheet and statistics to work with!

5. Book Summary Apps.

Reading a book is not always possible, especially if you have to answer a list of questions or deal with a writing prompt. Speaking of great writing apps, we have a plethora of different writing assistants (think Hemmingway or Grammarly), yet what about those solutions that help to save time and let us avoid the trouble of reading through a lengthy book? Welcome to the Book Summary app solution idea that is meant to help you learn about the book summary by reading it for you and providing you with the basics facts. When you are running out of time and need someone to explain the general idea behind the book or outline those characters in the immortal play by William Shakespeare, an app like that sounds like an ultimate learning solution!

The Future of Education and Learning Apps Improvement

Let’s not forget that creation of something totally new often requires a steep learning curve, which is why you must focus on the things you can improve by making the learning process easier and listening to what most college and school students require. It always starts with the phrases like “I wish it were possible to,” where you can see user suggestions.

If you are a developer or are making your first app development steps, think about becoming the one who changes things and presents the improvements. It doesn’t have to be something totally new, but a revolutionary approach to the resolution of old problems will easily become the next best thing! It will help you to shape the future of education and allow the students to avoid stagnation as they re-discover the already existing apps and look into the future, wishing to create something new and innovative!


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