NetSpot is one of the best tools that can be used to analyze the wireless spectrum of an area and to troubleshoot problems. It has high usability as it could be easily used by beginners as well as professionals. It offers high data availability at lower prices as compared to other such products. It can run on Mac and Windows.

Features of NetSpot:

  • It can help users in visualizing, error-handling, reviewing, and deploying wireless networks.
  • Users can analyze their Wi-Fi coverage wherever they want to.
  • It can also be used to check whether the hotspots are installed correctly or not.
  • By making use of the visual maps, the user can find out the dead zones on a network.
  • NetSpot can simultaneously check any number of Access Points.
  • It can also be used to check the Internet download and upload speed.

If you want to work on a Wi-Fi network to offer optimal coverage, you have to do in-depth research. Also, you should be aware of the radio frequency behavior in that area. The best way to achieve these details is a wireless site survey. It can let you know about the areas of channel interference and can also help you in setting up a strong network. The objective of a wireless site survey is to evaluate the possibilities of setting up a wireless network in any particular area and determine the best spots for access points and other tools and devices. It also makes it easier to analyze what kind of equipment is required to deploy a network plan.

NetSpot plays an essential role in Wi-Fi security analysis. It helps in finding and removing rogue access points. It can also be used for checking settings related to security and analyzing Wi-Fi signal strength. Along with being useful, these functionalities are straightforward to implement. Suppose, if you want to perform a Wi-Fi site survey in your area, then you just need to load the area map and point to your current location on that map. Once this is done, the NetSpot automatically evaluate wireless signal immediately. You can adjust the current location to get Wi-Fi details of the whole area.

You must have noticed that sometimes your net connection is working right, but when you move to another room of your house or office, then your signal works inefficiently. Such problems arise not only because of weak signal strength or network range but also because of poor Signal to Noise ratio (i.e., SNR). Signal to Noise is an evaluation of how compatible the Wi-Fi signal in that area is compared to other signals that can interrupt in the way.

When you deal with problems related to Wi-Fi, mainly there are two cases:

  1. There are some points that could not be accessed by our signal, called dead spots. This problem could be due to remote Wi-Fi router, a material used to construct the building, etc. In this case, the user does not get any signal.
  2. Another problem could be Signal to Noise ratio. In this case, the user gets a signal, but other radio signals interfere in the working of that signal, making it difficult to pick out.

NetSpot is more than what you can expect it to be. With the help of a network survey tool, you can check the signal strength at every point of your house or office. The points with weakest signal strengths must be facing Wi-Fi signal interference because of the presence of other electronic devices placed near them.

Steps to fix the SNR issues:

  1. Initially, you need a signal analyzer. For this, you can use NetSpot as it displays a list of all identified networks.
  2. Try to eliminate extra Wi-Fi networks by using NetSpot, as it can trace their signal strengths.
  3. Check the devices near the Wi-Fi router. If it is placed next to any other electronic device, then shift it away a bit. This could help in dropping the signal noise.
  4. Few routers offer more than one band in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz range. So, if you don’t need the 2.4 GHz signal, then turn it OFF.

Pros of NetSpot:

  • NetSpot offers Wi-Fi analysis free of cost.
  • This tool is straightforward to operate and can be used by beginners as well as professionals.
  • There is no compulsion or strict rules to ask for users’ data while offering them free services.
  • Using NetSpot, users can completely analyze the behavior of Wi-Fi in their area.
  • It provides advanced visuals of the wireless spectrum by using visual tools and charts.
  • As compared to other such products, NetSpot is more affordable.