How To Do The Nationality Challenge (Instagram/Tiktok) 2023

Hello REeLeRS!

Welcome to Techigem. So last night, you dreamed about going to Japan, clicking some pictures, and recording a video while wearing a Kimono. But your dream was broken when your mom woke you up by throwing some cold water on you or switching off the fan in your room.

At that time, you realize…


You do not have money to travel to other countries to click some pics or record some videos only!

Suddenly, your reeler friend calls you and tells you about the nationality challenge trend on Instagram. You are anxious! You are confused! You are sad!

Then you remember Shyami- the great confusion killer with your heart. And then I am there for you.

Shyami baba created this manuscript to solve this problem in 2000 B.C. So that humanity can be blessed by making reels and uploading some exciting videos on their boring account like mine.

So, without wasting more time,

Let’s read the whole article with every bit of information.

Here is the step-by-step guide.

Step 1- first, go to the PlayStore. Search FacePlay App there.

Step 2- Download the Application.

Step 3- Open the App, and you will see different templates there.


Step 4- Go to the “for You” section and scroll down. You will now see some free templates or some premium.

If you like some templates good and not free, you can take the premium plan of the app. But if you don’t want to go with premium, you will have to watch the 30+ second free video advertisement.

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Step 5- Scroll down and search the different nationalities’ templates.

Step 6- Select the templates and tap on the + icon.

Step 7- Choose your pictures according to the templates.

Step 8- Tap on Confirm.

Step 9- Tap on Start Making.

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Now some advertisements will be played for some time. After watching the ad, you will be able to proceed further.

Step 10- Tap on Save

Now your video is saved to the gallery.

There are so many different templates too. You can go back and start making some other videos by using the templates.

Step 11- Now open CapCut after saving all the videos.

Step 12- go to New Project.

Step 13- Add your one photo and one of the saved videos.

Step 14- Now select 9:16 Format.

Step 15- Adjust your chosen photo to full screen.

Step 16- You will see an unnecessary end part of the app promotion. Delete/cut that part.

Step 17- Now, you add Audio. You can choose your favourite music too.

Step 18- Set the photo’s time duration to 5.3 seconds.

Step 19- Assign 2 seconds to each nationality in the video. Delete the rest part.

Step 20- Delete the rest of the song.

Step 21- turn down the clip’s sound to zero.

Step 22- Add a transition between every nationality.

Step 23- Click on the camera button and add your favourite pull out effect.

Step 24- Tap on applying to all.

Step 25- Add Text and write the name of nationality.

Step 26- Choose writing style and fonts.

Step 27- Arrange the text box on the photos.

Step 28- Apply that till the last photo.

Step 29- Check the video and Export.

Step 30- Now, you will be able to see the video in your phone gallery.

So, friends, I provided every little information I promised to you. Now you do not need to waste so much money going to different countries to click some photos or record some videos only. So, Dream well when you go to sleep and make your reels.

Now I am also going to make my beautiful reels in different nationalities. I hope at least some foreign girl can like me, and I become single no more. I hope you all will pray for this.

Shyami baba will write another article to solve your query.

Bye-bye. See you in the following article…