A mouse is a small input device that controls a computer screen cursor. It is used on a flat surface and has different buttons which are programmed and assigned for different commands. A mouse has generally two buttons, a primary button, and a secondary button, usually the primary button is on the left side and the secondary button is on the right side.A mouse has different functions such as mouse operation and function, select and adjust binding, transfer bindings, menu binding.  Many types of the mouse are available such as a wireless mouse, G-stick mouse, optical mouse, trackball mouse, and mechanical mouse(ball mouse).  The mouse is used on a flat surface connected to the computer or laptop.


1. HP X1000 wired mouse

 Best Mouse Under 500 2020

It is the most common type of mouse with a sleek design and available in black and gray colors. This mouse contains thee buttons. It is a USB connectable and also works on a variety of surfaces. This mouse is even compatible with windows. It does not include an AC adapter and no need for batteries as it works with a USB cable.  The weight of this product is 90.7 g. It also includes the scroll wheel between the two buttons. The component included are mouse, documentation, and a warranty card. This company gives a minimum of one year of warranty.

2. Dell MS116 1000DPI USB wired optical mouse

 Best Mouse Under 500 2020

This mouse is designed for comfortable use and easily fits on your palm. It contains two buttons and a scroll wheel  which makes your work with ease. This item is compatible with any system which has a USB port.This mouse is wired as well as optical you may use this as per your choice. This mouse runs on AC power source and there would be no need for batteries in this mouse. The weigh is about 118 g. You may not be able to autofocus with this mouse. The extra programmable buttons are also not given in this mouse. This mouse is designed for the work at the home of the office both.

3.Quantum QHM222 3-button 1000DPI wired optical mouse

Best Mouse Under 500 2020

This mouse only weighs about 68 g. This model is designed in such a way that a left-hand user can also work comfortably. This product is compatible with windows, tablets, laptops, computers,pc, and many more. This mouse is compatible with any system that has a USB port.It has 1000DPI optical precision and the type of media is PS2. This mouse is made of plastic quality with the presence of a scroll wheel. On the edges of the mouse, it is of transparent plastic which gives the unique look to the mouse. The maximum distance of the operation mouse is 1 meter.

4.Logitech B100 corded mouse

 Best Mouse Under 500 2020

This model is made of corded material (cloth ribbed). As it works on battery so 1 lithium-ion battery is required. It is easily connected to the computer and laptop. It weighs about 45.4 g. This model is compatible with Windows XP, windows vista, and Windows 7 only.The company gives a 3-year  warranty. In the case of the wireless mouse, the USB receiver is available along or within the mouse. This mouse is completely worth of money.

5. Lenovo 300 wired USB mouse, GX30M39704

 Best Mouse Under 500 2020

This model is designed for comfort even after using for long hours with great performance. This  Lenovo model mouse is black with an orange touch. The scroll wheel of this mouse is of orange color. This mouse is of high resolution with a 1600 dpi optical sensor which ensures that you will be smoothly gliding from window to window.The weight of this model is 22.7 g. There is no requirement for batteries in this product.

6.Portronics POR-016 toad 11 wireless mouse

 Best Mouse Under 500 2020

This mouse is of 2.4 GHz technology. It is easy to use and highly compatible with devices such as MacBook, laptop, computer, or any other devices. It also lows power consumption which gives battery life longer and energy saving. It works with a distance of 10 meters without any interference.

7. Amkette Weego pro optical mouse 1600DPI

Best Mouse Under 500 2020

This mouse is available in color options such as grey, black, and grey, red. Rubberized grip is provided for the comfort and prolonged use of this device.  The height of this mouse is 11 cm and the width is 8 cm long. The weight of the product is 81.6g. this model works well on all surface expect glass.

8.Portronics Toad 12 wireless 2.4G optical mouse

Best Mouse Under 500 2020

This mouse is available in blue, black, and yellow color. Weight of this mouse is 90.7 g and it is compatible with the devices such as laptop, computer, MacBook and other. The mouse is powered by the battery. The life span of the battery is almost 6 months and may vary according to use. This product works within the 10 meters of range.

9.iBall Free GO G25 feather-light wireless optical mouse

Best Mouse Under 500 2020

This product is ergonomic and comfortable which has a piano shiny finish. It has a long duration performance with a premium brand of an alkaline battery. The height of this product is 10.2 cm and the width is 6.1 cm.  This product has provided an automatic power mode saving switch.

10.Amkette hush pro air slim mouse

Best Mouse Under 500 2020

This product is available in 800, 1200, and 1600 DPI.  Available in black and blue color. This mouse has special silent keys that minimize the sound of click on the mouse. The sound is almost 90% less than the other mouse. Weight is of 113 g and the battery is required for this product. This product is premium designed for comfortable working long hours.

11.iBall style36 V2.0 optical sensor mouse

 Best Mouse Under 500 2020

This iBall product is very rich in look. The main thing which attracts is the grip of the mouse. The product is made up of portable material and is easy to use. It is available in black color. The weight of this item is 81.6 g. It looks fashionable in terms of appearance and has an anti-slip texture for better performance and a better experience. This product is very useful for gamers as it provides a better grip than any other product.

12. Amazon basic 3-button USB wired mouse

 Best Mouse Under 500 2020

This product is distributed by Amazon company and has 1 year Amazon warranty. It is very smooth in use and affordable in price as well. This is the very basic model consisting of 3 buttons wired mouse. This product is compatible with the desktop and pc. Along with this, a 1.5-meter long cable is been provided with this mouse.

The height of the product is 34 millimeters and width is 6.1 centimeters. This item weighs about 81.6 g.

13. Amkette kwik pro wired optical USB mouse

Best Mouse Under 500 2020

This product is having three buttons which are the left button, right button, and clickable scroll wheel button. It is available in three colors such as black, black and grey, black, and red. This item is designed for comfortable work and increase the productivity of the work. It has a high precision of 1000DPI optical mouse for the best accuracy and performance. Product height is 37 millimeter and width is 6.4 centimeter. It weighs about 68 g. The model number is KP-10.

14. Dell MS116 275-BBCB optical mouse

 Best Mouse Under 500 2020

This item is compatible with practically any system. The resolution of this mouse is 1000DPI and the cable which is provided is of 6 ft length. In the case of wireless mouse USB receiver is been provided. IT is easy to plug and play at home or office. The battery is included with this mouse but it is not rechargeable. This item weights 86.2 g. This mouse has both features wired as well as optical.

This product fixes the contours of your hand with the 2 buttons and the scroll wheel which makes it easy to navigate through on-screen projects.

15. Mi portable wireless mouse

Best Mouse Under 500 2020

This product is made of ergonomic design.  This model is ultra-lightweight 56 g. It includes two buttons with two was scroll wheel. It includes one AA battery and its life span is of 12 months let you go longer between battery changes.

This is super light in weight and gives sparkle look to the mouse. It is available in black color. This wireless connection has a 2.4 GHz private protocol. It is compatible with windows and MacBook. The height of this product is 34 millimeter and width is 5.8 centimeter. The component included are wireless mouse, USB receiver, and user manual. It is designed for both house and office use.

The mouse is available in many different styles and qualities. These were the mouse with the affordable price and best functions. The mouse should be chosen according to comfortability that provides to your palm which makes work easier as well as make the work more productive.