Being able to motorcycle your way to your destination with minimal disturbances and absolute ease brings in a feeling of euphoria; especially when you are in desperate need to get away from a place, person, or just for a breath of air. After a tiring week of work and heavy schedules, a motorcycle ride is all you need to de-stress during the weekend. In today’s technology-clad generation, the use of devices for almost all activities is a normal thing. They make our life easier and simpler. We have an app for almost everything: video calling apps to connect with friends, family, colleagues, etc., time management apps to keep us on our schedules, fitness apps, etc.. Similarly, there are apps to make the lives of motorcyclists easier. Here are top 15 motorcycle apps that will help your every ride be a smooth, safe, and an enjoyable one:

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1. EAT SLEEP RIDE Android / iPhone

 Motorcycle Apps Android / iphone 2020

If you are looking for an app that is tailored to cater to all your requirements, this one is the one. It brings together all the ‘most-required’ features into one ultimate application. It is an all-in-one app that helps you ride with an interactive interface. You can review your rides with speed, elevation, and discover new routes. 

You can also access the best traffic-free routes that are shared by other riders. The most commendable feature of this app is CRASHLIGHT. This feature detects a crash by tapping into the accelerometer. It sends a message to your loved ones connected through the app if you don’t disable the alarm within a small window of the crash. This application is good enough to be trusted for your rides.

2. WAZE Android / iPhone

 Motorcycle Apps Android / iphone 2020

WAZE is the largest community-based traffic and navigation app in the world. It is the best app for navigating through traffic, especially during those weekday rides. It offers real-time data on the road condition, traffic, and route info. WAZE is extremely beneficial for reaching your destination in the shortest time possible, but it won’t guarantee a scenic ride. Another positive would be that it can find you the nearest gas station!

3. REVER Android / iPhone

 Motorcycle Apps Android / iphone 2020

Rever is one of the coolest applications there is for motorcyclists. It comes with a route and ride planner which helps you find the best routes. You can even share your own ride in a fun and engaging way. 

Rever can be used to find routes shared by other riders as well. You can even form riding groups with your other rider friends. This is super fun for touring rides. It even allows you to cache maps to your phone so that you can refer to them when you lose signal. Rever offers a series of fun challenges and you can gain awards by riding more often. 

4. NOAA WEATHER RADAR Android / iPhone

 Motorcycle Apps Android / iphone 2020

Bad weather is a bane for motorcyclists for obvious reasons. Unexpected degradation of the weather is worse. Thankfully, NOAA’s Weather RADAR application is there to help you avoid the disappointment. 

This application connects you with NOAA’s satellite and gives you a live update on the weather. And not just any update but an HD playback of the Doppler radars at that very moment. 

5.BEST BIKING ROADS Android / iphone

 Motorcycle Apps Android / iphone 2020

Best Biking Roads is the world’s largest touring resource. It offers more than 10,000 motorcycle roads in 86 countries. It gives you thousands of rides, routes, and experiences shared by other users through pictures, videos of routes, and riders. 

You can share your own ride as well. Add your notes to the places you’ve driven. Write and share your experience on those roads with other users. 

6. RISER Android 

 Motorcycle Apps Android / iphone 2020


This is one of those really cool applications. Riser offers you the best routes, planning a route that fits perfectly with your schedule and your other requirements. It allows you to share your experience and routes with like-minded people. 

Riser offers you the ability to add tags to your locations, add notes about your opinions and experience with the routes, inspiring the other riders out there to explore the roads. 

7. CAMP & RV Android / iPhone

 Motorcycle Apps Android / iphone 2020

Camp & RV is your best choice when it comes to choosing an app that will help you discover places to rest when you’re out on the roads at night. It helps you filter locations according to your taste with or without the internet.

 It finds you fuel stations, resorts, hotels, camping sites, etc. this application comes at a one-time-price and free updates for as long as it runs. 

8. GAS BUDDY Android / iPhone


 Motorcycle Apps Android / iphone 2020

GasBuddy is the best and most popular app out there for finding the cheapest gas prices around you. It doesn’t matter what you’re filling up, 

GasBuddy can find you the cheapest prices. It allows you to pay through the app and give you discounts. It also helps you find cheap parking spaces. Get this application and you’ll only occasionally have to pay full price for your gas. 

9. DIABLO SUPER BIKER Android / iPhone

 Motorcycle Apps Android / iphone 2020

Pirelli offered Diablo Super Biker gives you valuable information on your bike’s center of mass, maximum acceleration, tire width, calculation of altitude, lean angles, lap time, and atmospheric conditions. 

It also gives you an evaluation of the type of asphalt on which you’ve been riding with greater accuracy of durability during the course of your ride. This application is available in 7 languages.

10. FUELLOG Android / iphone

 Motorcycle Apps Android / iphone 2020

This app gives you a complete log on your fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, and costs. It also gives you statistical data on fuel mileage. 

Fuellog gives you a statistical cost of gas, fuel cost per month or year, total distance driven, etc.. It also gives you updates on the rising and dropping of current fuel prices. It is a very informative application. 

11. ROAD TRIPPERS Android / iPhone

 Motorcycle Apps Android / iphone 2020

This application is amazing for multiple-day touring rides. It provides you with routes that cater to your schedules to reach the desired destination. Road trippers help you discover scenic points, local attractions, and plan out your touring ride with your friends. 

It also provides you with rest spots like diners, restaurants, and hotels. The application makes planning your trip a joy. It is the ultimate tour ride planning application you’ll need. 

12. DARK SKY Android / iPhone

 Motorcycle Apps Android / iphone 2020

Dark Sky uses government-provided data to give minute by minute forecast updates to users. This helps them plan out their rides, and be prepared for changing weathers when they are out for a long time. 

It provides hyper-detailed imaging of the changing weather. It gives you information when you need it to know it even if you don’t think you need to know it. It is an irreplaceable companion. 

13. MOTORCYCLE REPAIR Android / iPhone

 Motorcycle Apps Android / iphone 2020

One of the worst nightmares for a rider is motorbike breakdown. Unnecessary stops between destinations can put off the journey a little bit. However, motorcycle repair applications give out a list of common motorcycle problems. 

You can refer to them and see which one fits yours. It pulls out possible causes and solutions to your issue and helps you fix them. 

14. SPEAKER BOOST Android / iphone

 Motorcycle Apps Android / iphone 2020

Connect the Bluetooth speakers in your helmet to this application for an enhanced experience of sound. Speaker boost is most essential when you need to get out of your mind or the sound of your engine being too loud. 

Sometimes, you only need to feel the wind in your face and not mess the music in your ears. Note: it is advised to not use this on a regular basis. It can pose as a distraction and lead to catastrophes. So, kindly refrain from using it frequently. 

15 .BATTERY DOCTOR Android / iPhone

 Motorcycle Apps Android / iphone 2020

It’s absolutely no use to have all kinds of motorcycle apps if you don’t have enough battery on your phone. To save you from this peril, Battery Doctor comes to your aid. Battery Doctor helps you conserve your phone’s battery life. 

It uses a battery monitor to give you data on your currently running apps and what could be done to reduce the battery usage. It comes with an easy one-touch option that automatically fixes a plan to conserve your phone’s battery. 


Everybody wants to be safe and have things that are convenient for them. Applications make life easier by not only simplifying things for us but also by making us worry-free of certain factors. Some things need to be left to our devices in order for us to enjoy our ride to its full extent. To all riders out there, the above-listed apps will cater to your need for beautiful experiences and love for riding motorbikes. 

They are bound to make your rides efficient, safe, convenient, and fun! These applications are efficient and won’t let you down. Make your choice and you won’t regret it. Every experience adds to your story; whether a perfect flawless ride or a one with tiny misadventures. Everything will add to your story and make you smile when you look back. So, get on that bike and ride away to your heart’s content. Maybe even a little more.