If you’ve been considering different types of on the job training to best suit your employees, it’s likely you’ve come across mobile learning management systems. With phones being increasingly utilised within the business place for a number of different reasons, some may argue that training takes the top spot. Thanks to the continuous development of technology, education on the go has never been more accessible for employees all over the world. To be blunt, if you’re not already utilising a mobile learning management system within your workplace, it’s about time you did.

With the app store offering plenty of easy to navigate, cost-effective mobile apps and programs, creating courses, developing strategies and delivering training in the workplace has never been simpler. The best mobile learning management systems offer an abundance of portable solutions, bite-sized content and even built-in incentives that will motivate your employees to engage in training. What’s more, thanks to flexible delivery controls and world-class authoring tools, it’s not just employees that benefit from these systems, but educators too. Basically, everyone within your organisation can benefit from improved learning outcomes thanks to mobile learning apps.


In terms of benefits for learners, there are plenty that will encourage you to utilise a mobile learning app. From tailored, easy to digest content to increased success rates and engagement, using an app offers flexibility like never before. By providing employees the freedom to access and engage in on the job training in small, easy to manage segments as and when it’s needed, both productivity and morale can see a significant improvement. For example, if a member of staff is carrying out a particular training sequence, having the ability to access the information they need at a click of a button can go a long way. Long gone are the days of cramming training into long presentations in favour of allowing employees to learn in a form best suited to them thanks to the diversity that mobile apps offer. If there was ever a reason to encourage the use of phones in the workplace, training is the primary reason thanks to the benefits of on the job training.


For the members of the team that are delivering training, a mobile learning management system is undoubtedly one of the most straightforward and efficient methods of delivery in this day in age. With the best apps and systems on the market offering a rapid authoring tool, educators can supply employees with the most up to date content as and when it comes available. Because of this, staff will have access to everything they need to know during training at their fingertips. As educators will know, developing a traditional eLearning course can take weeks, maybe even months to build. With a mobile learning management system, trainers can create a comprehensive curriculum in a matter of days, with tools giving the ability to refresh the content within minutes.


Thanks to the uncomplex nature of mobile learning management systems, on the job training suddenly becomes more cost-effective and fuss-free. You don’t need to have any knowledge of design, coding or scripting to create a course to the highest standard. Instead, you’ll have to use the app of your choice, allowing the templates and features to do the rest.


If you’re in search of one of the most technically advanced yet straightforward methods of delivering on the job training, a mobile learning management system is the way forward. In an ever-changing world of technology and employee expectations, it makes sense to adopt an approach that perfectly aligns. Whether you’re training employees of UX design or SEO, a mobile app will be a welcomed addition to the program.