All the Minecraft Villager Jobs Explained (2022)

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I hope you all are doing great in your life and playing games. If you are reading the article, I can assume that you belong to the Minecraft community, even if you are new to the Minecraft World. You already know that Minecraft is another world similar to our natural world. And so, this world also runs on economic principles. And if you don’t know about economics, You should know that there are some resources in a world, To use those resources in an efficient way; The government creates jobs, To do that job there is always a mob of people; But only some most efficient people are assigned to do that work. When these resources are converted into usable or valuable products by the worker, they are sold into the market, and People purchase the products. It makes the currency flow in the world.

Now, you must have thought, why am I teaching the basic economic concept to you?

It is similar to the real-world economy; Minecraft world also runs on the basic principle.

In Minecraft, Villagers are the essential and most crucial part of their economy as they convert the resources found in the world into a profitable product. To survive in the Minecraft world, You need some basic things that are required in the real world. These basic things can be food, water, clothes, shelters and tools. Sometimes, when your devices get old, You need to either repair them or buy a new one. In such a situation, You need to deal with Minecraft villagers. They help to provide you with the basic things for your day-to-day life in Minecraft.

But, You will be surprised to know that, similar to the real world, all villagers are unequal in terms of their efficiency, desire and quality for different jobs.

To get the best out of them, you need to assign the best one for the work. The jobs are limited compared to the people in the world. So, there may be many people jobless in the Minecraft world. But fortunately, you are allowed to change the people for different professions.

Now, you must have thought about how to assign the villagers jobs or different professions.

Here is the answer.

How do villagers get their jobs in Minecraft?

Knowing all the professions in Minecraft is quite unuseful, If we do not know how to assign the job role to the villagers. To solve this query, I explain the process in detail here.

First of all, You should know that not all villages are with all village jobs. It would be best if you found a butcher in a different town. Suppose you don’t see it in yours. The employment of villagers depends upon the block presented around them. These Utility blocks are called Job site blocks. There are limited Job site blocks, and so many villagers are unemployed.

But in the game, You are empowered to assign any particular profession to any unemployed villager by crafting and placing a utility block near them. Crafting a utility block near the villagers will automatically connect them to that profession. After that, you can trade the produced items with the villagers. However, If a villager is already selling in a particular field, you can not change their profession.

Now, You must have thought about how to craft a utility block near the villagers so that they can do that profession.

To your convenience, I made the process easy for you. In a detailed description of each profession below, I attached the way to craft a Job site block near the villager.

Let us see a short description of all Minecraft jobs.

All Minecraft Villager jobs

If we include the unemployed, We have all 15 kinds of villager jobs in Minecraft. Out of these 15, there are only 13 practical professions. The appearance of villagers depends upon the biome in which they spawn. Each villager trades different items for their other job titles. Remember, You can not deal with every villager, as some villagers are hostile, like zombie villagers, witches, and more.

See all kinds of jobs and professions of Minecraft villagers here.

  1. Armorer- they trade chains, armour and Iron.
  2. Butcher- they trade Kelp blocks, meat, stew and sweet berries.
  3. Cartographer- trades maps, Papers, compasses and Banner patterns.
  4. Cleric- The cleric is interesting as they trade magical items like potion ingredients, Redstone, and ender pearls.
  5. Farmers- trade crops, produce food and brew ingredients.
  6. Fishermen- trade fish, enchanted fishing rods and campfires.
  7. Fletcher- They trade bows, crossbows, arrows and flints.
  8. Leatherworkers- they trade leather items, scutes, and hides.
  9. Librarians- trade glass, paper, ink, enchanted books, nametags, compasses, quills and lanterns.
  10. Mason/Stone Mason (Java/Bedrock)- They trade Terracotta, Quartz, clay and Polished stone.
  11. Shepherd- they trade wool, shears, beds, paintings, and dyes.
  12. Toolsmith- deals with bells, axe enchantments, harvesting tools and minerals.
  13. Weaponsmith- They trad bells, minerals, and enchanted weapons.

These were the primary 13 professions. Aside from these 13 jobs, There are two remaining professions; Unemployed and Nitwits. Let us know more about them.

  • Unemployed- the unemployed villagers are those who do not have jobs. But they can start doing work by claiming a job site block, which no one still claims.
  • NitWits- NitWits are those villagers, Who neither have jobs nor can get any.

Let us know more about the Job site blocks.

Minecraft Job blocks and their work

Here is the list of all professions and their related Job blocks.

Now is the time to discuss all Minecraft villagers’ jobs In detail.

Minecraft Villager’s Jobs in details (2022)

Whether you have Minecraft Java or Bedrock edition, The job of villagers will be the same. Please read the details of all appointments of Minecraft villagers and know how to assign the villager one particular job with their respective Minecraft blocks. We are creating the list alphabetically.


All the Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job site Block- Blast Furnace

Trading- Iron, armour and chain

Details- We know that an armorer deals in armor pieces. So, In Minecraft also, an armorer trades different armor items. This job is centred around a block “blast furnace,” as shown above. The blast furnace is used to melt ores in Minecraft. As for trading, you can buy pieces of armor, a bell and a shield. If an armorer is an expert, It can provide you with enchanted diamond armor pieces.

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All the Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job site block- Smoker

Trading- cooked meat and stew

Details- In the real world, Butcher deals with many kinds of meat. But in Minecraft, Butcher provides cooked meat and rabbit stew. You can deal with him for eight cooked chicken pieces in return for a single emerald. The Butcher is also beneficial for you in that condition when you cannot find other food items for you. In that condition, Butcher is the only way to get food in the form of cooked meat or rabbit stew. You can get energy after eating that. The smoker is the utility block for a butcher. You can use this block for cooking meat faster than a regular furnace.

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All the Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job site block- Cartography Table

Trading- Frames, banners and trades maps.

Details- “Cartographers” are the most valuable and expensive villagers in the game Because they help you most in search of anything in the world. If you just started playing Minecraft, You can easily access maps, frames, banners and more navigational things from the cartographers. Even if you want to go on a voyage, they will provide you with ocean and woodland explorer maps. That is not enough. Cartographers can help you search woodland mansions, explore mountains, and find treasures by providing you with crucial maps. The Job site block “Cartography table” is mainly used for creating a map.


Job site Block- Brewing Stone

Trading- Magical items like potions, Redstone dust and other things.

Details- And here comes the most exciting Profession in Minecraft! Honestly, when I tried Minecraft for the first time, I did not expect a magical profession like it. But this one helped me a lot to survive in the Minecraft world. The cleric provides the magic items in Minecraft, but those are not easily found. The articles, and cleric deals, are among the most exciting and valuable things for you. Redstone dust, Lapis Lazuli, glowstone, and Bottle’O enchanting are some of the items among them. If your village does not have a cleric, You do not need to be disappointed. You can assign this job to any of the unemployed villagers.

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All the Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job site block- composter

Trading- Good quality food items and food ingredients.

Details- This is the most popular and among the most valuable job in Minecraft. Minecraft villages are incomplete without farmers. No one can separate farmers from the Minecraft village. Like the real world, Farmers are the engine of the Minecraft world economy. The farmers are the most popular and very common type of villagers who do farming. You can buy high-level food items and essential ingredients to prepare potions. You can usually trade bread, pie, apple, cookies, cake, and stew at lower levels. But if you deal with an expert farmer, You can get golden carrots and glistering melon slices. Here the catch is, They can spawn next to the composter block; that is great for creating bonemeal in the game.


All the Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job site block- Barrel

Trading- Cooked seafood, fish, enchanted fishing rod, and a campfire.

Details- Fishermen are, as their name, trades in fishing and seafood. They offer salmon fish, cod and a bucket of cod fish. You can buy an enchanted fishing rod and also can buy a campfire. If you do not like fishermen, you can still trade with them for some fish in return for emeralds. And with this, you can use it with villagers having other kinds of Minecraft jobs. The utility block “barrel” is used for storing items.


All the Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job site block- Fletching Table

Trading- Bow, crossbow, flint and arrows.

Details- I will say the fletcher is the “Rarest villager job” in Minecraft. Many people do not know the job of Fletcher. But if you think big to achieve in Minecraft, These villagers can be very useful. If you trade with a low-level fletcher, you can get arrows, bows, crossbows, and flints. But if you, by fortune, trade with a high-level fletcher, You can get enchanted bows, enchanted crossbows, and tipped arrows. But there is a drawback to the job site block “Fletching Table”. And it is that The fletching table can not be used for any other work.

Leather Worker

All the Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job site block- Cauldron

Trading- Saddle, Leather Armor and horse armor

Details- from the past to the present day, Leatherworkers are valuable in the Minecraft world. The leather armor pieces they provided are of good quality and beneficial for us. But still, many people do not trade these leather items with them. Instead, They like to get a horse saddle with them. Here is a thing to remember Not all leather workers provide horse saddles. You will have to find an expert-level leatherworker to get a horse saddle. A positive thing about the job site block “cauldron” is that It is advantageous apart from leather workers. You can use it for storing water, lava, and powdered snow. If you use a bedrock version, You can use a “cauldron” to store dyed water and potions.


All the Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job Site Block- Lectern

Trading- Compass, Clocks, Enchanted books, name tags etc.

Details- If you want to get an enchanted book quickly in Minecraft, The way is “the librarian”. If you are new to the Minecraft community, you first need to learn “how to use enchanted books in an efficient manner”. But Librarians are not only for providing enchanted books. They offer you several valuable items like bookshelves, lanterns, compasses, clocks, name tags, glass doors, etc. The job site block “lectern” is a multipurpose block. It enables so many players to read a book together at the same time.

Mason or Stone Mason

All the Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job site blocks- StoneCutter

Trading- Different types of stone items, terracotta, bricks and quartz.

Details- Mason and Stone Mason are the names of the same profession in Minecraft. If you have a Minecraft Java edition, These villagers will be called “Mason”. But if you have the Minecraft Bedrock edition, these villagers will be named “Stone Mason”. The masons’ trad with different stones and bricks. If you want to get polished stone or dripstone blocks, You can trade with lower-level Masons. But if you’re going to get expensive or rare stones like coloured terracotta, quartz pillars, glazed terracotta or blocks of quartz, You will have to deal with high-level masons. Also, the job site block “Stone Cutter” is used to cut various kinds of stone in different sizes. You will need to use a stonecutter to build your city.


All the Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job site block- Loom

Trading- Decorative items, Carpets, paintings and coloured wool.

Details- the importance of the job of Shepherd is entirely voluntary. The shepherd deals in decorative items. Most people go to the shepherd to buy paintings only. Although, you can purchase other decorative items like carpets and coloured paper wool. But the things the shepherd provides are for aesthetics rather than survival, like butchering and farmers’ jobs. Shepherd’s job site block “Loom” is more attractive as it can be used to create a unique pattern on banners.


All the Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job site block- Smithing Table

Trading- Different Tools like Shovel, hoe and PickAxe

Details- Toolsmith’s job in Minecraft is to provide you with some essential tools for surviving in the Minecraft world. If you trade with a lower-level toolsmith, you can get shovels, hoe and pickAxe like crucial tools. But if you deal with a high-level Toolsmith, You can get enchanted tools. Apart from these tools, Toolsmith provides you with bells. The job site block “Smithing Table” is also used to upgrade diamond and nephrite tools. And so, you can make the most potent tool in Minecraft.


All the Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job Site Block- GrindStone

Trading- Minerals, enchanted weapons and bells

Details- If I say “Weaponsmith”, the “most desired villager” in Minecraft, and this is true. The weaponsmith is the most desirable job in Minecraft. You will find weaponsmith chests better than trading with them because you can find numerous obsidian, weapons, and Iron in their chests. But, if you trade with them, they will provide you with swords, axes and sometimes enchanted ones. The weaponsmith can sometimes give you a bell, also. In addition, You can use their job site block “grindstone” for repairing tools and weapons.


All the Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job site block- You can use any job site block to assign them work.

Trading- They do not trade until they are unemployed, But they can trade when they are assigned a job.

Details- We have already talked about the unemployed villagers. These are the villagers who do not have any jobs. But if you assign an unclaimed job site block to them, They will start doing that job, and You assigned the block. Before, they were NitWits.


All the Minecraft Villager Jobs

Job site block- None

Details- the Nitwits are those villagers who neither have any job; nor can they do. They may be used for the purpose of showing the world full of many people only.

Wandering Traders (Additional)

Details- wandering traders may or may not be villagers as they do not frequently spawn in the villages. But they act and look like villagers. You can even trade with them and get unique items. The wanderer traders do not deal with specific items. You will get many different things from them in the form of packed ice, flowers, expensive crafts etc. But this job is random and can not be assigned to any unemployed villager. The spawning of these traders is also arbitrary. Primarily, they spawn within a 48-block radius around your location.

As we have read all the jobs of Minecraft villagers in detail, Let us check how we can unlock a Minecraft villager trading. Let’s start…

How to unlock a Minecraft villager trade

You will get only ten chances to unlock the Minecraft villager trading. Although playing the bedrock version, you can get more opportunities. Once you cross the limit, you can not continue trading. In that condition, You will have to wait until the villagers unlock it again.

But, you can feel good; villagers can resupply the items. Villagers can restock their items two times a day. And in such conditions, you can trade with them another day. But in many cases, You will get an increment in prices.

So, friends, We have discussed all the things related to Minecraft’s professions. Now, you can learn about the different job details in the article. You can even assign any job to any unemployed villager. If you are new to the Minecraft community and want to get some specific items, you can read the list and trade with their particular villager. With the help of this article, you can also know the uses of the different job blocks.

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