11 Best Micro Mechanic Apps (Android/iphone) 2024

Are you looking for the best mobile apps to help you in your car maintenance and repairs ?

If so, then look no further! In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the best micro mechanic apps available on both Android and iOS devices in 2024

making sure that you have the right tools you need to keep your car running smoothly.

Car Scanner ELM OBD2

 Best Micro Mechanic App

Check your car’s performance, OBD fault codes, sensor data, and more in real-time!

A car scanner connects to your OBD2 engine management / ECU by using an OBD II Wi-Fi or Bluetooth adapter.

  • You get a lot of unique features with Car Scanner:
  • Create your own dashboard with gauges and charts!
  • Get information hidden from you by the car manufacturer by adding custom (extended PIDs)!
  • In addition to showing and resetting DTC fault codes, Car Scanner includes a large database of DTC code descriptions.
  • Car Scanner allows you to read free-frames (sensor state when DTC is saved).
  • You can now get ECUs with Mode 06

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OBD Auto Doctor car scanner

 Best Micro Mechanic App

By using this OBD2 car diagnostic app for ELM 327, you can easily and quickly communicate with your car’s OBDII system.

A must-have OBD2 tool for everyone who wants to know their car better. Use it to monitor vehicle data in real time and track car performance.

Benefits and capabilities:

  • Ensure your car is ready for emissions testing by reading the readiness monitor status
  • For advanced diagnostics, read the On-Board Diagnostic Monitor
  • OBD 2 Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) and Freeze Frames
  • Reset the Check Engine Light and clear the trouble codes
  • Track PIDs in real time by selecting them on the dashboard
  • Conduct service routines (evaporative system leak test, particulate filter regeneration, inducement system reinitialization).

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CarSys Scan (Best OBD2 & ELM32

 Best Micro Mechanic App

With CarSys easy, you can determine the following: Check Engine Light, Clears Codes, I/M Readiness Status, VIN, CALID, CVN, O2 Sensor Test, Mode $06 Test…

If you have a China clone ELM327 v2.1, please do not rate this application.

Tested with OBDLink MX Bluetooth, ELM327 Clone Bluetooth V1.5, and Vgate Bluetooth.

★ These are the key features:

  • DTCs are read in the following order: Store DTCs, Pending DTCs, Permanent DTCs, and Freeze Frame DTCs.
  • DTCs should be cleared:
  • Clear all current DTCs
  • Clear readiness for I/M
  • When MIL is activated, the distance traveled increases
  • The number of warm-ups since the DTCs were cleared
  • Distance traveled since DTCs were cleared
  • During MIL activation, engine run time is increased
  • Time since DTCs have been cleared on the engine.
  • Data in real-time: Read all data in real-time.

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Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)

 Best Micro Mechanic App

Check your car’s performance, sensor data, OBD fault codes, and more in real-time!

The Torque tool and scanner uses an OBD II Bluetooth adapter to connect to your OBD2 engine management system or ECU Design your own dashboard with your favorite widgets / gauges!

Using GPS, it can provide tracker logs and OBD engine logging so that you can see what you were doing at any given moment

You can also see and reset DTCs, CELs, and fault codes with this tool.

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OBD2 Bluetooth Car Scanner

 Best Micro Mechanic App

The OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner & Diagnostic Tool lets you scan & find fault codes for your car engine.

OBD2 bluetooth scanner tool can work with any ELM327 device that is easily available on the market.

With the Device, you can diagnose any error codes.

Features of the app

  • All engines should be scanned for possible problems and faults.
  • You can easily replace or repair damaged units by diagnosing any malfunctioning parts.
  • Engine data for multiple tests, such as ECU testing, oxygen sensor testing, and RPM testing.
  • Use the Clear MIL or Clear Error LOG feature to clear the log.
  • Is it possible to clear the Engine Fault Dashboard message

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Carista OBD2

 Best Micro Mechanic App

With Carista App, you can code features, diagnose warning lights, monitor live data, and service your car.

Using Carista, you can easily and quickly customize the behavior of your car, unlock hidden features, diagnose dashboard warning lights, monitor real-time parameters and perform simple DIY procedures. It is possible to use advanced app settings on certain Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, MINI, Nissan, Scion, SEAT, Škoda, Toyota and Volkswagen models.

install – Android 

BlueDriver OBD2 Scan Tool

 Best Micro Mechanic App

A Premium Diagnostic OBD2 Scan Tool, BlueDriver® is used by professional mechanics, auto enthusiasts, and everyday vehicle owners who would like to know more about how their vehicle is operating and how it can be fixed if the Check Engine Light comes on.

These features include:

  • Print, share, and generate Repair Reports (details below)
  • Check for trouble codes
  • Trouble codes should be cleared
  • Diagnostics (e.g. ABS, airbags, transmissions, etc.)
  • It is available from GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mercedes (2005 models and newer), Mitsubishi (2008 models and newer), Hyundai/Kia (2012 models and newer) (available worldwide).
  • In North America, BMW/Mini, Honda/Acura, Volkswagen/Audi are available.
  • Subaru (available in the United States)

install – Android / iphone

GaragePro Car OBD2 Scanner

 Best Micro Mechanic App

OBD functions for cars and bikes to diagnose all types of faults and errors.

  • -Read and delete DTCs from any module in a car or bike, such as the engine, ABS, SRS, EPS, and BCM.
  • Smog check, VIN check, and service reset
  • Detect & turn off MIL (Check Engine Light), SRS, ABS, EPS & other warning lights on your dashboard
  • -Reading modes 01, 02, 03, 04, 07, 09, 0A, and others
  • Code descriptions and fixes verified with a code library that you can browse when needed
  • -Read the Freeze Frame data and the odometer
  • -Read running data in live graphs, including speed, battery voltage, RPM, manifold pressure, throttle position, and more. Export this data to excel to analyze & log your trips.

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 Best Micro Mechanic App

Car and truck owners, DIYers, and even entry-level techs can stay on top of their vehicle care and repair needs with the latest RepairSolutions2 app. Compatible with all current OBD2 scanners and dongles, the app provides complete diagnosis to fix options from ASE Master Technicians. Additionally, those without a scanner can still access Vehicle Care data as well as make repairs without one via an in-app option for scheduling.

Anybody can learn about vehicle care (regardless of whether they own a tool).

Using the RepairSolutions2 comprehensive repair database, users can view warranty status, scheduled maintenance, technical service bulletins, recalls, 5-year cost to own, layman’s definitions of diagnostic trouble codes, and number of fixes available.

install – Android / iphone

 Best Micro Mechanic App

With this app, you can read diagnostic trouble codes, clear the “Check Engine” light, check emissions readiness, estimate fuel economy, and much more!

Features include:

  • Diagnostic trouble codes should be checked and cleared
  • Data from freeze frames should be read
  • Real-time data display (over 90 parameters!)
  • Dashboards that can be customized
  • State-by-state emissions readiness
  • Calculation of fuel economy in MPG, l/100km, or km/l
  • Trip meters with multiple trips

Log data in CSV format (compatible with Excel)

install – Android / iphone

FIXD – Vehicle Health Monitor

 Best Micro Mechanic App

By translating check engine lights and tracking scheduled service, FIXD helps you better understand your vehicle. What does the check engine light mean when it comes on? Let FIXD translate your check engine light into simple and understandable terms instead of confusing technical terms and ambiguous lights.

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