Are You lost your personal thing like ring,key,chain,coin,gold e.t.c ?
And need a metal detector to find these things but you don’t want to buy a metal detector but you want a alternative diy(jugaad).
which can gives you facility of finding mental things near you.
Hear is best metal detector apps android/ios which helps you to find your precious metal materials in seconds.
And you can also search hidden  treasure in your house (jusk kidding).
so guy’s are you ready to be billionaire.
let’s find that treasure which hidden near you.
Let’s detect and find that treasure.
Let’s start discovering
here is the
best top 10 best metal detector apps android/iphone 2021 collection.
Let’s start
metal detector apps android 2018


1.Metal detector Android  Iphone

metal detector app android 2018
So guy’s are you ready to turn your smartphone into a metal detecting machine.
One of the best metal detecting app available on the google play store with more than 1 millions downloads.
Convert your smartphone into a metal detecting machine now.
Complete 30 to 60 um metal detecting mechine by magnetic sensor of your smartphone.
Let’s start searching hidden trrasure on your home or near by places now.
Let’s set detect now.

2.Metal detector alexander Android  / Iphone

metal detector apps
using iphone device here is a best metal detect app ios.
let’s download from apple app store and turn your iphone into a metal detector machine.
Trendy metal detector ui interface feel real metal detector machine on your smartphine.
Completly awesome app for iphone users.
So guy’s let’s visit the store and start discovering hidden gold in your home now.
One of the best metal detecting app for ios devices.
Let’s detect now.

3. Ismart detect  Android / Iphone

metal detector app ios
this app available on both app store google play and apple app store.
Download free now and start using it now.
Best metal detector app for both android/ios user’s.
Classy user interface feel the real metal detector machine in your hands.
Best metal detecting app good detecting macheniam.
Use your smartphone hidden powers now.
Let’s start discovering now.

4.Metal detector pro Android

Its a paid app app but totally worth buying because if you find a billion doller’s treasure by it than you thank me later.
worth purchasing.
Jokes apart!!!
Awesome app for android user’s.
LED notification lights amd much more intetesting features for metal detecting.
More than 50 thounsads of people purchased this.
It’s means it’s working awesome for them.
So guy’s let’s purchase and download now and start searching for metals now.

5.Metal detector Android

metal detector apps android 2018
Another great blockbuster metal detecting app android 2021 for your smartphone.
Detect metels in second with it.
Fast and easy to use.
Classic watch type ui interface shows you signals when metals is near you.
Best metal app android 2021 developed by rayyan app developers.
Hat’s off to you guy’s you done such a awesome job.
So guy’s let’s go download and detect now.

6.Metal detector (rztech) Android

metal detector apps ios 2018
Its also a great app for finding metals near you.
Gives you best metal detecting experience from your smartphone.
when ever any metal detected you get vibration and direct signal range signals on screen.
One of the best metal detector app android 2021 for your smartphone.
Let’s go download and enjoy now.

7.Metal detector horizon Android

metal detect app 2018
Its specially desiged for finding steel and iron materials.
If you lost these types of materials near you and want to find something like this.
Than this app is miracle for you.
Let’s go download free from google play store and enjoy detecting steel and iron now.
One of the best metal detecting app android 2021 collection.

8.Gold and metal detector hd Android

metal detector apps android 2018
Want to detect gold near you than this app for you.
awesome digital ui interface awesome metal detecting experience with it.
Next gen ui feel the real metal machine on your hands.
Let’s go and download free for your android smartphone and start detectimg metals near you now.
Fast and easy way to find metals things near you.
Awesome app for finding gold and metals.
Let’s set find now.

9.Metal detector netizen utilities  Android

metal detect app iphone
 another great metal detecting apps list 2021.
Last and blockbuster app for you.
Next gen user interface gives you premium look on your snartphone.
Feel the machine on your beautifull hands and start detecting now.
Simple and effiecient way to find metals near you in seconds.
Let’s set go. detector  Android

gold detect apps 2018
last app on this app for detecting metals near meatals near you in second.
download free on your google play store and find awesome metals near you.
awesome ui interface for you.
lets start finding gold/iron/steel near you now.
lets download and search now.

11. Coinoscope – Android / iPhone


 Metal Detector Apps Android / Iphone 2020


As the name suggests, this application is one of the cheapest ways to detect coins around your place. Coinoscope comes to the rescue for those who are unable to identify the new and old coins. Although, it has some inbuilt purchases yet it is promoted as an excellent visual search engine for coins. All you need to do is to upload the picture of the coin to the Coinoscope and then browse the additional information about the coins on your phone. This application is best for coin collectors as it also utilizes artificial intelligence to rate the coins.

12. Wire Metal Detector – Android


 Metal Detector Apps Android / Iphone 2020


Wire Metal Detector performs a significant role, especially in those countries where it is illegal to cut or dig around the area of underground wiring or power lines. It also helps you track any wire within the distance of 5 inches and allows you to find any metallic items by using the magnetic sensor of your smartphone. This application is mostly used by the industrial workers, architectures, and engineers to track the amount of metal content within those power lines.

13. Tect O Trak – Android / iPhone


 Metal Detector Apps Android / Iphone 2020

It is a premium modern-day application that helps in maintaining secure records of the metal detection chronicles. Moreover, it acts as a useful device for saving the detailed metal search sessions by recording information from the exact spot for future reference. This app provides you with the leverage to maintain a complete gallery in your smartphone of all the pictures captures. Also, it has a single click backup button to recover all the data stored in the application. The only disadvantage of this application is that you need to buy it first in order to enjoy its incredible features and it might have some inbuilt advertisements as well.

14. Metal Detector (dexaTi) – Android


 Metal Detector Apps Android / Iphone 2020

This application, created by Dexati, utilizes a magnetic sensor to determine the location of any magnetic items and convert your smartphone into a real-time detecting machine. This application can track different kinds of metals ranging within the magnetic field of 30 to 60 µT. Just make sure that, while you are tracking the magnetic items, your smartphone should be away from any electronic device like computers, laptops, etc., to avoid interference in the readings.

15. Best Metal Detector with Sound – Android 

 Metal Detector Apps Android / Iphone 2020


Best Metal Detector with Sound which is created by Soft Technologiz, is an excellent free of cost Android application that functions using a magnetometer by utilizing the fluctuations, interferences and differences in the magnetic field. This app has a wide range of spectacular features and tools that can help you to track the metal easily without any hassle. Not only this, but it is also appreciated and recommended by most of the users because of its marvellous metal detecting functioning. Moreover, it has quite impressive reviews and ratings on the Google Play Store as well.

So guy’s these are the top 10 best metal detector apps iphone/android 2021 for you.
i hope you love these metal detector apps 2021.
If you find huge treasure than don’t forget to share with me because i suggest you a good metal detector app for your smartphone.
so guy’s let’s pick your ios or android phone install these apps and start discovering metal things near you.
These apps gives you best metal detecting experience.
And last and least you only find small metel things with this.
or you are lucky enough to find a great treasure by your smartphone.
Best of luck to you in journey of hidden treasure.
And don’t forget to give me little piece and end of this post.
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