1100+ Funny Thank You Messages for Birthdays 2024

  • “Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the birthday wishes! Especially to the ones who reminded me I’m still alive (and how old I am…thanks a bunch).
  • “Thanks for the birthday love! I’m feeling so grateful…and slightly terrified about this whole ‘getting older’ thing.”
  • “Wow, you guys showered me with birthday wishes! Must be feeling guilty about all those times you forgot, huh? Just kidding (mostly). Thanks!”
  • “Big thanks for the birthday cheer! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go buy some anti-aging cream (and maybe a rocking chair).”
  • **”Feeling super appreciated for the birthday love! Although, next year, maybe we focus on celebrating my youthful spirit, not my actual age.” **

 Funny Thank You Messages for Birthdays

1. Funny Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

“Thank you for the birthday wishes. I am adding another year to my age, not to my maturity.”
“Thanks for remembering my birthday. Your reminder has helped me use my forgetfulness to my advantage.”
“I appreciate your birthday wishes. This is the year I incorporate ‘exercise’ into my daily routine 3 times. Holding the TV remote, lifting slices of pizza, and boosting my spirits.”
“Your birthday wishes were the best gift. It reminded me that Facebook does a fantastic job of nudging forgetful friends.”
“Your birthday wishes reminded me that some words are still more powerful than an emoji. Thank you!”
“I am grateful for your kind birthday wishes. It’s not easy getting older, but at least it’s not happening to you quite yet.”
“Your birthday wish was fantastic. However, I am still looking for that funny cat video you promised.”
“Thanks for the birthday wish. It was almost as cool as receiving cash.”
“Your wishes are as unique and weird as our friendship. Thank you!”
“Thanks for the birthday wishes. FYI, no returns or exchanges accepted!”

2. Funny Thank You Messages for Birthday Gifts

“Thank you for the intriguing birthday gift. My dog loves the box.”
“Your gift was the highlight of my birthday – it’s now occupying the top of my regifting pile.”
“Thank you for your thoughtful gift. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, not the price tag.”
“Your gift is being held hostage by my love and it’ll be freed the day you stop sending me such lovely gifts.”
“Thanks for your birthday gift. Coincidentally, it’s identical to what I had planned to buy with your money!”
“I can’t use your gift as my cat stole it. But please consider that mischief as my way of saying thank you.”
“Thanks for your birthday gift. I will be living in it for the foreseeable future.”
“Thanks for the bizarre gift. I genuinely had no idea that a [gift name] even existed!”
“I’d like to thank you for the gift. I would also like to thank you for the ‘workout’ I got while unwrapping it.”
“Your gift got a special place in my room – inside the closet. Don’t take it negatively, it means ‘I can’t stop looking at it’.”

3. Funny Thank You Messages for Birthday Parties

“Thanks for making my birthday unforgettable. Not that I had a choice since the cake is still ever-present on my carpet.”
“Thanks for the inspiring birthday speech. As for the party, ask my neighbors – they enjoyed it too.”
“A big thank you for the tango we did, even if my toes remind me it felt more like an American football match.”
“Thank you for helping me celebrate a birthday I almost forgot due to my name not being Google or Facebook.”
“It was a wild party, alright! Thanks for coming and for the minor concussion from the piñata.”
“You certainly added color to my birthday party – especially when you spilled that red wine on my white carpet.”
“Thank you for the piece of cake. It lasted longer than my actual birthday.”
“Thank you for attending my zoom birthday party and successfully increasing the ‘cameras off’ ratio.”
“Thanks for the invite to my own party. I had no idea those even existed!”
“Your presence at my birthday was the most special gift – or so I’m constantly reminded by the holes in my wall.”

4. Funny Thank You Messages for Surprises

“Thank you for the surprise! It was so unexpected, even my allergies didn’t see it coming.”
“Thank you for the surprise. I almost jumped out of my skin – literally.”
“Your surprise froze my brain to the point where all it could think of was saying thank you.”
“I realized I need to work on my poker face after your surprise. Thank you!”
“No, I did not scream in fear. Thank you for the lifetime supply of adrenalin.”
“How did you manage to make me jump like a startled cat? Well executed, and thank you!”
“Thank you for the surprise. My heart is still doing the samba in my chest.”
“Thank you for reminding me that surprises can also come without creepy clowns.”
“Thanks for the most fabulous surprise, and for reminding me that I should lock my doors.”
“I’m still finding confetti in my hair, but thank you for the surprise.”

5. Funny Thank You Messages for Birthday Treats

“Cheesecake delights and chocolate dreams, thanks for sending me to the gym starting next week.”
“Life’s too short to say no to birthday treats. Thank you for making me realize this.”
“Thank you for the birthday treat. I’m ecstatic that my diet can take a plunge.”
“Your birthday treat was so good, my taste buds are planning to move in.”
“Thank you for the food coma, alongside your birthday treat.”
“The moment I saw your treat, I knew my diet is going down. Thank you.”
“Your birthday treat is the reason why my clothes are gently hugging me now. Thanks!”
“Just wanted to take time out of my busy schedule of gorging on your birthday treats to say thank you!”
“Your birthday treat was so sweet; even my dentist would like to thank you.”
“Thank you for the birthday treat. My stomach still thinks it’s in heaven.”

6. Funny Thank You Messages for Friends

“Thanks for the birthday wish, friend. I’ll enjoy it when you start confusing ‘our’ age.”
“Loved your heartfelt wish and your lack of baking talents.”
“Thanks for reminding me that I am a year closer to joining the senior citizen’s club. It means a lot.”
“Thank you for posting a baby photo of me on the internet. It was a helluva way to celebrate my birthday.”
“My mirror thanks you for your birthday wishes. Now it’s working overtime.”
“Thanks for highlighting my birthday with your presence and for momentarily stealing my spotlight.”
“Thank you for all the birthday wishes. We’ll talk about lowering my age tomorrow over lunch.”
“Thanks for the birthday wishes and for reminding me that dinosaurs missed out on cake.”
“Your birthday wish made me feel less old but more antique. Thanks, pal.”
“The laughter was the best gift. Thanks for the birthday wish, and wait until yours is up next.”

7. Funny Thank You Messages for Family

“Thanks for the charming birthday wish. Now everyone on the internet knows I am a year older.”
“Thank you for generously spamming my Facebook on my birthday. I am truly loved.”
“Thank you for your golden-hearted wishes on my birthday and your zero effort in a gift.”
“Your delightful birthday wish was way too ‘Sisterly.’ Thank you!”
“Thanks for your wishes. They were like a profound late-night movie I didn’t understand.”
“Thank you for the birthday wishes. Glad to see someone finally make effective use of their auto-fill.”
“Thanks for making my birthday special, even though I know you forgot.”
“Your birthday wish was perfect but only until it reminded me of my age.”
“My true age is now ‘trending’ on Facebook, thanks to your birthday wishes.”
“Thank you for birthday wishes and for not mentioning the unpleasant songs you had to endure.”

8. Funny Thank You Messages for Colleagues

“I value your birthday wishes as much as our coffee breaks. Thanks.”
“Thanks for the wishes and the perfectly timed email reminder even Google couldn’t beat.”
“Your wishes were the perfect excuse to take a longer lunch break, and for that, I am thankful.”
“Our conference room has never had such a party vibe before. Thank you.”
“Your wishes livened up our monotone workday more than the seventh coffee of the day.”
“Thank you for wishing me on my birthday and reminding me that the deadline is still ahead.”
“Workplace-birthday-wishes are like whispers in a corporate jungle. Thank you.”
“Thanks for your wishes and casually reminding me of my age at our extremely formal corporate office.”
“Thanks for remembering my birthday alongside the company’s quarterly review.”
“Your wishes made the shortest day of work even short, thank you.”

9. Funny Thank You Messages for Cards

“Your card brings so much joy, and by joy, I mean endless laughter.”
“Thank you for the card. I almost mistook it for a bill.”
“I loved the part in your card that reminded me of my age. So touching.”
“Thank you for the folds of wisdom, also known as your Birthday Card.”
“Your card was so funny that even my fridge magnet laughed.”
“Thank you for the card. I love it even more than last year’s card, which looks identical by the way.”
“Your card won the mantlepiece display slot, partly because it was the only one.”
“I can’t wait to use your ‘very’ funny card to stuff my shoes.”
“Thank you for the card, it has got everything – humour, warmth and my age.”
“Your card reminded me of you – funny, charming and very economical.”

10. Funny Thank You Messages for Being Remembered

“Thank you for remembering my birthday. Now I feel obligated to remember yours.”
“I’m starting to think you’re a bot because humans don’t remember dates.”
“Thanks for the birthday wishes. Your attention to my birthday is inversely proportional to my age.”
“You remembered! I’m surprised you didn’t mix up the month again.”
“Well, aren’t we the Mozart of remembering birthdays? Thanks!”
“I appreciate you remembering my birthday more than my age. Cheers, pal.”
“Thank you for remembering my birthday. Now, please remind me where I kept my keys.”
“Despite my efforts to be forgotten, you remembered. Thanks!”
“Your memory never fails to impress me. Thanks for remembering!”
“You remember my birthday better than Facebook. Kudos!”