First of all, the media rack is the perfect room for storing a variety of your requirements and would also save you a tremendous space. Then, the other aspect is that it would keep your servers secure in the cabinet by providing the external layer of protection.

Many of the electronic products or servers get damaged due to dust, pests, climate, accidentally, and much more but in this case, media rack is the ideal choice for you. In this article, we have pinned the top 15 media rack that would surely fulfill requirements. So, let’s familiar with the details given below without wasting much time.

1.Atlantic Media Rack

 Best Media Rack 2020

The translucent diamond side pattern makes the product eye-catching and decorative approach to media storage. Expandable with other units sold separately. The vertical design maximizes storage space. The product is lightweight yet durable construction. Talking about the dimensions, the small footprint measures around 12.25″ W x 10″D x 15″L.

The Atlantic media rack is great for multimedia STORAGE. It can store up to 130 CDs or 90 DVDs Blue Ray discs, video games, and even VHS tapes. This media Rack was vertically designed to fit in tight small spaces while providing MAXIMUM storage for your multimedia collection.

2.Atlantic Adjustable Wire Media Rack

 Best Media Rack 2020

The product is a multimedia storage piece designed to vertically organize any media collection while providing maximum space-saving capabilities. The product may be used as a standalone with a base or wall mount. It provides easy viewing of all media.

It has 8 adjustable shelves. The construction of this rack is of steel. The CD capacity is 153 and the DVD capacity is 72. The Blu-ray capacity is 94. And the gaming capacity is 72 Wii 94 PS3.

3.Atlantic Element Media Storage Rack

 Best Media Rack 2020

You’ve found the “just-right” media storage solution for tight corners or anywhere you need to contain CD’s, DVDs, Blu-rays, or games without clutter. Handsome and sturdy, the Element features innovative sliding dividers, eliminating the need for bookends to keep everything upright and look in fine.

Contemporary wood and metal design. Features five wood shelves with wood dividers. Wide feet for greater stability. Capacity: 230 CD or 150 DVD and 185-Blu-ray-games. Manufacture wood-look finish in maple.

4. Atlantic Max steel 8 Tier Shelving

Best Media Rack 2020

Contemporary style and structure for the entirety of your high limit sight and sound needs. Completely flexible racks permit you to redo every rack to your own needs. Dividers give association and permit to adapting every rack. The sturdy steel wire construction insure many years of use to store and organize your CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and games.

You can pack it with up to 432 CDs or 228 DVDs or 114 VHS tapes, or a mix of the three. You can change the racking tallness to suit your media, and the rack is developed of overwhelming measure steel for long life and endless adjustments of your preferred music and motion pictures.

5. Modern Wall-Mount Cd DVD Media Rack Storage Metal Shelf    


 Best Media Rack 2020

Buyer receives 1 Cd DVD storage rack which can hold up to 36 DVDs at once. You can wall mount either vertically or horizontally. The product features great space saver solution to organize your DVD and CD collection that will fit any office or home settings. Restricted space won’t limit your stylistic theme and capacity choices with this Modern Metal Wall Mounted CD, DVD Storage rack. Manage your large collection of CDs or DVDs with style and convenience by easily mounting this shelf on your wall.

6. Tripp Lite 6U Wall Mount Rack    

    Best Media Rack 2020

Tripp Lite’s SRW6U rack is the perfect stockpiling answer for standard rack-mount hardware in any condition where floor space is restricted. With its strong wall mount section and uncompromising steel outline, it bolsters a most extreme weight limit of 200-pounds and gives 6U of rack space.

The SRW6U is stuffed with premium highlights intended to improve rack gear establishments: top and base link directing ports, punctured entryway and side boards to advance effective wind current, flexible vertical mounting rails, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

7. Ave point 6U Wall Mount Open Frame

Best Media Rack 2020

Since 2008, Nave Point has been fabricating excellent, high-esteem organizing items, and frill for business as well as close to home use. Regardless of whether you are hoping to wire up a huge scope server farm, a private office/retail space, or essentially work out a system in your home, Nave Point has the answer for you.

Nave Point performs rigorous quality testing before bringing products to market and we stand behind each one of our offerings with pride.

8. 8. Star Tech

 Best Media Rack 2020

The 6U divider mounting section conveys a reliable hardware stockpiling choice, permitting you to divider mount gear for a progressively effective and available working condition. Trust on this mounting section to keep your system hardware free from any danger. This bracket is perfect in areas where space is at a premium.

This 6U 14-inch divider mounting section has an open casing, 2 post plans with a greatest mounting profundity of 34.6 centimeters, and a most extreme weight limit of 20 kilograms.

9. StarTech 1U Vented Server Rack Mount Shelf

 Best Media Rack 2020

The 1U vented server rack mount shelf is 10in deep and lets you add a compact, 1Ushelf to almost any standard 19in EIA-310 compliant server rack or cabinet with front mount options. Its versatile design ensures it works great for all your computer, AV, network, studio, and data equipment needs; perfect for IT and business professionals alike.

The 6U divider mounting section conveys a reliable hardware stockpiling choice, permitting you to divider mount gear for a progressively effective and available working condition. Trust on this mounting section to keep your system hardware free from any danger.

10. StarTech 12U AV Rack Cabinet

 Best Media Rack 2020

With customizable mounting rails, this 12U floor standing system cupboard permits you to effectively change the rail profundity to up to 29.1″ (740mm), guaranteeing wide similarity with standard rack-mountable PC parts. This 19″ PC rack bureau is good with normalized rack-mountable hardware, for example, servers and KVM switches, and has a customizable mounting profundity of up to 29.

11. ECHOGEAR 20U Open Frame Rack 

 Best Media Rack 2020

This rack is prepared to hang. Divider mounted or remaining steadfast on included leveling feet, this current rack’s flexible structure is prepared to take on your arrangement… whatever that might be. Open design and included vented shelves optimize airflow, keeping even today’s hottest, high-end networking, and AV components cool.

Assembly is required, but it’s simple. With all the included equipment and clever directions, you’ll have your rack prepared for servers and systems administration gear in less than 20 minutes. The Rack weight limit is 600lbs on the floor and 200lbs wall mounted.

12. Tripp Lite 12U Wall Mount Rack

 Best Media Rack 2020

The 12th product on the list features front and back sets of rails which can modify in one-inch increment. Alteration is brisk and advantageous just unscrew the rails, slide them to the ideal profundity, and reestablish the screws. Square mounting gaps and included equipment underpins any standard 19-inch rack gear.

Rack spaces are numbered for simple reference. The product also features customizable mounting depths from 3 to 20.5 inches. The SRW12US likewise incorporates two lockable, removable side boards for simplicity of establishment and administration get to. The side boards of the product are perforated to permit liberal wind stream.

  • The maximum load capacity of the product is 200 pounds
  • Mounts to wall or rolls on the floor
  • 5 year limited warranty & PCI compliant

13. AEONS 9U Professional Wall Mount Network Server Cabinet

 Best Media Rack 2020

The product accommodates a sturdy and rugged welded frame structure. Removable side panels, helps in convenient installation, and maintenance. Wall mounting or stand floor installation are available as option. The product features full steel construction with lockable, reinforced, vented door to keep devices safe.

14. StarTech 6U Wall Mount Network Equipment Rack 

 Best Media Rack 2020

The 6U 13.75 inches wall mounting section for fix boards conveys a solid and reliable gear stockpiling choice, permitting you to wall mount information/IT hardware for a progressively effective and available working condition.

It’s the perfect solution for areas where space is at a premium like SoHo (small office, home office) environment or space-limited server room because it doesn’t take up any floor space.

The mounting section includes an all-steel structure and is reasonable for mounting patch boards, or other thin 19in gear to a wall, and to sort out cabling or hardware in your system storage room, wiring wardrobe, back office or IDF.

15. TRIPP LITE 8U/12U/22U Expandable Wall-Mount 2-Post Open Frame Rack

 Best Media Rack 2020


The fifteenth item on the rundown highlights tough divider mount sections and an uncompromising steel outline that permits the nook to be divider mounted—a perfect rack mount answer for any scene where floor space is restricted.

This product is an ideal solution for secure IT environments and other applications not requiring a lockable enclosure. It moderates important floor space, encourages IT chiefs to all the more likely sort out their gear cluster, and disentangles access for hardware establishment and adjusting.

Hence, the above was everything about the top 15 media rack that would surely help you out to build the perfect room for storing various electronic products.