15 Best Meal Planning Apps (Android/iPhone) 2023

We live in a fast-growing world. Being left behind is something that nobody would ever want. Food is an essential requirement for every human being. Physicians have been saying that healthy food helps you lead a better life as you are less prone to diseases. But, on a sad note, how many people have time to plan out their meals for the day before going to work or continuing with life? The answer is a handful of them. When you don’t have time to do it, let technology do it for you.
Many meal planning apps have started budding like mushrooms as the modern man fails to take care of his meal. There are different types of apps for different functions. Some of them keep people fit; some help people gain weight, some desire workout gains, and some want to lose weight. Food requirements aren’t the same for everyone. Body types also vary on the condition of the utilization of food.

Best Meal Planning Apps Android/iPhone 2022

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plan meals

Best Meal Planning Apps Android/iPhone 2022

This a high-density meal planning app available on Android. It helps plan a menu for your entire family and helps you plan it out by customizing your body requirements. The menu is a group of recipes to be followed by you throughout the month to ensure guaranteed results in 3 months of perfect continuation.

30 whole days

 Best Meal Planning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

It is a 30 days challenge app that costs $2.99 on android and iPhone devices. It starts a countdown of 30 days and keeps track of your meal, exercise, and every little detail. It makes your grocery list and is a 30 days plan for significant changes. This app has proven to be effective to be everyone who has used it correctly.

GO- Meal and fitness tracker

 Best Meal Planning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

This app is one of the most fantastic UI, possessing meal planning apps available for Android and iPhone. It costs $1.99 and is worth checking out. It plans your meals, tracks your body goals, and plans a workout schedule for you to follow to achieve it. You can also sink it with your cloud.

Eat this much

 Best Meal Planning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

This app-cum-website helps you maintain yourself with very amazing features. It generates effective meal plans that help you meet your calorie requirement. It chooses your type of diet by taking your physical needs into consideration, and that’s what makes it effective.



This is a US-based app available on Android and iPhone which delivers quality to your house. They see your requirements, plan a meal strategy and then deliver recipes for main and side courses, desserts and snacks and recipes which can be stored.


Big Oven

 Best Meal Planning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

Though this app-cum-website is completely free, it has a pro membership which costs $1.99 per month if you subscribe for the monthly plan and $19.99 per year if you subscribe for the yearly plan. The app has a gigantic recipe list comprising of 350,000 recipes. It also allows you to upload your recipe and gives you credit and pays you loyalty for it. It also has great leftover management cooking ideas which really let you use all the resources in hand effectively. The app can be downloaded for an android or an iPhone with ease. 

Plan to Eat

 Best Meal Planning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

This is an effective meal planning app available on Android and iPhone. It has a free 30 days trial period, and then there are two payment options: monthly payment of $4.95 or yearly payment of $39. This app is a boon to meal planners who are pretty health-conscious. It has an intuitive UI with a drag and drops feature for recipes to fill up your meal planning schedules for a week. There is a staples list feature which is like a grocery shopping list. When you miss out on some component of a recipe, it analyzes the list and adds it to not miss it out while shopping.

Meal Planner Pro

 Best Meal Planning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

This free website not only helps you to save your money but also time and helps you to stay fit by eating healthy. Though it doesn’t have any proper app, it can be accessed by any web browser on an android or iPhone device. It plans your meals separately for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, helping you to stay healthy. It has a unique feature called the ProScore System, which highlights the nutrient value of an item and categorizes it into good or bad. There is specialty meal planning provided to people with:

  • Any type of diabetes.
  • Weight management issues.
  • Anaemia of any kind.
  • Lactose intolerance.
  • High cholesterol.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Gluten intolerance.
  • Digestive system problems.

Pepper Plate

 Best Meal Planning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

This is a very great free app available on Android, iPhone and Windows phone which helps you plan your meals and keep a track on them. It helps you to manage your recipe by writing your own recipe or getting it from any website. They can also be edited if you want a variation. It helps you to plan your meals and schedules. You can also share them on various platforms and with your friends. You can cook properly by looking at the recipe as the phone screen doesn’t turn off. It manages your grocery shopping list and helps you adhere to the stuff you want to buy.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

 Best Meal Planning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

It is an absolutely free recipe website which is also available as an app and on other android and iPhone apps as well. I can be found on Kindle and Windows as well. This website has a collection of more than 50000 recipes. Master Chefs around the world update the website with recipes. You can follow your diet style or the chef of your choice. Your feed gets updated automatically with the content you like. It also allows you to rate dishes and search for keywords like keto, low carbs etc. if you have restriction on consumption of certain things.


 Best Meal Planning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

It is another free meal planning website which also has apps for Android and iPhone. It works for hand in hand with the Instacart, a grocery delivery app. The website has the largest and the most extensive catalogue in the meal planning industry. The recipes are free of cost. The delivery of the grocery is free. The only thing that costs you is buying the grocery. You can choose your meal plan with your own personal choice and preference. It also has a meal-plan calendar which specifies and helps you control your diet.


 Best Meal Planning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

This is one of the few free meal planning apps that you should look forward to. It is available on Android, iPhone and is also accessible by web browsers. It helps you personalize your meal by analyzing your favourite recipes patterns.

It has different categories to offer, which help the body achieve different targets. The categories are:

  • Classic- No restrictions on any food component whatsoever.
  • Flexitarian- Eats everything but prefers meat.
  • Pescetarian- Eat vegetarian food along with seafood.
  • Vegetarian- Purely vegetarian
  • Plant-based meal or Vegan-Vegetarian without animal products like milk, cheese etc
  • Gluten-free food
  • Low carb- Cutting carbohydrates which help reduce weight
  • Paleo diet
  • Keto diet- Extremely low carbohydrate intake.

$5 Meal Plan


This website-cum-app for Android, iPhone and other operating systems is unique with its approach towards meal planning. Recipes are provided free here but, the service for planning meals costs $5 per month. It is very cheap and suggests effective $2 MEALS PER person. They offer two types of meal plans, gluten-free and classic depending on your own requirements. 

It offers four special plans which last for 6-weeks. They are:

  • 30-minute meals
  • Paleo meals
  • Slow-cooked meals
  • Vegetarian meals

Cozi Recipe Box and Dinner Planner

 Best Meal Planning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

This app is available on Android and iPhone. It also operates from an official website. Through this app, you can directly search for recipes of food items you like and connect them to your profile. The app is well designed technologically as well. Your phone screen remains lit during cooking because of the cooking mode feature to ensure no interruptions. The other feature is unique. The website or app analyses the recipe and finds out the required ingredients. That automatically gets added to your monthly shopping list. It also lets you use it on as many devices as you want so that it is very convenient for you to access the service whenever needed. The best part about it is that it is free.


 Best Meal Planning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

It is a meal planning subscription where no actual food is delivered to you. Grocery gets delivered to you by Amazon Fresh or any local vendor while you get the recipes as well. The spheres where eMeal lays its primary focus are:

  • Clean eating habit development.
  • Healthy food can be prepared quickly.
  • Paleo diet.
  • The minimum amount of money spent on a meal
  • Cooking meals slowly
  • Focus on a vegan diet.
  • Gluten-free food for a healthier lifestyle
  • Making diabetics eat healthy yet tasty.

This is available as an app on Android and iPhone as well as it has a dedicated website. The fee is charged after a 14 days free trial. If you change your mind, that’s fine.
There are clear reasons why using meal planning apps is necessary for ensuring good health and why they should be deployed. It gives you an upper hand in food preparation, sleek and straightforward. You do not have to waste time on lavish restaurants, ordering out, or to prepare time-consuming and tiring delicacies. You can also save a lot of money. It is high time you start thinking about yourself.