81 Trendy Maternity photo Captions for couples That You’ll Fall In Love With

Are you a expecting couple looking for the perfect captions for your maternity photos? Look no further! We have compiled a list of 81 trendy and adorable maternity photo captions that will melt your heart. Whether you want something funny, sentimental, or sweet, we’ve got you covered.

Capturing the beauty of pregnancy is a special moment that deserves the perfect caption. Our curated list includes captions that celebrate the joy of parenthood, showcase the incredible bond between couples, and highlight the anticipation of meeting their little one. From heartfelt expressions to playful puns, these captions will add a touch of magic to your maternity photos.

Whether you’re announcing your pregnancy on social media, creating a beautiful album for your little one, or just want to cherish the memories forever, these captions will perfectly complement your maternity photos. They will capture the emotions, the excitement, and the love that radiates between you and your partner.

So, get ready to fall in love with these trendy maternity photo captions. From cute and clever to heartfelt and sincere, they will make your photos even more memorable. Take a look and find the perfect words to express the beauty and joy of this special time in your lives.

Cute Maternity Photo Captions for Instagram That You’ll Fall In Love With 2024

81 Trendy Maternity photo Captions for couples That You’ll Fall In Love With

Pregnancy is the only time when we are sure of what our future holds… a little angel to behold.

Every mother gives birth to an angel.

Dear baby, your mom and I … are holding you together.



My big belly may not seem attractive, but it’s productive.

I am obsessed with flaunting my pregnancy. I think our baby is going to walk the ramp someday.

The future is being shaped in my tummy.

Hugging your mom with you in her tummy is like hugging a teddy bear.

Just You, Me and Papa – Creating Happy Memories.

O’boy, you’ve painted our world rainbow!

Pink or Blue, we aren’t sure who’s coming next…

Introducing our new found love!

Holding dearly to our miraculous future.

Yes, I’m a big bellied woman because my tummy is inhabited by a tiny human.

Appreciate female bodies for all the pain they go through to bring another life into this world.

Every woman is like a phoenix. She is born again, every time she becomes a mother.

We are a little scared, but we are ready for you.

Your kicks remind me that prayers get answered.

There are a million ways to become pregnant but only one way to be a parent

The day I conceived you was the day I started celebrating myself again.

You are the bond between your mom and me that makes us inseparable.

When mommy is awake, the baby sleeps. When mommy sleeps the baby kicks. Being pregnant is both fun and exhausting.

Candlelight dinner, red wine and romantic songs… It was easy creating our baby bundle of joy.

A baby is sometimes the result of a night of passion that becomes a lifetime of love.

We are prepping up to unwrap God’s choicest blessing.

O’baby! You are the proof of our love turned into reality.

Best Maternity Photoshoot Quotes For Couples

We made you with love. But you make up our whole world.

I carried you for nine months in my belly, keeping you warm and safe. It’s any day now that you’ll be in my arms and I promise to cuddle you, love you and teach you courage.

You gave me power. You gave me hope. My little darling, all this while staying in my tummy, you have kept me healthy, active, and on my toes.

There was always something magical about you. You listened patiently to my complaints and never judged. You spoke to me with your sudden kicks

My baby, you are our silent prayers answered loudly.

My heart said dreams do come true. And when it does, it must look like you.

The most beautiful part of pregnancy is not knowing whether to paint your kids room walls pink or blue.

It is any day now that we will be able to see the tiny miracle that grew in my belly. My love, we are awaiting your arrival calmly.

A mother is born as many times as she gives birth to a baby. And every pregnancy is different from the previous one. So enjoy your first, second/third-time mother-to-be phase because every child matters.

With you, in my tummy, I’ve learned valuable lessons. I’ve learned that my body may stay out of shape for longer than I expect, but I will always have your love to accept me just the way I look. I’ve learned not to force things to happen. What is mine will eventually come to me?

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt in pregnancy is to embrace every change along the way.

A mother’s womb is the safest place for the baby. It keeps her warm and protected from the darkness of the world.

Beautiful humans deserve a beautiful life.

Sharing my 9 shades of pregnancy… (post a pic of each month of pregnancy)

With our baby on the way, we added more to our life.

Babies are made of dreams, love and miracles.

Pregnancy has changed me as a person. It has made me fierce and calm, both at the same time.

The day we decided to have you was the happiest day of our life.

Those two pink lines gave us hope and a world full of new possibilities.

If it wasn’t for you, we would still be lost.

When a woman decides to bring a child into this world, she is consciously continuing the chapter of existence. To all the mothers and the mothers-to-be, we bow to your strength and courage.

She tries to hide her pain deeper. But fails to hide it from the tiny being growing inside her belly. Keep her happy, because when the baby comes out s(he) will be as happy or sad as the mommy.

Once upon a time, we sowed a seed. It grew to be a little worm and one day turned into a tiny human being. We are eager to hold her/him in our arms to see what looking at our baby for the first time would feel like.

Cute Captions For Maternity Pictures That You Can’t Resist

I could never imagine myself as a mother until I conceived you and I fell in love with your first heartbeat.

Being a mommy-to-be means you’re never alone. You think for two, you eat for two, sleep for two… you even pee for two!

A baby is God’s way of saying ‘I trust you to raise the tiny angel I’m sending your way’.

These tiny feet were never a part of our plan. Nevertheless, s(he) has become an integral part of all our plans.

We don’t know what kind of a parent we will be. But we know that you’ll be the most amazing baby.

We are eager to welcome your sweet potato. But we are also scared at the same time. It’s a mixed feeling of joy, excitement and stress. Still, the best part is that we are holding together.

I will always hold your mom and you close to my heart.

You are the ray of hope that has brought joy and excitement into our life.

We’ve decked up the house to welcome you in our arms.

Big blessings come in small packages.

Two tiny feet. Two tiny hands. Two little eyes, and one little nose. We’re eagerly waiting to welcome you baby… our miracle dose!

People underestimate the power of loving someone you haven’t seen before. I guess they have never met a mother-to-be!

It seems like yesterday when I fell in love with you. And now, we are going to be parents of an angel that would be half me and a half you.

In a mother’s womb, a new life is made.

Pregnancy is that phase of a couple’s life when she bears the physical and emotional pain while he cheers to beers.

Dear baby, you are not here just yet. But we can feel the warmth of your love while you snuggle in your cosy home in my belly.

We both are tied by an umbilical cord and bonded with love forever.

As the time to welcome you is coming close, we are excited to find out whom you would take after, me or your daddy!

As the baby grows big and strong, the mother needs to eat healthily, think positively and stay calm. A rested mommy will birth a happy baby.

Much to our surprise my tummy is starting to expand – 30% tiny baby and 70% excitement.

Celebrate Your Pregnancy Photos With These Funny Maternity Captions

Carefree days are coming to an end. It’s time to plan nappy changing duties.

As the baby arrives, parents will lose the game to the minority.

A baby fills space in your heart you never knew was empty… and the space in your tummy that you thought was already overfilled.

If you wish to fall in love with someone you’ve never met… get pregnant!

A few more months of lounging before it’s time for nappy changing.

My mood for the next six months: Nauseous, Tired, Hungry, Insomniac and Pregnant.

Having plans seemed like a good idea until I became pregnant.

Zoning out… Be back after three months.

This is where the fun stuff ends.

Let’s enjoy being lazy, foodie and grumpy, till it’s time to stop and clean the baby poop.

Just the bump we needed to move ahead in life.

No one knows what secret your belly can hold.

Whoever said women can’t keep secrets probably never met a pregnant woman!