Mass 2 effect console command features that of a new game that enables you to play a game. The command is the action you wish or feedback executed when you press a button. Unreal Engine 3 is generally the basis of Mass effect two console command. Mass 2 effect console commands usually have many settings that you can easily modify in a method, just like mass effect.
The setting permit the user to cheat, mod, or even mod. In contrast to mass effect 1, mass effect 2’s in the game console is seriously locked; however, numerous effects and in-game, the command can be made active through making new changes by editing the configuration changes.
Three methods used to enable the mass two effect console. Here are three ways.
First, the Dhl patching tool continuously enables the in engine console, that is, default keys such as Tilde and TAB. It is the easiest way out, in case you have it installed.
Second, automatically patch the primary game configuration file function to eliminate the lock of the game console.

All Mass Effect 2 Console Commands 2021

Thirdly, manually mass two effects enable locked console by use of default setting. The latter method needs a HEX editor and is advisable for the advanced user. Here are simple instructions and guidelines that you can follow step by step.

  1. I. You should download a hex editor program (HXD)
  2. II. Then open mass effect two-dot exe in the hex editor program is found in the game directory/binaries
  3. III. Scroll down by use of page up and page down to offset row E21730.
  4. IV. The values under columns 04 to 06 should be 70 B4 56 .type over this value to substitute with C0 0C 54
  5. V. Finally, click save and close HXD

TAB is used for a single bar console while Tilde key opens 3 4 consoles in the game.

The key bound console commands

Input modes

The concealed dot ini file has Bio input parts where key binds gets outlined. The bio inputs get divided into several control categories/modes; for instance, the control for driving any vehicle cannot be the same for when you are walking around the compound.

Here is the format for the key binding

  • Binding =(Name =keyname”
  • Command =”command “,ctrl=True
  • Shift =”true”,Alt =true
  • To toggle command menu

The best way to view the HUD screen is to press and hold a key until you return to the action. Another option Is to toggle the HUD to remain by pressing a key and go back to the game when the same key gets stroked severally.
While editing, the concealed .ini function much better than using the console. Many things can get done so hardly, and anyone at this point can unlock the console, considering that the game is base on a different engine rather than ME1, which is unreal engine 2 for me2.

Command Command Description

  • GiveTalentPoints int value Give (remove) talent points
  • GiveXP int value Give experience
  • GivePower Temporarily give power to the target
  • RemovePower target power Remove power from the target
  • SetRank target power int rank Set the rank of the target’s power
  • GiveItem Give a specific object to the target
  • SetParagon Set paragon points
  • SetRenegade Set renegade points
  • EnablePowerCooldown Set power cooldown
  • God Toggle godmode
  • KillTarget Kill the target under the reticle
  • KillEnemies Kill all enemies
  • KillParty Kill henchmen
  • StasisParty Freeze henchmen
  • KillSelf / Suicide Kill the player
  • InitAmmo int value Set ammo
  • InitMedigel int value Set Medi-gel
  • InitProbes int value Set probes
  • InitFuel int value Set fuel amount
  • InitCredits int value Set credits amount
  • InitPalladium int value Set Palladium amount
  • InitIridium int value Set Iridium amount
  • InitEezo int value Set Element Zero amount
  • InitPlatinum int value Set Platinum amount
  • ToggleFlyCam Toggle free camera mode
  • Shot Take screenshot
  • TiledShot Used to take screenshots
  • PlayersOnly / TogglePlayersOnly Freeze the game
  • ShowHUD / ToggleHUD Toggle most parts of the HUD
  • Show Scaleform Toggle Scaleform elements (text, quick slots).
  • SloMo float multiplier Change the game speed
  • FOV Modify the field of view
  • UnlockAchievement int ID Unlock an achievement (achievement list)
  • At / Open string value Teleport to the level
  • Stat FPS Toggle the framerate display
  • SetIntByName Set integer variable
  • SetBoolByName string nmVar bool value Set boolean variable
  • SetBoolByID int nmVar bool value Set story boolean variable
  • Exec filename Execute a file under the Binaries folder
  • Profile combat target Show combat data for the target
  • Profile power target Show powers data for the target
  • Profile anim target Show animation data for the target
  • Profile camera target Show camera data for the target
  • Profile tech Show upgrades data
  • Profile vehicle Show vehicle data
  • Profile none Clear the screen from profile data
  • ce hench_picksquad Shows squad selection screen
  • Name of command Command description
  • Tec_AutoPistol Submachine Gun Damage (Micro field Pulsar)
  • Tec_AutoPistolR1 SMG Shield Piercing (Phasic Jacketing)
  • Tec_AutoPistolR2 SMG Extra Rounds (Heat Sink Capacity)
  • Tec_AssaultRifle Assault Rifle Damage (Kinetic Pulsar)
  • Tec_AssaultRifleR1 Assault Rifle Penetration (Tungsten Jacket)
  • Tec_AssaultRifleR2 Assault Rifle Accuracy (Targeting VI)
  • Tec_BioticUpgrade Biotic Damage (Hyper-Amp)
  • Tec_BioticR1 Biotic Duration (Neural Mask)
  • Tec_BioticR2 Biotic Cooldown (Smart Amplifier)
  • Tec_HeavyAmmo Heavy Weapon Ammo Upgrade (Microfusion Array)
  • Tec_HeavyPistol Heavy Pistol Damage (Titan Pulsar)
  • Tec_HeavyPistolR1 AP Heavy Pistol (Sabot Jacketing)
  • Tec_HeavyPistolR2 Heavy Pistol Critical (Smart Rounds)
  • Tec_MediGel Medi-Gel Capacity (Micro scanner)
  • Tec_MediGelR1 Trauma Module (Medical VI)
  • Tec_MediGelR2 Emergency Shielding (Shield Harmonics)
  • Tec_ShepardHealth Dense Skin Weave (Lattice Shunting)
  • Tec_ShepardR1 Dense Bone Weave (Skeletal Lattice)
  • Tec_ShepardR2 Dense Muscle Weave (Microfiber Weave)
  • Tec_Shield Damage Protection (Ablative VI)
  • Tec_ShieldR1 Redundant Field Generator (Burst Regeneration)
  • Tec_ShieldR2 Hard Shields (Nanocrystal Shield)
  • Tec_Shotgun Shotgun Damage (Synchronized Pulsar)
  • Tec_ShotgunR1 Shotgun Shield Piercing (Microphasic Pulse)
  • Tec_ShotgunR2 Shotgun Extra Rounds (Thermal Sink)
  • Tec_SniperRifle SniperRifleDamage (Scrum Pulsar)
  • Tec_SniperRifleR1 AP Sniper Rifle (Tungsten Sabot Jacket)
  • Tec_SniperRifleR2 Sniper Headshot Damage (Combat Scanner)
  • Tec_TechUpgrade Tech Damage (Multicore Amplifier)
  • Tec_TechR1 Tech Duration (Custom Heuristics)
  • Tec_TechR2 Tech Cooldowns (Hydra Module)
  • Tec_HackModule Hack Module for hacking mini-game
  • Tec_BypassModule Bypass Module for the bypass mini-game
  • Tec_GruntShotgun Krogan Shotgun (Custom Claymore) [Grunt]
  • Tec_GruntUpgrade Krogan Vitality (Microfiber Weave) [Grunt]
  • Tec_JackUpgrade Subject Zero Biotic Boost (Multicore Implants) [Jack]
  • Tec_LegionSniper Geth Sniper Rifle (Custom Widow Rifle) [Legion]
  • Tec_LegionUpgrade Geth Shield Strength
  • Tec_MordinUpgrade Mordin Omni-Tool [Mordin]
  • Tec_FaceLift Medical-Bay Upgrade (Dermal Regeneration)
  • Tec_ShipArmor Heavy Ship Armor (Silaris Armor Tech)
  • Tec_ShipGun The Cannon (Particle Cannon)
  • Tec_ShipScanner Advanced Mineral Scanner (Argus Scanner Array)
  • Tec_ShipShield Multicore Shielding (Cyclone Shield Tech)
  • Tec_ShipProbes Modular Probe Bay (Probe Booster)

Bioweapon effect two console commands

  • Variable Commands Bio Weapon command description
  • AccFireInterpSpeed Used in Determining accuracy as well as parameters to approximate maximum speed
  • AccFirePenalty This command Determines the raise per shot starting hip upwards.
  • AI_AccCone_Max This command determines Maximum Artificial Intelligence accuracy
  • AI_AccCone_Min Gives minimum artificial Intelligence Accuracy
  • AI_AimDelay Gives time when Artificial Intelligence is aiming
  • AI_BurstFireCount This command gives the number of busted enemies as well as henchmen and then returns to cover
  • AI_BurstFireDelay This command gives the time henchmen wait before firing
  • AI_BurstFireMovingDelay The command that gives time between firing that henchmen and enemies wait
  • AI_HenchBurstFireMultiplier This command gives the multiplier henchmen and enemies multiply
  • AimCorrectionAmount The Amount that can be changed before firing takes place
  • AmmoPerShot Total ammo spent in a shot
  • AmmoPrettyName The name that ammo gets allocated
  • bAdhesionDuringCam N/A
  • bAdhesionEnabled Not specified
  • bCanDropAmmo Determines whether ammo will drop or not
  • bCanDropWeapon Determines whether ammo can drop a weapon or not
  • bFrictionDistanceScalingEnabled Not Specified
  • bFrictionEnabled Not Specified
  • bInfiniteAmmo Tells whether the infinite ammo is on or it’s off
  • bIsAutomatic Show that the weapon is automatic and won’t do not need rearrangement to fire again
  • bUpgradesBasicWeapon Move a more superior weapon by applying the templates available.
  • BurstRefireTime Time is taken or simply delay time before firing back
  • BurstRounds This command shows the number of burst in every burst
  • bUseSniperCam It enables the snipper camera or mode
  • bZoomSnapEnabled This command is not specified
  • CamInputAdhesionDamping Command not specified
  • CoverLeanPositions This command is not specified
  • CrosshairRange This command tells the crosshair range from 0 to a max number
  • Damage Shows the damaged base
  • DamageAI Indicates the multiplier damage of the enemies
  • DamageHench Shows the multiplier damage of the hench squad
  • fAmmoMultiplier The Amount or multiplier of the ammo dropped
  • GeneralDescription This command shows the ID number to describe the game
  • GUIClassDescription Command not specified
  • GUIClassName Command not specified
  • GUIImage This command shows the weapon image before its acquired.
  • IconRef This command shows image ID as they will appear in a fight
  • InitialMagazines Amount of ammo given at the start of a game
  • LowAmmoSoundThreshold Ammo warning threshold
  • MagSize Weapon size of the bullets
  • MaxAimError The command shows the total drift a bullet can maximally
  • MaxSpareAmmo The total number of weapons on spare
  • MaxZoomAimError How far a bullet can drift when zoomed
  • MinAimError The least a bullet can drift
  • MinZoomAimError Least a bullet can drift on zoom
  • NoAmmoFireSoundDelay The command shows the time taken before pulling a trigger or clicking the fire
  • PrettyName The command shows the name given to a weapon in a game
  • RateOfFire Proportionate Amount of bullets fired
  • RateOfFireAI How many bullets fired by enemies and henchmen as well
  • Recoil The rebound of a gun
  • RecoilCap Cap rebound
  • RecoilFadeSpeed Speed of cease after recoil
  • RecoilInterpSpeed How the screen shakes when it’s firing
  • RecoilYawBias Deviation ina diagonal manner
  • RecoilYawFrequency Not specified
  • RecoilYawScale Not specified
  • RecoilZoomFadeSpeed Speed of recoil cease when it’s zoomed
  • ReloadFailureDuration Required time to reload a weapon
  • ShortDescription This command refers to a text ID when in-game to refer to a text
  • ShowTracerDistance Not described or specified
  • SteamSoundThreshold The Amount of weapon or bullets you found in the gun before you start the game
  • TracerSpawnOffset Used to trace The speed at which bullets move with
  • ZoomAccFireInterpSpeed This command determines the maximal diameter of the weapon fired
  • ZoomAccFirePenalty In a shot mode, this command determines the speed of the cone or the cone mode
  • ZoomCrosshairRange This command determines the crosshair
  • ZoomFOV This command determines the sniper zoom
  • ZoomRecoil This command determines the recoil on zoom


Shield Properties Affect 2 Console Commands

  • Command Section CommandDescription
  • [SFXGame.SFXShield_Base] A command for base shield section
  • [SFXGame.SFXShield_Armour] Refers to armour for AI
  • [SFXGame.SFXShield_Armour_Player] Refers to armour for the player
  • [SFXGame.SFXShield_Biotic] Refers to the barrier for AI
  • [SFXGame.SFXShield_Biotic_Player] A command for player biotic barrier
  • [SFXGame.SFXShield_Energy] Refers to AI kinetic barrier
  • [SFXGame.SFXShield_Energy_Player] The command for players kinetic barrier
  • [SFXGame.SFXShield_GethEnergy] The section where AI gets Energy
  • [SFXGame.SFXShield_GethEnergy_Player] A section where player get Energy
  • [SFXGame.SFXShield_Player] This command refers to player shield template

Variable definition

  • bAbsorbDamageOnBreak All damages for breaking are absorbed here
  • bFastCoverRegen Uncover recharge and fast
  • bRechargeable This command means shield is rechargeable
  • DamageGateInterval The total number of damages a shield can contain before giving in
  • MaxShields Not Specified
  • PartialBreakPct Not specified
  • ShieldDisplayName This command refers to the id on the tkl file
  • ShieldPointsPerBar Not specified
  • ShieldRechargeTime A shield takes total recharge time
  • ShieldRegenDelay Time taken before recharge takes place


  • To sum up ,you can edit game difficulty by editing the following values
  • [SFXGame. SFXDifficullty],and
  • SFXGame.SFXDifficult-level1] through
  • [SFXGame.SFXDifficulty-level 6].
  • The game becomes even harder by increasing the following values;
  • +enemyhealthmultiplelow
  • +EnermyhealthMultiplierhigh
  • +Enermyshield bonus
  • +squad powercooldoenmultiplier
  • +player shieldrechargemodifier
  • +maxtargetticket
  • +maxAttackTickets

The game can be made harder by decreasing the following values

  • -playerhealthmultiplierlow
  • -PlayerhealthmultiplierHigh
  • – enemy powercooldoenmultiplier
  • -Squadpowerdurationmultiplier
  • -Bleedoutinterval
  • -ammo decay multiplier
  • -breachDuration