It has been witnessed quite often that people are also evolving with new technology and development. A large number of the population tends to love playing games. Out of all the games that are being played these days, love stories games have their special place in the heart of all the people from different sections of society. As the stress in life has increased day by day, people are on the verge of being shifting their choices from aggressive and destruction related games towards games that create a relationship between the 2 unique personalities. Similar to the people in the real world, the characters of most of the love story games are also not perfect. They have their flaws and shortcomings in their virtual world of love and relationships. These little things make the virtual characters more relatable and as a result, the player tends to find it easy to get them connected to the game in a better way. On the off chance that you have already spent a lot of time searching for the right love stories game for you then you need not have to look for it any longer. This article is all about the love stories games. Without waiting for any longer, let’s just look at the list of the top 15 best live stories games 2021.

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 Best Love Stories Games Android/ iPhone


1. Teen Love story games for girls Android

Best Love Stories Games Android

This love story game has everything that you are looking for. The stories are so engaging as well as unique that more and more people are inclining towards the Teen Love story games for girls game. As a player, you are the author of your own love story. Show your skills to fabricate amazing consequences for the characters of the story. Give a name to your role play in the Teen Love story games for girls game. Develop the character as you would ever think it for yourself. Gradually you will come across your fantasy and dreams as the story of the game progresses.

2. Love story Games: Vampire Romance Android

 Best Love Stories Games Android

Some of the girls out there who tend to imagine a vampire as their love interest would love this game for sure. On the off chance that you also wondered about the same thing then this game if for you. The player gets to meet the vampire as a possible future partner but having said that you have to make sure that you do not fall into trap of other dangerous vampires out there. The vampire community would not like a human being trying to get into their personal lives and start a relationship with one of their type.

3. Love story games: Teenage Drama Android

Best Love Stories Games Android

Let us go back to the days when you used to dream about the prince charming of your student life. The characters of the game are trying to get the chance to date their crush. The entire journey of the Love story games: Teenage Drama game is about the teens and young adults who are desperate to be in the relationship with their loved ones. As the story progresses through all the ups and downs, you have to make sure that you have the right person by your side. Check the compatibility of other characters with your love interest so that you can make a firm decision to move forward with the relationship.

4. Anime Love Story games: Shadowtime Android

Best Love Stories Games Android

The plot of this love story game is a little bit different than the other games mentioned above. All the characters in this game are anime. It has received tremendous success at the time of its launch and the success continues. A large group of people loves this game due to its unique plot and brand new episodes every week. This is among the best game which has been designed for the purpose of entertaining female fans. As a player, you will be playing the role of a female lead and as the story moves ahead, you will get to meet it a number of male characters.

5. Romance Club –Stories| Play (With choices) Android

Best Love Stories Games Android

Do you miss those days when you used to be looking around for the right person while engaging yourself to flirt with those who used to look at you in the club? Well, you will be happy to know that those days are back. You can once again get back to your original self which you have been hiding for a long time. The creator has designed a lot of new pack of stories for the players which you can choose from. The creator has designed a lot of new type of stories for the players which you can choose from. Some of the stories in the game are MOONBORN, QUEEN IN 30 DAYS, and some additional tales which you can cherish as per your preference and enjoy this game.

6. Love story Games iPhone

Best Love Stories Games iPhone

The game has been developed by the very popular Dimitrije Petkovic. The developer is profoundly known among the love stories players because of the creative team that tends to produce very different and engaging episodes regularly. You can play this game on your iPhone iPad as well as on the touch iPods however you need to make sure that the game is compatible with this iOS 9 or beyond. People from different regions all over the globe enjoy this game because the game has been released in different languages used by the people globally which include English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, Arabic and what not.

7. Teenage Crush Love Story Games iPhone

Best Love Stories Games iPhone

Getting yourself ready for your very first meeting with the person you want to fall in love with seems to be very exciting as well as nervous. These mixed emotions can only be felt if you have actually gone for your first date but having said that you can always get an experience of the same by playing the game and living the life of the character. What dress would you pick for yourself? You will get a lot of options of attire from Western wears to jeans, long gowns, and short dresses and many more. You can also so get to select the characters that you want to develop your relationship with as well as influence some characters as per the twist and turns of the story.

8. Lovestruck Choose your romance iPhone

Best Love Stories Games iPhone

The game has been developed by the Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc. The team is known for creating masterpieces and the lovestruck Choose your romance game proves to be the one. With a rating of 4.6 stars, the game is enjoying being popular in its genre. The credit goes to the top of the mark visual effects along with the graphical details.The control of this love story game is of high quality. You can rest assured for the experience that you are going to have as the game is flawless and the player will fail to catch any kind of bleach while playing the game.

9. Episode- Choose your story iPhone

Best Love Stories Games iPhone

The game is so much entertaining that you can play this game throughout the day and night. Each and every episode in the game is so much intriguing that it will keep you glued to the game till the end of the story. You can choose to be e a girl who was a barmaid before she transformed into a princess or you can fall in love with the magician in this cafe. There are some stories which are beyond love and passion story where you get to involve yourself with a gangster.

10. Moments: Choose your story iPhone

Best Love Stories Games iPhone

The stories in this game are full of thrill where you would reach a situation when you will not be able to judge the intention of the other characters. On the off chance that you have ever thought of writing your own novel and creating your own kind of story with your favorite characters then this is a good way to do that. Be the creator of your novel by playing this game. Check your ability to form stories and episodes regularly and engage yourself in the version life of these characters. It is only you know the end of the story.

11. Love story games Amnesia Android

Best Love Stories Games Android

The Love story games Amnesia has been a wonderful creation of WebelinxLove Story Games. The team has also put forward a few more powerful love stories games which include the Shadowtime: Anime Love Story Games as well as the Love Story Games: Teenage Drama. When you will enter into the world of love and fantasy, you will find that some of the days might start as normal but by the end of the day; you might not be able to decide whether your role-play should carry on with the guy or take a break from him. This happens because of the suspense of the plot of the game.

12. Fantasy Love story games Android

Best Love Stories Games Android

Do not try to confine yourself in the reality of life; it will make you more stressed about the things going on in your life. Unravel the mystery of the story world, a world that is full of magic and adventure. It is has been true that you have always wanted a fairy tale ending for your life then you can try to get yourself involved with this amazing love story game. As the episodes are come and go, you can see yourself transforming your inner thoughts. The dreams which were buried deep into the world of your imagination slowly and steadily begin to unfold through the choices that you tend to make for your character.

13. Hometown Romance- Choose your story Android

Best Love Stories Games Android

The love story in the Hometown Romance- Choose your story game starts up to sprout in the virtual town named as Greecemore. Your life in this story is on the verge of getting complicated. This is all because of your unsettling thoughts regarding your old best buddy. You are all alone in your journey. Do you think you are brave enough to conquer all your inner flaws? It is time for you to prepare yourself to acknowledge the consequences of not being bold enough to stand for what is right for you.

14. Love story Games: Blog of secrets Android

Best Love Stories Games Android

In the Love story Games: Blog of secrets game, the story revolves around the life of a blogging sensation. There are some deep dark secrets that are kept under the carpet of your online persona. Soon the secrets of your character will be exposed in front of all the global followers of your blogs. Are you confused about what to do in the weekend so that you do not get bored? If yes, then you need to play this game to your day will full of entertainment and fun.

15. Teen love story games: Romance Mystery Android

Best Love Stories Games Android

Be ready to handle all the troubles that are about to get into your way when you play the role of the main lead in this game. You need to be brave and strong for your partner. Get into the journey of finding the best partner in the virtual life of Teen love story games: Romance Mystery but having said that you also need to make sure that you choose the right one for yourself. You will never notice any kind of concern while you play the game due to its unmatchable graphics quality.


What could be more wonderful than experiencing a peace of mind and soul by investing some of your valuable time to play games? It is known to all the players that the storyline of the game is exaggerated to some extent and not only just that but the characters in the game are also not real. Despite all these facts, the love stories kind of games is continuing to gain success as time passes. This is because of the satisfaction that you would most likely be getting after you see the two characters that were in love end up being together with a happy ending.