15 Best Apps for Long Flights 2023

Have you been searching for apps to save you from long flight boredom? Well, we got you covered. In this article are the top best offline and online long flight apps to help you fight boredom. While there are quite a good number of games to make your long flight fun, here are the very best wonderful and amazing apps to help make your long flight even more fun.
Meanwhile, long trips might sound fun to first-timers, but, I assure you, when you have to go through loud annoying neighbors, delay, bad food, or some unpleasant things, you would wish you stocked up better options.
Traveling abroad is exciting, no arguments on that, but would you not wish it ended to be fun rather than ruin your mood for the day, year, or even your next travel. That is why we are recommending these very best long flight apps for you.
This content consists of online and offline apps; some you would need money to purchase while others are free. Some of these apps would also require an up-front purchase, while others would be demanding a subscription that would grant you unlimited access to music, videos, and many more amazing items.
You would also need internet access to download these apps, install updates and also download contents. Below are the well-written and compiled top best long flight apps you would most definitely love to check out.

Top 15 best Apps for Long Flight

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   Apps for Long Flights 2022

This very amazing app undoubtedly sits on our number one spot. It is a try-out app with lots of entertaining television shows, web series, and films for streams. You could even download lots of content ahead of time without having to pay for data to watch. While your device can be able to hold so many downloads, we dare to bet Netflix serves you just as much as your in-flight selection can hold. Netflix is free to download, and you only need to make a required subscription to use it.


 Best F-droid Apps (Android/iPhone) 2022

Second, on our list is an app that offers you a free 30-day trial and $14.95/month after. Reading books during long flights is cool but, what is better is having access to an audiobook app that lets authors or famous actors narrate it to you. Make sure to download this audiobook before your long flight to help you with the stress of reading by yourself. Also, when you download the app and make the subscription or using trial mode, you do not need internet access to read the books.


 Apps for Long Flights 2022

This app stands out to be one of the most popular music apps. The app amazingly allows you to stream almost more than half of the songs in the world. If you are a big fan of music and looking for an app to give you the very best, Spotify is certainly the main event. Though it is possible to listen to music on Spotify offline, you would need a premium account to do so. The app offers you a 30-day free trial and €6.99/month after.


 Apps for Long Flights 2022

This app allows you to download any Disney movie or episode of your choice on your device to watch and kick boredom away on your long flight. This wonderful app is for adults and for kids too. 

Also, you have unlimited access to download lots of exciting shows as long as you visit the app in every 30 days. All you have to do is simply locate the movies or show of your choice and tap the download button. 

Kindle App

Best Apps for Long Flights 2022

Downloading e-books is a great way to spend your long flight and Kindle App is just the right option. The offline feature is an awesome move too; you can download the books of your choice before the flight. 

Kindle is the most used and recommended e-book app with trusted services, you should check it out.

Pocket App

Apps for Long Flights 2022

Pocket App is one of the amazing apps I have come across. It allows you to carry the web with you anywhere you going offline. With this article you can save videos, articles and stories across the web and read them anytime you are set for them. 

You can equally use it to download entertainment or any other news you wish to fully digest later. All you have to do is just save the articles, videos and more before you leave and read them offline later.

Your Airline App

 Apps for Long Flights 2022

It is recommended you try as much as possible to download this app before you board your flight. The app is used to track your progress and have other trip information on your hand. It is really going to come in handy when you need to fight a delay. 

You can also use the app to watch tv shows from the airline without having to pay to pay for WiFi. All you to do is just to download your airline app and watch your favorite tv shows and movies offline.


 Apps for Long Flights 2022

Over the years Youtube has been an amazing source of entertainment. From your favorite Youtube series, movies, comedy, e-book, video game replay and many more Youtube has got you covered. You can as well save videos to come back and watch them when you are offline. 

Meanwhile, you can also download Youtube Premium; with the premium app you can watch ads-free videos and offline videos too.  Youtube Premium offers you 1 free month trial after which you are to make a monthly subscription of $11.99.


Apps for Long Flights 2022

This wonderful app helps you access your media files like movies, music, and more. It might be an old recommend but it is sure worth your time. More interesting, it is an offline app and you can always download subtitles to your various media files. 

This app is really a must try-out during your long flight experience. As old as it maybe it still offers exciting features you would love to try out.

White Noise

 Best Apps for Long Flights 2022

This app would really help you get a away from noisy neighbors, crying children and the weird energy the airplane carries most times. If you are on the lookout of sounds that can help put you to sleep or calm your nerves White Noise is your best bet. 

The app also has a feature that can help you add and loop your own sound to your own taste. This amazing app helps you enjoy way better rest than you would ever imagine. The app also works in offline mode.

Minipedia – Offline Wikipedia 

 Best Apps for Long Flights 2022

Wikipedia is an offline version of Wikipedia, one of the best websites in the world. This wonderful app takes you deeper into the net with many amazing articles you surely do not know about. Stuck in this app, you would be shocked by the time you have spent without a blink. It does not stop taking you deeper into information like its main app Wikipedia. Having said it is a wonderful app, Wikipedia is usually allowed in flight.

Apple Podcasts

Best Apps for Long Flights 2022

Podcasts has really played a part since its existence. Though it is five years or more since its existence they are really no shortage podcast apps. But this built-in Apple podcast has ceaselessly been amazing. 

The app is amazingly created to compile your choice of podcast and discover new ones. It is definitely an awesome way to kill time and boredom on long flights.


Best F-droid Apps Android/iPhone 2022

If you are ever searching for apps to learn foreign languages, FluentU should be your top choice. Going on a long flight and learning the language of the place you want to visit is an awesome feeling.
Reading textbooks or sitting for lectures might not be your thing but, this amazing app takes real-world videos, like news, movie trailers, music videos, and more, and turns them into personalized language learning lessons; wow.
You would also get access to flashcards, annotated subtitles, and personalized quizzes that build you as you learn.


Apps for Long Flights 2022

This inspiring app lets the users save talks which they can watch later offline while on the plane. You can also search them by topics or different playlists. There are lots of speeches which you can find in this very wonderful app. The app is free on Android and iOS.


 Apps for Long Flights 2022

The last on this article is this wonderful social media app with over billions of users in the world is a must-try app you should checkout. With lots of lovely posts and amazing users it surely something you should try out. The app is free to both Android and iOS users.


Most of these apps are offline, while some are online. They are all amazing app, it would be fun to have them all, but you are allowed to choose. If you feel we missed out on your favorite, we are sorry that this just what our list could contain. If you have any suggestions or questions, do not hesitate to send them to us through the comment box.