Leather Splitter is the master equipment. The ultimate, cheap way to divide your leather is Skiving. It is the process used in leather crafting to reduce leather thickness, especially in areas that are to be tilted or tiled. This can be done with the help of a leather splitter. This economical splitting machine adapts accuracy and cuts with the 4-3/4 “blade that can be sharpened again. This leather slider is ideal for hobby and light production.

Getting deeper into the leather splitter

A unit equipped with two pressure rollers, the ES splitter is used to divide sheet and roller ware. The lightweight and durable unit enables light-weight and soft foam to split as well as heavy and rigid materials to be transformed while controlled with the highest precision. Skipping or scarping is the cutting process of materials into cuttings that are typically plastic, but often leather and laminate. Skiving shall be employed in the case of not hardened work or minute slivers of metal that is common in cold rolling processes, as an alternative to rolling the material in shape. The method of cutting material into slices is skipping or scaring, often used with metal, but also works with leather and laminates. The process consists of moving the strip to an exact form or past simple cutting tools, using precision profiles of slots. Tungsten carbide-based compounds are usually produced by the tools. The world’s thinnest leather figure is 0.2-inch DUN. This convenient hand curl splitter has an 8 hollow base blade, designed to easily split almost any weight of leather down to your required thickness. So let us have a look at different types of the leather splitter.


1.The C.S. Osborne Splitting Machine Professional  

 Best Leather Splitter 2020

  • This is used in C.S. Splitting computer Osborne.
  • The splitter is very competent in the market and is a very powerful dividing unit. The iron frame is sturdy and it has an inlaid blade of 6 “hollow earth.
  • It is a simple fine-tuning device that is used to divide equal leather thickness and comprises an instruction pad.
  • This device is ideal for professional people.
  • This device is made in the U.S and weight for about 6 lbs.

2.Leather Skiver Leather Splitter Peeler Paring 

 Best Leather Splitter 2020

  • This device is made up of quality material of Stainless steel, that is clean, strong and reliable, and is very economic and practical, and lasts long for years of trouble-free performance.
  • The thickening of shaft can be calibrated to ensure the cortex can be cut smoothly and to the correct thickness regularly.
  • This device comes with a complete manual, and it’s necessary to pull out the skin material, suitable for the tanned leather plant.
  • This device is best used for PRECISION CUTTING THE WOOD TRAKET, thin edge, strong lock, and all for the thickness of your wishes.

3.Yun Trade 6″ Inch Upgraded Version Manual 

 Best Leather Splitter 2020

  • The can be changed with the help of this leather splitter.
  • This splitter is an innovative steel shaft that is used to ensure the stability of the peeling layer.
  • With the help of this device you can get the desired thickness and which can be with repeated cuts.
  • The blade of this splitter is made of high-quality steel. The leather blade is ground directly.
  • The items that are included with this device are leather Peeling tool, Grip, 2 x L-key, 4x screws, L-key, 1 x grip, etc.

4.The Estwing Special Edition Fireside Friend 

 Best Leather Splitter 2020

  • This device has and most durable tools that you can find.
  • This device is made of Timber and is used for splitting. It is a weighted wedge-style tool that makes firewood and cutting logs a very easy.
  • This device is used to deal with a heavy-duty sheath. This device has a Ballistic nylon sheath that is included to secure the sharp hand cutting edge.
  • This device has a patented reduction grip and gives comfortable, robust, and 70 percent reduction of impact vibration.
  • This device is crafted in The United States and this tool is proudly made with the finest American steel in Rockford, Italy.

5.  Tandy Leather Craft tool Strap Cutter 3080-00

 Best Leather Splitter 2020

  • This is a for cutting strips up to 4″ (102 mm) wide. This device comprises two crossbars that firmly hold most weights of leather for perfect cuts every time and has one blade included.
  • The kit consists of two front low back pads and 1 backrest covering along with that 1 rear bench covering with 5 different headrests and a Free Air Freshener.
  • This device is made up of the highest quality material; the land is lightweight, water-resistant, and has more reparable faux leather with centralized perforation and modern design.
  • This device allows different stitching on the side of the airbag to be deployed compliant with airbags.
  • This device is specially built for rear square sleeves 50/50, 40/60, 60/40, or 20/40/20.

6.NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter – 30-Ton, 

 Best Leather Splitter 2020

  • This Log Splitter design offers you quality components and exclusive features to save time. This device has a patented wedge design, made of steel alloy, holds a consistent division, and has a single curve that reduces initial contact area for optimum penetration power.
  • To make – strike more effective, add the optional NorthStar Wedge Wings (item number 110910 sold individually). Self-return wedge saves dividing time and energy. A quad filtering system uses four separate components to protect the hydraulic system from pollutants that protects the premium hydraulic system.
  • It performs work in both directions and makes the device easy to use.
  • With this device some installation is required.

7.Black Handheld Skiver Cutting Splitter  

 Best Leather Splitter 2020

  • The DIY Skiver Cutter is a very unique Leather Cutter Tool.
  • It comes in a style that involves it is directly mounted using the theme.
  • In this device the height of the blade is roughly 2mm. The best initial thickness of the leather is not more than 6 mm (generally no more than 50 mm).
  • The size estimated of the box is 20 * 11[12] cm / 7.87 * 4.33 * 5.12.
  • It weighs approximately 950 g.
  • This device can be used by home; tailor; the factory, etc.
  • This device can work with Fit leather; soft leather; rough leather; leather of high density, etc.
  • This device is very easy to use but it requires the installation of a blade.
  • This device is one of our best-sold items.

8.Hanchen 800 DIY Manual Leather Splitter 

 Best Leather Splitter 2020

  • is best used for a 6cm/2.4 inch tanned leather class and is NOT used for very soft leather skiing.
  • The thinnest thickness can be reduced to 1 mm with the help of this device.
  • The steel shaft in this device ensures the peeling of the layer is smooth and repeated cutting to the desired thickness. The stainless steel shaft guarantees that the output is excellent and as per the requirement of the user.
  • The Thickness of the leather is adjustable for accuracy; and the special feature of this device is that the thickness can be adjusted. The procedure is flexible for precise cuts.
  • This device requires hard work for moving the material manually to peel.

9.NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter  

 Best Leather Splitter 2020

  • design of this NorthStar Horizontal / Vertical Log Sparser helps you to save time, boost performance, and work efficiently with premium components and exclusive features.
  • The NorthStar can always provide you with strength, durability, and innovation. In this device an auto-return wedge saves separating time and energy. A quad filtering system uses four separate components.
  • This device is designed so that it is easy in both directions to use. In this device some mounting is required and a large torque of 7.6 ft. lbs.

10.WellieSTR Leather Skiver Machine,  

Best Leather Splitter 2020

  • This device comes in a size of 165mm*145mm*118mm.
  • In this device the width of the roller is 35mm to provide excellent output.
  • The approx weight of the device is 1.6kg.
  • helps you to get an accurate structure and increase significantly paring accuracy. During skiing, it is stable and not as hard.
  • No assembly is required. You can only use it if you get it, and you can easily get it from your shop without grinding the blade, which is the common shaver blade.
  • It comprises of kid paring leather, max 35 mm width, and best used with ski leather.

11.BAOSHISHAN Manual Leather Skiving  

 Best Leather Splitter 2020

  • has surface irregularities such as croc skin, lizard skin, and soft leather crust.
  • This device has a robust body made from stainless steel and brass and you need not worry about rust and loss.
  • Please note this product has a maximum width of 5 cm and is used for cutting belts. For every peeling, the thickness is 1 mm.
  • This is a very useful device which will make your work easier.

12.Yun Trade 35mm Leather Edge Skiving  

 Best Leather Splitter 2020

  • In this device the is 35mm.
  • The size of this is165mm*145mm*115mm.
  • This device weighs about 1.5kg.
  • This is a very useful device that will give you excellent output.

13.ER806 6″ Inch Manual Leather Skiver Leather 

 Best Leather Splitter 2020

  • With the help of this the thickness of the cutting can be adjusted.
  • This device comprises of an Inox shaft to ensure that the formation of the peeling layer.
  • This device gives you a repeatable cut to the thickness you want.
  • This device has its applications in making hand luggage, leather goods, etc.
  • This is one of our best selling items

14.Yun Trade 1-9CM Leather Splitter Skiver

 Best Leather Splitter 2020

  • has adapted to 1-9CM leather width.
  • The width of the motor is 17 cm in this device and it has a height of about approx 17 cm.
  • In this device the leather treatment thickness can be changed and the user can get the output according to his choice.
  • The thinnest 0.1 mm cut that you can handle with this device.

15.ShineBear New Style 806P Manual

 Best Leather Splitter 2020

  • is used to create the toolbox and is one of the best leather splitter device.
  • It allows to user to work with different types of leather and get the desired output.
  • This device is extensively used for the cross switch.

Hurry up! Get one

Now you are very well aware that even for cutting point belt tips or trimming the length of a chain, pro super shears are used. Smoother leathers like fabric leather stretch better and it is also better than using a utility knife to cut it with super shears and leather splitter. So as you are very well aware of the importance of different types of leather splitter so don’t delay and get the best one for you.