Are you a parent who wants your kid to be away from the electronic games and instruments? Then for that, the best outdoor and indoor game can be laser tag games that have the inclusion of vests as well as guns.

The vest helps the player to give the realistic battle experience whenever they get a perfect hit. There are a variety of laser tag vests available and some of them are listed below. Let’s see the top 15 laser tag vest of 2020.


1.Sharper Image Laser Tag Vest

 Best Laser Tag Vest 2020

If you are having a laser tag gun then you must try to wear a vest. Vest would help you to register every time you hit. We have the best Sharper Image Laser Tag Vest for you. The specialty of this vest has a light startup, sound effects, and vibrators in the action game.

The vest is comfortably wearable that are just like the actual arcade. The working of the vest is as perfect as it targets, and dodge enemy fire from the enemies.  The triangle in the vest indicates for the depletes of the life. The pack includes two sets of vests for the best gameplay.

2.ArmoGear Laser Tag Vest

 Best Laser Tag Vest 2020

Another best laser gun tag vest is ArmoGear Laser Tag Vest. It stands number one among all other laser vests. You can easily turn your home background by having the most advanced laser vest. No other vests than this one provides the real target vest.

The pack comes in four-set which exactly suits the family of four. The gun is also included in the pack which has the features like invisibility mode, night flashlight, voice directions, and much more. It is made from the premium quality and is durable. Just enjoy your vacation and have fun with this amazing laser tag vest with your family and friends.

3.Kidzlane Infrared 4 Target Laster Tag Vest

Best Laser Tag Vest 2020

This gun is specially designed for the kids. The pack of it contains the 4 best laser vests which can be played at a time with family and friends. The laser vest comes in a pack of 4 with the target and is 100% child safe.

The gun is also included in the pack that includes the features like shooting sounds that requires 16AA and 12AAA battery. The Vests also light up when hit and alert injured party to run for cover. This is perfect for the boys of age 8-10 and has high-tech actions. It can also be gifted om birthdays or Christmas eve.

4.HIOSTOYE Large Laser Tag Vest

 Best Laser Tag Vest 2020

If you are having a kid of age 3 or above, then this laser tag vest is perfect for them. The 100% care has been taken regarding the safety of kid as it has harmless infrared lights and is CPSC approved. The vests come in a pack of four.

The features of the vest include that it can make strong vibrations that give the feeling of a live real laser tag arena to the player. It can easily have the indoor as well as outdoor shooting with the distance of almost 130ft.

5.YoFit Infrared Laser Tag vest

Best Laser Tag Vest 2020

The YoFit Infrared Laser Tag Vest is one of the most interesting as it comes in the pack of four is the most realistic vest ever. The pack includes the 4 colored guns and vests.

Talking about the vests, it shows the hits and indicates the lives remaining with the lighted indicator. The flashlight is also given to make it more fun. The light also intensifies the tactile of the vibrations and the sounds by the vests that will keep the player pumped throughout the game.

6.VATOS Infrared Laser Tag Vest

Best Laser Tag Vest 2020

The vest shown here is the upgraded version of the same company that manufactures vests. The upgraded version is much more fun than the previous one. It included multiplayer 4 colorful vest and makes the teamwork important.

It is 100% child safe and harmless. The vests are solidly designed for the proper and strong grip and are easy to handle. The vest requires the batteries of 1.5 V AA and is especially for the kids up to the age of 6-7 years.

7.Play22 Laser Tag Vest

 Best Laser Tag Vest 2020

This Laser Tag Vest has the many grateful features and sound effects than any other vest could ever have. It comes in the pack of 4 with the four red, yellow, blue, and green colors that could be fun for the players playing together at a time.

The vests come with the pack of guns, bullets and have the special feature to reduce one point at a time if it gets the hit. It also has the realistic vibrations at every shot. It is 100% safe for kids and is manufactured in the USA.

8.POKONBOY Infrared Laser Tag Vest

 Best Laser Tag Vest 2020

The vest comes in a pack of 4 and can be played indoor as well as outdoor. The construction is made from strong and durable plastic. There are various attractive modes such as Riffle mode, Machine Gun Mode, Pistol Mode, and Rocket Mode to easily fire down your opponent and become a winner.

It has the latest design and can be gifted on Birthdays and Christmas eve. The vest also provides realistic sounds and vibrations. The grip is ergonomically designed for the strong and easy handling of the gun.

9.JOYMOR Infrared Laser Tag Vest

 Best Laser Tag Vest 2020

One of the best Laser Tag Vest one can ever have is JOYMOR Infrared laser Tag Vest. The vest comes with 4 target vest and an adjustable buckle for a snug. The sounds and vibrations from the vest make the player more involved in the deeply immense gameplay.

It is manufactured by keeping child safety in mind. It can be used by the children of any age as it is perfectly designed for them. It is made from strong and durable plastic that makes the vest live life long.

10.LUKAT Version 2 Infrared Laser Tag Vest

 Best Laser Tag Vest 2020

The game must not be of much fun if it ends without the sound pumps. Isn’t it? So, this Lukat Infrared Laser Tag Vest comes with the tag set to increase lifetime value, recurrent teammates, anti-cheating functions and life prompts.

The lifelike shooting sounds, vibrations, and flashlights adds life and feel like a real arena laser tag game. The laser is ergonomically designed for the solid grip and has the safe for children.

11.TINOTEEN Laser Tag Vest

 Best Laser Tag Vest 2020

One of the most cool and authentic vests is TINOTEEN Laser Tag vest. The pack includes 4 vests with the gun. The 4 real target vests are cool and comfortable and make you feel like a warrior.

For battle, it has diversified operating options that include Pistols, Short gun, Machine gun, and Rocket gun. These features will make your enemy blast and you a super winner. It is much fun when played with a group of 4 friends.

12.HONEYJOY Laser Tag Vest

 Best Laser Tag Vest 2020

The features of this vest resemble to the other vest features. There is nothing new then the design of the vest and the gun as it is included in the set.

The sound is superb and has the tactile vibrations that make you play the game like a pro. It can be played by forming the with the 3 other teams. The gun has a special type of sensor with a long-range shooting and can easily enhance the authenticity of the gaming experience.

13.Kidpal Second Generation Laser Infrared Tag Vest

 Best Laser Tag Vest 2020

If you want to have the real-life experience of the game and want to make it more fun and realistic, then Kidpal Laser Tag Vest is specially designed for that purpose. The game gives the chance to have the shooting experience with the extra sound and vibration effects.

It can be played as a multi-team and has 4 different modes. This game toy is easy to carry and can be played indoor as well as outdoor. It is safe for kids and can be the best Birthday or Christmas gift.

14.Best Choice Laser Infrared Tag Vest

 Best Laser Tag Vest 2020

Do you want to have a kit that has blaster and vest both together? Here it is. Best Choice Laser Tag Vest is one of the best vests as it provides the center target and an adjustable buckle for a snug. Talking about the blasters, it has the front light emitters and indicators on the side.

It provides complete fun battle experience to the player and his team. It has 4 blaster modes and each can take the life points with the exact shoot

15.ASPIRING Infrared Laser Tag Vest

 Best Laser Tag Vest 2020

This laser tag vest is one of the perfect combos for the parent and the kid to play. It is small in size with a comfortable and stable grip to handle and is easy to use. This can be one of the best vest game set to keep your children away from android and electronic games.

The features include the light when you shot and the vibrations at a big hit. This game is perfect for all age groups and is entertaining among all.

Thus, the above listed are the top 15 best laser vests and are the best for your kids to enjoy their playtime.