15 Best Land Surveying Apps (Android/iOS) 2024

If you’re a land surveyor, chances are you are used to relying on primitive methods or manual calculations.

But now with the advances in mobile technology, there are numerous land surveying apps available for Android and iOS users which allow you to complete your work with more accuracy and speed than ever before.

In this article we will be going through the 15 best land surveying apps available in 2024

GIS Surveyor – Land Survey and

Best Land Surveying App

Using GIS Surveyor, you can conduct GIS surveys, handle GIS data, collect data, analyze it, and plan projects before they are executed. In addition to providing professional surveyors with an opportunity to collect more accurate survey data in a shorter timeframe, this application is also a remote sensing application that can be used for GIS mapping.

GPS Surveyor is a GPS/GNSS based survey application used for environmental surveys, field surveys, and GIS data collection.

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Apglos Survey Wizard

Best Land Surveying App

It has MANY FEATURES, including mapping, stakeout, drawing, and calculations. Apglos Survey Wizard is the NR. 1 land survey app.

A lot of coordinate reference systems are already integrated in this app. It is very SIMPLE, but the results are impressive.

With Apglos Survey Wizard, land surveying can be done with cm accuracy. Apglos Survey Wizard works with almost any GNSS antenna.

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Land Map – GPS Land Survey & M

Best Land Surveying App

Land Map for GIS data handling, data collection, and analysis is an application for surveyors. Precision and accuracy are the two cornerstones of Land Map for GIS survey.

In addition to allowing faster data collection, the software supports numerous file formats, including CSV, KML, and GeoJSON, which are helpful for GIS mapping.

Using GPS/GNSS data collection, Land Map can be used for various types of environmental surveys and field surveys as well as to speed up the GIS data collection process.

With internal and external GPS, this survey application is a must-have for field surveys, and land surveys.

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Locus GIS offline land survey

Best Land Surveying App

A professional GIS application for offline work with geodata. Provides data collection, viewing, and updating, all over a wide range of online, offline, and WMS maps.

A field study

  • Data collection and updating offline
  • Points can be saved with arbitrary or current positions
  • Motion recording can be used to create lines and polygons
  • Attribute settings
  • Attach photos, videos, or audio files
  • Points to consider

Location data can be collected even when the app is running in the background, for polygon/line recording or guidance on a target.

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Land Survey Calculator – LSC

Best Land Surveying App

There is no better land survey calculator or area calculator offline than Land Survey Calculator.

You can use the Land Survey Calculator to find the Measurement of Your Land, the Area Calculator, the Area Converter, the Area Formula, as well as solving Algebra and getting all the explanations for your Algebra. With Land Survey Calculator, you don’t have to go anywhere else to perform different calculations. There are amazing features included that include…

  • Calculator for land surveys
  • Converting devices
  • Calculator for area
  • Calculator for geometry
  • The Algebra Calculator
  • Calculator for land surveys

This calculator can evaluate the area of triangle and rectangle shapes. You just add a triangle or rectangle and put two values and it will give you a calculation in a square meter. Easy to use. It is usually possible to determine the area of complex shapes by dividing them into their aggregate simple shapes and calculating their total area. For estimating land area, this calculator is particularly useful.

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GPS Fields Area Measure

Best Land Surveying App

An easy-to-use, useful app for managing areas, distances, and perimeters.

More than a million people use this tool to measure their fields, mark their needed points, and share their measured maps with their colleagues.

Choose our app instead of searching for the best free app to measure area, distance, and perimeter!

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Land Survey

Best Land Surveying App

An easy-to-use, free app for measuring areas, distances, and perimeters.


  • Marking of areas and distances in a short amount of time
  • Measurements can be saved, removed, and edited
  • Undo the edition
  • Places & locations can be searched
  • Send an email with your measurements attached

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BD Land Survey Calculator

Best Land Surveying App

You can easily measure land with these apps. Rectangular land, round land, triangular land can be measured in a very short time with these apps.

Having this app is a must for every Amin (surveyor) and landowner. There are many land measurement apps in this app. More features are coming in the future. If you are interested in knowing and learning more about land or land then this app is for you.

Professional surveyors will find Amin much more helpful. Learn about land yourself and encourage others to do the same.

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Land Survey

Best Land Surveying App

A surveying app that helps every surveyor:

Keep track of your instruments’ calibration dates and be reminded before the calibration period expires.

Take full control of your Control Points, including all their attributes and locations

  • Leveling works should be taken into full control (no more calculators) and each level should be logged.
  • You can easily get all your calculations.
  • Access all survey sites and useful links directly.

By using a database, everything can be easily transferred to any other surveyor.

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Regrid Parcels & Property Maps

Best Land Surveying App

Shaping Location Intelligence with Regrid

Easily access property and location context data (APN, ownership, land-use codes, vacancy indicators, and property details) for over 150 million parcels covering 99% of the US.

With our app, you can survey and prospect properties and land on the go.

We put parcels in your pocket with the Regrid app.

We’re a leading provider of nationwide parcel and location context data, formerly known as Landgrid.

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Calculator For Land: All Shape

Best Land Surveying App

Apps for measuring land in English. You can easily measure rectangular land, round land, and triangular land with these apps.

An app that every Amin (surveyor) and landowner needs. Full of land measurement apps and many more features will be added in the future.

  • There is an option to change the app’s settings in meters or feet.
  • Both metric and imperial measurements are available.

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GPS area measure – land survey

Best Land Surveying App

Start walking by pressing the green button “GPS WALK”.

Continue walking along the area’s border.

Simply press “PAUSE” if there is an obstruction and move on to the next accessible point.

You can continue with “GPS WALK” or “GPS POINT HERE”.

  • The app will calculate the area and perimeter once you click “CALCULATE”.
  • There is no need to worry about closing the area exactly because the last position will connect with the first position automatically.
  • Area and perimeter are presented in imperial and metric units for convenience.
  • For areas, use “m2”, “acre” and “square feet”, and for perimeters, use “m”, “feet” and “yards”.
  • GPS-data can now be emailed to your (or other people’s) email address.

Make a copy of the GPX-part and paste it into one of the many GPS-visualizers available online.

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Surveying and Leveling Civil N

Best Land Surveying App

The level calculator app is useful for civil engineering field work. For civil engineering activities such as measuring distances, surveying and leveling, surface leveling, slope surveying, and leveling, and more, the surveying and leveling tool is essential. An easy-to-use surveying and leveling tool for your android device and smart phone for surveying and leveling things in your home.

A bubble level surveying instrument, or spirit level, is a tool used in civil engineering which indicates whether the surface it is placed on is level or plumb. The Bubble Level app is incredibly useful for civil engineers due to its accurate and simple-to-use nature. It serves as a comprehensive free civil engineering reference guide, with diagrams and graphs available, as well as topics pertaining to Civil engineering education. Additionally, important notes, news and blog posts on the subject can be accessed through the App. Amongst its features are the Forward Intersection Method, Resection Method and Intersection by Distances.

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AP Land Survey Numbers

Best Land Surveying App

You can use this application to find out the current land survey number anywhere in Andhra Pradesh state. The loading of Survey numbers on maps is dependent on the internet speed; accuracy depends on location and GPS technology.

Bhuvan-Project Services are open-source software from Bhuvan Applications Portal. Despite the fact that this App was compiled in good faith, no warranty is given (either expressly or impliedly) about the completeness or accuracy of the information it contains when comparing it to other datasets.

Please note that we do not represent the government body. The information in this mobile app is for information purposes only and cannot be used in court or for enforcing any legal claims.

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Auto Level Civil Engineering

Best Land Surveying App

An Auto Level surveying app for Civil Engineering students and construction professionals is a learning tool. Auto Level has the biggest problem with its unavailability, it’s not difficult to learn, it’s just not readily available. With the Auto Level surveying app, we’re going to solve that problem, civil engineering students and construction professionals can easily learn auto level from the comfort of their homes.

You can use the auto level app for all types of civil engineering surveying and topographic survey training, whether you are a student or a professional looking for surveying jobs.

A common problem among surveying instruments and surveying equipment is their unavailability; this auto level surveying simulator helps civil engineering students overcome that problem.

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