15 Best Korean learning Apps Android/iPhone 2022

With the advent of technology, it has become easier to learn almost anything using online applications. Connecting with people worldwide hasn’t been easier than now, and learning a new language has gotten way more relaxed and more comfortable. Instead of choosing a coaching institute, people prefer online courses and applications to equip themselves. The best part about these applications is that you can stay right where you are and learn all the fantastic stuff. If you are here, then I pretty much guess that you will learn the Korean language through a mobile application. There are many apps in the market, and it might be tough to decide which one’s the best. In this article, we’ve put forth the top 15 Korean learning apps that could help you become a pro within no time.

Best Korean learning Apps Android/iPhone 2022

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The KORLINK app is a must-have for every individual who is looking to learn Korean online. The app is excellent in terms of tutorials, explanations and the best part is clarifications are made in English. Some presenters guide you through the lessons.
The app is built for Android and iPhone users as well. You can download it for free on Play Store as well as the App Store. The podcasts are featured from the popular Korean learning website, “Talk to me in Korean.” The app is worth downloading, and I assure you that you’ll get to converse fluently in Korean within no time.


 Korean learning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

LingoDeer is one of the best apps if you are starting as a beginner. The user interface is excellent and makes learning quite fun. Some quizzes and tests allow you to implement what you learn. There is a performance indicator that will enable you to check your progress. Unlike other apps, you can start learning from the basic vocabulary to building your phrases. It also gives the user an insight into Korean culture. You can download the application for free from both the Google Play store and the Apple App Store, which is pretty much suitable for Android and iOS.


 Korean learning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

Memrise is another application that every Korean learner would find a liking to. The app allows you to learn from tutors online. It not only helps you read and write but also assists you in working on your pronunciation. As most of the tutors are native speakers, you get to understand the real Korean Slang. Within no time, you’ll end up speaking the language fluently. Memrise is available for Android as well as iPhone users. The best part is it is available for free.



Lately, Dongsa has been getting a whole lot of great reviews. The new version of the app is compatible with Android phones. For beginners, this app is a must. It focuses on the verbs and helps you with learning the basics behind forming a sentence in Korean. This app will help you hone your Korean skills even if you are an expert.

 Mango Languages

 Korean learning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

If you are looking to learn the Korean language in-depth, this app has 100s of lessons that will help you do so. For almost every word, you’ll find the right pronunciation. You can record your version and compare it with the audio clips given by the native speakers. Within no time, you’ll know how to read and pronounce Korean words fluently. The app is available for free and can be downloaded from both Google Play Store and the App Store.

 Sejong Korean Grammar- Basic


Sejong is one of the most popular Korean learning apps. It has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. The app has an excellent user interface, which makes you learn Korean in a fun and exciting way. Specially designed for beginners, the app focuses on the 120 different grammatical patterns. The app allows you to design your very own character and has educational games that help you quickly memorize stuff.

 Eggbun: Learn Korean fun

 Korean learning Apps Android / iPhone 2022


The Eggbun allows its user to teak the work and pronounce. The learning methods are easy and quite fun. Initially, it starts with the basics, and within no time, you’ll end up learning a lot of words and building your phrases. It gives you an insight into Korean’s culture as well. The pronunciation is mostly from native speakers giving you a better chance to learn Korean within a short period of time. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

 Write It! Korean

 Korean learning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

If you want to learn how to write Korean, you can’t find a better app than this. The app is easy to handle and quite user friendly. It gives you the liberty to frame your sentences and helps you find the right meaning for it. The app keeps track of your progress, and within no time, you get to learn how to write in Korean. The app already has a million downloads and is available both for Android and iOS users.



 Korean learning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

You might have already come across the word TOPIK if you’ve been learning Korean for a while. TOPIK is nothing but a test of how proficient you are in Korean. This app from miSociety helps you prepare for TOPIK. It enables you to listen to Korean conversations, helps you memorize the basic words, and also helps you solve exercises that are frequently asked in the exam. There are also video lectures that help you prepare within no time.



 Korean learning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

Awabe is another app that is worth downloading. It helps you have conversations with native speakers. It has audio clips that you have to listen to and choose the right word based on what you hear. This teaching method allows you to keep in mind a lot of stuff within a short period. The app keeps track of your progress and will enable you to learn Korean within no time.

 Learn the Korean Language with Master Ling

 Korean learning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

The app has around 200 lessons that are mentored in such a way that you gradually end up learning from the basics to the advanced. The app has a lot of quizzes that you have to solve. It has a write-up portion that helps you polish your writing and have native mentors that help you speak the language in no time. The app is worth downloading.

 Hangul Alphabet

 Korean learning Apps Android / iPhone 2022


The Hangul Alphabet is for beginners. The app allows you to learn Korean Alphabets. It also teaches you basic grammar that will help you frame sentences. The user interface is splendid, making it easy for all ages to use the app. The app is available for free on Google Play Store.

 Hello Korean

 Korean learning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

The app uses a chatbot called K-Bot that keeps you connected to the app. The sessions are pretty interactive. You can pick the lecture based on your preference and start learning. It has 3000 different sentences and phrases that will make you a pro within no time. The app is supported by Android users and can be downloaded from the Play Store.


 Simply Learn Korean


 Korean learning Apps Android / iPhone 2022


The app is the most preferred learning app on the internet. It gives the liberty to choose what kind of training you need. It has teaching methods from beginner to advanced. The lectures are easy to grasp. You get to read, write, and also communicate through the exercises provided by the app. The app has over five million downloads and is reliable.

 Poro Hangugeo

 Korean learning Apps Android / iPhone 2022

This app makes learning Korean quite easy. It helps you make conversations online with native speakers. It enables you to equip yourself with common sentences and gives the latest updates about the world in the Korean language. You also get to listen to Korean short stories and, within no time, see yourself become a pro. 

Closing thoughts

There is a wrong conjecture that mobile phones bring no good. With the growing technology, it seems like only with a smartphone you’ll be able to cope with the fast-moving world. Almost the whole world has been brought to your palm.
The implementation of technology in the field of education has also brought about a lot of changes. Instead of employing the conventional method of classroom learning, students prefer learning through online platforms. Learning has been made a lot easier, and you also connect to several people across the world.
Korean is a beautiful language, and learning Korean has its benefits. Instead of joining coaching classes, students prefer learning it from the palm of their hands. The language is easy to grasp once you get a hold of it. In this article, we’ve put some of the best apps for learning. I hope within no time you get to learn from it. Every app is unique in its way; choose the app that meets your preference and helps you learn Korean in the best way possible.