A Joystick is a popular game controller that acts as an input device for controlling any character or machine used in a computer program. In general, they seem like a control device that also has some extra buttons required for additional functionality.
The rudimentary idea about the Joystick is translating the program of a plastic stick into electronic information. From backhoes, wheelchairs to F-15 fighter jets, the Joystick can be used easily. There are lots of joystick technologies based on which joysticks are available. Basically, an electrical switch is used in a simple joystick design.
The design and working of Joystick
The basic design generally comprises of a stick, which is usually attached to a plastic base having a rubber sheath. There is a circuit board present underneath the stick. A circuit board has various ‘printed wires’ that generally gets connected to several contact terminals. The ordinary wires usually get extended from contact points to the computer.
The printed wires are responsible for creating a simple electrical circuit, which has different smaller circuits. The role of circuits is to transfer electricity from one point to another. There is no chance of conducting electricity as the material used in each wire doesn’t connect with each other.

The broken section can be covered using a simple plastic button that has a small metal disc. Whenever the Joystick is moved, it gets pushes down on any of these buttons.
A joystick is usually meant for translating your hand’s movement in a digital format and further sends it to PC software for taking necessary action. There is a number of ways in which Joystick can be used, like controlling a wheelchair, computing, and others. A trick while using a joystick that can create a magical moment is the movement of your hand and then converting to the language of computers. It can be flawlessly used while you are playing a game.
Top 15 best Joystick PC 2020
You must probably be wondering which Joystick suits your requirements best. Here, we are listing some of the top PC Joysticks that can change your experience.

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1.CH products flightstick

Best Joystick Pc 2020
CH products flightstick is one of the best overall choices that is getting popular day-by-day. Undoubtedly, the exclusive hands-on throttle-and-stick is quite useful in its work, but the offered one is appreciated for its unique features. Ben presents as a legacy controller; it comes up with three-axis, four buttons, and one 8-way POV hat switch. It is famous as a comfortable controller that gives you maximum functionality and satisfies your gaming needs.
The switches of this offered range give you a full range of fighting ammunition. Not only this, it allows a computer gamer to enjoy its unique features at very cost-effective prices. The Joystick is built to be used by different hands; therefore, it needs to be ergonomic in design and gives smooth working. The materials used for the making of this Joystick are quite durable. There is also a presence of seven-foot cable along with a sturdy base that allows you complete control over the games.
This classic Joystick is a better option than modern alternatives. You can buy it as separate unite or also combined the parts together to get cockpit experience. The software inside it is excellent and allows the users to do proper configuration before using it. The only thing that you should consider is that this Joystick should be recalibrated on a regular time.
Comprises of 12 buttons (4 push buttons and one 8 way point of view hat) and 3 axis
Instilled with a total of 22 programmable functions along with updated Control Manager Software.
Known for its comfortable grip design that is suitable for both rights and left-handed operation.
Contain quality components and best in construction.
Highly compatible with Windows 98, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OSX, Windows 8, ME 2000 and others
Brilliant in value
Comes with premium internals
Instilled with good companion software
There are a bunch of buttons

2.Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Flight Stick

Best Joystick Pc 2020
Thrustmaster is known to be a big name behind various quality sticks, and among them, HOTAS Warthog is a premium range. Being a fine-looking stick, it is packed with supreme quality packing metal parts and, thus, lightweight in nature. It is interesting to know that the presented Joystick is a replica of hardware used in U.S Air Force 1-10C attack aircraft. Talking about the features, it comprises of 16-bit resolution to get impressive precision. Besides, this stick has about 19 action buttons and a hat as well.
The HOTAS Warthog is an enjoyable joystick that is continuously meeting the expectations of the users. This Joystick is designed having a dual throttle system that allows you to have independent control. Also, it contains magnetic sensor technology that basically used for throttles known for providing precision.
It comes with a detachable handle.
Completely compatible with HOTAS Cougar.
It’s a replica of the A-10C flight stick.
Available with a detachable metal plate.
Put realistic pressure on trigger and buttons.
There are 19 action buttons.
Upgradeable firmware and USB connectors are available.
Lightweight in nature.
Sturdy design
Presence of metal chassis
Comes with 16-bit resolution

3.Logitech Pro Flight X-56

Best Joystick Pc 2020
Logitech introduced this Pro Flight X-56 to the users for enjoying a great game. It is not only considered to be a joystick but also comes with the four-spring system with twin throttles. Well, this Joystick is specially designed for enhancing the experience of VR gaming. It’s a great example of joysticks that have been instilled with complete control features with analog thumbsticks. In the market, it is available in a black and grey finish that is perfectly engineered to give a fantastic experience to the users. Indeed, it comes with dynamic physics that offers it six degrees of freedom. With this, you can do different movements like pitch, up, down, left, right, backward, and forwards.
A unique combination of elevator axis and Hall Effect sensors give it an adjustable tensioning system. Thus, you can easily control the stick. There are four springs sharing different tensions that offer an extra layer of customization.
Gives adjustable accuracy
Comprises of twin throttles
Excellent programmable controls
Provide a high level of performance
There is RGB backlighting
Suitable for VR gaming
Durable design
Excellent looing switches

4.Thrustmaster VG T16000M

Best Joystick Pc 2020
Are you in search of a high-quality stick that doesn’t cause a hole in your pocket?
This Thrustmaster VF T16000M is an excellent choice as a joystick. In it, you are actually getting a joystick that comprises buttons, sliders, and hats, which is entirely compatible with Windows 10. You can easily play Elite: Dangerous, Star Citizen, and different space stimulators. You will find no buttons on the handle that can cause any kind of hindrance to quick action mapping. There is a friction wheel that generally allows the users to manually control the resistance of throttles according to your requirements. Also, there is backlighting meant for doing proper functioning that helps you in using it at night.
Reliable functioning.
It comes with twist support.
High quality internals.
Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista.
Available with 3 removable components.
It can be used by both hands.

5.Mayflash F300

Best Joystick Pc 2020
Enjoy playing your arcade games without getting troubled using Mayflash F300. It’s a classic style stick having 8 buttons that help you in playing the game with ease. It does not have Sanwa parts, thus available at a cost-effective price. The response of these buttons is fine, and even the beginner can use them without fail. The size of the stick is apt and light in weight. Talking about the compatibility, it works great with PS4, PS3, XBOX ONE, XBOX360, PC Android Switch, and NeoGeo mini. It also correctly supports DINPUT and XINPUT while using this stick on PC. Note that, when you are using this stick on the PS4 Game console, make sure that you should use it with Sony PS4 controller.
Offer customization
Ideally supports the Turbo functions having different speed settings.
Easily exchange D-Pad and X/Y analog axis mode.
Designer lever and buttons are available placed on a similar layout.
Highly compatible with Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 7.
Comprises of heft and rubber feet to provide firm handling.

6.VKB SIM Gladiator

Best Joystick Pc 2020
The latest in the list is VKB Sim Gladiator joystick that is having a well-gripped design. It is a KG12 grip that is also used in different WWII airplanes and appreciated by PC pilots for ergonomic working. The offered range is present as a desktop joystick that is featured with precise magneto-resistive (MaRS) sensors required for roll, pitch, and yaw axis. Thus, this Joystick allows you to connect with VKB T-Rudder pedals directly to joystick without any support of a Tiny controller or Black box. There is configuration in the pedals with software as an additional axis. Thus, such configuration is helpful in managing the Joystick with a PC simulator or a game.
With the offered Joystick, you can easily play flight simulation games. Hence, the VKB SIM Gladiator joystick is excellent in working and offers a smooth flying experience.
Smooth grip angle
Equipped with MaRS sensors.
Presence of throttle axis.
Have metal baseplate to provide stability.
Have silicone baseplate for sturdy surface grip.

7.Qanba Obsidian

Best Joystick Pc 2020
If you are in search of stylish yet functional Joystick, then Qanba Obsidian is a great choice. You can rely on its design and entirely tested by experience fighting game e-athletes. With this Joystick, you can quickly level up your game. The exterior has in-built tournament-grade of components that make it highly accessible. It is designed using supreme quality of aluminum alloy side panels that provide stability and provide aesthetic look. The Joystick is highly compatible with PS 4, PS 3, and PC using a wired USB cable.
You will find Sanwa pushbuttons that are known for high performance. Well, easy to access switch present on the front panel provide uncomplicated switching between PS3, PS 4, and PC modes. You can also place the mouse touchpad on the backside.
Proven performance
Premium range of buttons
Sony licensed product
Contain aluminum alloy bevels
Touchpad mouse
Turbo functionality
Sanwa Densi pushbuttons

8.Logitech Extreme 3D Pro

Best Joystick Pc 2020
Logitech Extreme 3D Pro is a custom-designed, tailor-made Joystick meant for all game lovers. You can use every command of your fingertips while playing the game. Every programmable button can easily be configured for executing the single commands and having different keystrokes, mouse events, and more. Just use your thumb while switching from points of view to weapons. The presence of an 8-way hat switch is perfectly designed for capturing the flight SIMS.
Comprise of a weighed and stable base.
Presence of comfortable hand grip.
Contain a rapid-free trigger.
8-way hat switch.
Have 12 programmable buttons.
Precise twist rudder control.

9.Logitech G X52

Best Joystick Pc 2020
Logitech G X52 is a well-known flight simulator joystick that has multifunction LCD to get easy access. There is a minimum of 105 programmable commands that give you an excellent user experience. The adjustable handle easily fits all kinds of hand sizes. The illuminated buttons allow you to play the game even when there is dark in your room. The LCD display is helpful in the guide you towards the right button configuration. The presence of a precise centering mechanism makes sure that when you use the Joystick, it can quickly return to its neutral position. This happens because of the non-contact technology that enhances durability.
Another advantage of using Logitech G X52 is the progressive throttle having detents. Both are meant for controlling the idle, both reverse and afterburners thrusters. Yet another thing to note here is the new dimension of command that can be provided by Logitech G X52. If you want to have more traditional control, then this Joystick is a perfect choice because of the rudder lock switch that is featured with twist capabilities.
It comes with an advanced grip adjustment system.
Powerful customization software.
Dedicated MFD buttons.
Get realism in lighting.
Constant spring force.
The adjustable throttle is available.
Superb grip.

10.Thrustmaster T-Flight

Best Joystick Pc 2020
Want to enjoy your game at fullest, bring home this stylish designed Thrustmaster T-Flight joystick. You will find a detachable feature with real-size control throttle and offer direct configuration. You need just to plug it, and now you are ready to play the game. Features like dual-system aerodynamic control, ‘Preset’ & ‘Mapping’ button, programmable, and axles are able to provide you supreme-quality of controls for the airborne gaming experience. You can use this Joystick with PS3 and OC systems for creating a comfortable experience. With a trigger, you can quickly put brake or rapid fire.
In the highest setting, it is sensitive to the slightest touch. Combine this Joystick with PC game controllers to give an increased user experience. The weighted base is given for giving improve stability at the time when you are playing a game.
Comprise of detachable throttle that provides customizable setup.
There is adjustable handle resistance for enhanced user experience.
Get on and off the rudder function.
Presence of multi-directional point-of-view hat switch.
Available with plug-and-play installation.