JIO ka NUMBER Kaise Check Pata Karen [Jane 11 Tariko Se]

Unlock the secret to finding your Jio number with ease! Whether you’re a new Jio user or simply forgetful, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll share not just one, but eleven different ways to check your Jio number. From dialing a toll-free number to using handy apps and USSD codes, we’ve compiled all the methods you need to know. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to unveil the mystery of discovering your Jio number in no time! Let’s dive right in!

JIO ka NUMBER Kaise Check Pata Karen

1299 Toll Free Number Par Call Karke JIO Ka Number Kaise Check Karen?

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to check your Jio number is by dialing the toll-free number 1299. Simply pick up your phone, punch in those digits, and make the call! Within seconds, you’ll receive an automated message that will disclose your Jio number. It’s a quick solution for those who prefer avoiding complicated steps or using additional apps.

The best part about this method? You don’t need an active internet connection or any special requirements. Just ensure that you have sufficient balance on your Jio SIM card to make the call. This hassle-free approach allows users to retrieve their Jio numbers anytime, anywhere.

So why waste time searching through menus or navigating complex settings when a simple phone call can do the trick? Take advantage of this effortless option and never lose track of your Jio number again!

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Gmail Id Mein Jio Ka Number Dekhen

Gmail Id Mein Jio Ka Number Dekhen:

Kya aap apne Gmail ID ke zariye Jio ka number dekhna chahte hain? Toh chaliye, is blog section mein hum yeh jankari prapt karenge.

Sabse pehle, aapko apne phone ki settings mein jana hoga aur wahan “Accounts” ya “Sync” option par click karna hoga. Yahan par aapko Gmail account dikhayi dega, uspar click karein.

Ab aapke samne Gmail account ki details aaengi. Ismein scroll karke neeche jaaye aur wahan “Phone Number” likha hua milega. Yehi aapka Jio ka number hai!

Agar aapse login credentials maange jaise ki username aur password toh unhe enter kar dein taaki aap apna Gmail account khole sakein.

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Jio ka number pata karne ke liye ek aur tarika hai, aur woh hai USSD code ka upyog karna. Yeh bahut hi aasan aur saral tarika hai apne Jio number ko jaanne ka.

Sabse pehle, apne phone ke dialer mein jaiye aur *1# ya *#1# ya #*1# dial karein. Fir aapko ek pop-up notification milegi jismein aapka Jio number dikhega.

Agar yeh code kam nahi kar raha hai toh aap dusre USSD codes bhi try kar sakte hain. Dialer mein *333#, *222#, ya #100# enter karein aur fir call button dabayein. Iske baad, screen par aapka Jio number dikhayi dega.

USSD codes se Jio number check karne ke liye network connection ki zaroorat hoti hai, isliye dhyan dein ki aapki SIM card active honi chahiye.

Toh ab aapko tension lene ki zaroorat nahi hai! Apne phone ke dialer mein in USSD codes ko daalkar, apna Jio number asani se pata kar sakte hain!

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Another convenient way to check your Jio number is by using the SMS method. All you need to do is send a simple message and receive your number in no time.

To get started, open the messaging app on your phone and create a new message. In the recipient field, type “MYPLAN” or “JIO” (without quotes) and send it to 199.

Within seconds, you will receive an SMS from Jio containing all the details of your account, including your mobile number. This method works for both prepaid and postpaid connections.

It’s important to note that standard messaging rates may apply for sending this SMS, so make sure you have enough credit or a suitable plan before proceeding.

With just a few taps on your phone screen, you can easily retrieve your Jio number without any hassle. So next time you find yourself wondering what your Jio number is, simply use the SMS method and get instant access to all the information you need.

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One of the easiest ways to check your Jio SIM number is by using the My Jio app. This app not only allows you to manage your Jio account but also provides various features, including checking your Jio number.

To begin with, make sure you have downloaded and installed the My Jio app on your smartphone. Once you open the app, it will display all the necessary details related to your Jio connection.

On the home screen of the app, you will find a section called “My Account.” Tap on this option and it will take you to another page where you can view different details about your account.

Scroll down until you find an option labeled “Jio Number.” By tapping on this option, you will be able to see your complete Jio SIM number displayed on the screen.

If for some reason, you are unable to access or use the My Jio app, there are other methods available as well. However, using this convenient mobile application is often considered one of the simplest ways to check your Jio SIM number without any hassle.

Remember that keeping track of your phone number is essential for many reasons like sharing it with friends and family or updating important accounts tied to that specific contact information.

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Jio phone users can easily find out their Jio phone number by making a simple call to the customer care. The customer care helpline is available 24/7, so you can reach out at any time that is convenient for you.

To get your Jio phone number, simply dial the toll-free customer care number provided by Jio (1800-88-99999). Once connected, follow the automated voice instructions and select the option to talk to a representative. Explain that you want to know your Jio phone number and provide them with any necessary details they may ask for verification purposes.

The friendly customer care executive will assist you in retrieving your Jio phone number within minutes. They are trained professionals who handle such queries on a regular basis, ensuring a smooth experience for users like yourself.

Remember to keep your identification documents handy while calling as per their requirements. This will help speed up the process and ensure accurate information retrieval.

So next time if you forget or need to check your Jio phone number, don’t worry! Simply call the customer care helpline and they’ll be happy to assist you!

Dusre Number Par Call Karke Jio Number Kaise Check Karen?

Dusre Number Par Call Karke Jio Number Kaise Check Karen?

Agar aapko apne Jio ka number janna hai aur dusre number par call karke pata karna chahte hain, toh yeh bhi ek asan tarika hai. Aap sirf apne Jio se dusre mobile ya landline number par miscall dekar apna Jio ka number jaan sakte hain.

Iske liye, sabse pehle dusre mobile ya landline phone mein dialer kholein. Fir, apne Jio SIM se uss number par miscall dein jispar aap apna Jio ka number check karna chahte hain. Miscall dene ke baad redial option select karein takki wapas call automatically disconnect hojayegi.

Bas itna hi! Ab aapka dusra phone ya landline phone ring hone lagega aur display mein aapse connected incoming call show hogi. Usmein aapko apna Jio ka number dikhayega.

Yeh method bahut hi saral aur tezi se kam karti hai. Is tarike se aap kabhi bhi jarurat padne par easily apna Jio ka number pata kar sakte hain.

Sim Slot Se Jio Ka Number Dekhen?

Sim Slot Se Jio Ka Number Dekhen?

Jio ka number pata karne ke liye ek aur tareeka hai – apne smartphone ke sim slot se. Ye tarika bahut hi aasaan hai aur jyadatar smartphones mein kaam karta hai.

Sabse pehle, apne phone ki back cover ko hatakar usmein lage sim slots ko check karen. Agar aapke phone mein sirf ek sim slot hai, toh ye wahi slot hogi jisme aapka Jio SIM card insert kiya gaya hai.

Ab, dhyan se Jio SIM card ko nikale aur usko padhe. Usually, sim card par mobile number likha hota hai ya fir “MSISDN” naam se bhi jaana jaata hai.

Agar aapko apna number nahi dikhta ya samajh nahi aa raha ho toh tension mat lijiye! Aise cases mein customer care helpline par call karke bhi apna Jio number pata kar sakte hain!

To summarize, Sim Slot Se Jio Ka Number Dekhna bahut hi straightforward process hota hai. Bas thoda sa dhyaan dijiye aur apne smartphone ke sim slots ko check kijiye.

Call Karte Samay Jio Number Dekhen?

Call Karte Samay Jio Number Dekhen?

Kya aap apne Jio ka number janna chahte hain jab aap kisi ko call kar rahe hote hain? Ye bhi ek asan tarika hai apne Jio ka number pata karne ka. Jab aap kisi ko call karte samay, screen par aapka number dikhai deta hai. Isse pata chal jayega ki aapka number kya hai.

Jab bhi aap apna Jio phone lekar kisi ko call karte hain, screen par upar wali taraf “My Number” ya “Your Phone Number” likha hota hai. Yahan par aapko apna Jio ka 10-digit mobile number dikhega.

Ye feature sabhi smartphones mein available hota hai, chahe wo Android ho ya iOS. Bas aapse ye dhyan rakhna hota hai ki jab tak call lagti rahe tab tak screen ko na touch Karen taki screenshot capture na ho jaye.

Toh ab jab bhi next time call karoge, dekho aur note karo apna JIO sim card ka mobile no.!



Jio Call App ek bahut hi upyogi aur suvidhajanak app hai jiske dwara aap apne Jio SIM ka number aasani se dekh sakte hain. Is app ko apne smartphone par install kijiye aur phir isme apna mobile number check karne ke liye ye steps follow kijiye:

1. Sabse pehle, Jio Call App ko open karein.
2. Ab app ke home screen par “Settings” ya “Options” icon par click karein.
3. Settings/Options menu mein, “My Account” ya “Profile” option select karein.
4. Yahan par aapko apna Jio mobile number dikhayi dega.

Is tarah se, Jio Call App ki madad se aap bade hi saral tarike se apna Jio SIM ka number pata kar sakte hain.

Yeh app na sirf aapko apna mobile number batati hai balki anya fayde bhi pradan karti hai jaise call history dekhna, data usage check karna aur balance recharge karne ka option. Isliye, agar aapka phone me already installed nahi hai to ise turant download aur install jarur karein takki aap in sabhi suvidhaon ka laabh utha sakein.

Remember: Apne device me available space and internet connection ki availability jarur check kar lein taaki app sahi tarikese work kar sake!



Kya aap apne Jio ka number pata karna chahte hain lekin SIM ke pass nahi hai? Ghabrane ki zarurat nahi hai! Aap ek alternative number se bhi apna Jio ka number jaan sakte hain. Yeh bahut hi aasan aur asardar tarika hai.

Sabse pehle, dusre phone ya landline se apna mobile phone dial kijiye. Fir *1# dial karke call button dabaiye. Kuch hi seconds mein, aapko aapka Jio ka number dikhega screen par.

Agar yeh tarika kam na kare toh, dusre phone ya landline se 1800-890-1977 toll-free number par call kar sakte hain. Call lagane ke baad IVR instructions ko follow kijiye aur apna alternate mobile number enter kijiye jispe verification code receive ho sake. Verification code enter karne ke baad, aapko SMS ke through aapka Jio ka mobile number mil jayega.

Yeh do tarike hain jo alternative number se Jio ka number nikalne mein madadgar sabit ho sakte hain. Ab pareshan hone ki zarurat nahi hai kyunki ab aap easily and quickly apna Jio ka mobile-number jan sakte hain!

Note: Is method ko employ karne se pehle sure ban jayein ki alternate-mobile-number activated ho aur signal strong hon!

TAFCOP Portal Dwara Jio Ka Number Dekhen?

TAFCOP (Telecom Analytics for Fraud Control and Prevention) portal is a platform developed by the Indian government to monitor and control telecom fraud. It provides various services, including the ability to check your Jio number. This portal is accessible through both web and mobile applications.

To check your Jio number using TAFCOP portal, you need to follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the official website of TAFCOP or download their mobile app from Google Play Store.
2. Register yourself on the platform using your mobile number and other required details.
3. Once registered, log in to your account using the provided credentials.
4. Navigate to the section that allows you to check your Jio number.
5. Enter the necessary information such as SIM card details or any other identification asked for verification purposes.
6. After providing all the required information, click on “Submit” or similar option available on the portal.
7. The system will then fetch and display your Jio number on-screen.

By utilizing this efficient system provided by TAFCOP, you can easily access and retrieve your Jio number hassle-free.

Remember, always keep your personal information secure while using online platforms like TAFCOP for checking your phone numbers or any other related services offered by them

About Phone Mein Jio Ka Number Dekhen ?

About Phone Mein Jio Ka Number Dekhen?

Agar aapko apne phone mein se Jio ka number check karna hai, toh aap asani se iska pata laga sakte hain. Yeh ek bahut hi saral tareeka hai aur jyadatar smartphones par kaam karta hai.

Sabse pehle apne smartphone ke “Settings” menu ko open karein. Fir “About Phone” ya “Phone Information” option par click karein. Ismein aapko SIM card details dikhegi, jisme Jio SIM ki bhi information hogi.

Is section mein aksar SIM card number, mobile network operator name aur dusri jaankariyan hoti hain. Aap yahan dekh sakte hain ki Jio ka number kitna hai.

Yadi yeh option available nahi ho toh aap apne phone ke dialer pad ko open karke *#06# dial karke call button press kar sakte hain. Isse IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number display hoga, jisme last me 13 digits jo alag color mein highlight kiye gaye ho wo hi Jio ka mobile number hota hai.

Ab aapko is tarah se apne phone mein se Jio ka number pata chal jayega aur aap ise note down ya screenshot bhi le sakte hain for future reference.

Kya Jio SIM Number Phone Number Ke Saman Hai?

Kya Jio SIM Number Phone Number Ke Saman Hai?

Jio SIM number aur phone number ka sambandh alag hota hai. Phone number aapka mobile device ke liye unique identifier hota hai, jise dusre logo ko call karne ke liye upyog kiya jata hai. Iske viprit, Jio SIM number sirf uss specific sim card ko identify karta hai jo aapke paas maujood hai.

Phone number ek 10-digit numeric format mein hota hai, jabki Jio SIM number ek combination of alphabets and numbers hota hai. Jio SIM card par likha hua ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier) number IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) code se milta julta hota hai.

Isliye, agar aapko apne Jio SIM ka phone number pata karna chahte hain, toh aapko USSD code ya My Jio app ka upyog karna padega. In dono tarike se aap apna current Jio mobile number jaan sakte hain.

To summarize, although both the phone number and the Jio SIM card have their own unique identification codes, they are not the same thing. The phone number is used for making calls to your device, while the Jio SIM card has its own specific identifier for network purposes.

Apne Jio Number Ki Validity Kaise Janchen?

Apne Jio Number Ki Validity Kaise Janchen?

Jio ka number check karne ke sath-sath, apni Jio sim ki validity bhi janna bahut zaruri hai. Agar aapke paas koi dusra phone number hai, toh aap apne Jio number ki validity ko uss number se check kar sakte hain.

Validity janne ke liye sabse pehle apne alternate phone number se *333# dial karein aur call button dabayein. Ek message milega jisme aapko kayi options diye gaye honge. In options mein se ‘My Plans’ option ko select karein. Iske baad, ek message milega jo aapki current plan details aur validity dikhayega.

Agar aapke paas alternate phone number nahi hai toh aap MyJio app ka istemal karke bhi apni Jio sim ki validity jaan sakte hain. App open hone ke baad ‘View Details’ par click karein aur yahaan pe plan details and expiry date dikhegi.

Is tarah se, iss simple tarike dwara aap easily apni Jio sim ki validity jan sakte hain aur plans according to your usage choose kar sakte hain!



1. Can I check my Jio number by calling on the toll-free number?
Yes, you can easily check your Jio number by dialing the toll-free number 1299 from your Jio SIM card. Follow the instructions provided to hear your Jio number.

2. Is it possible to find my Jio number through my Gmail ID?
No, you cannot find your Jio number directly through your Gmail ID. However, you can try other methods mentioned in this article for checking your Jio number.

3. How do I use USSD codes to check my Jio number?
To check your Jio number using USSD codes, simply dial *1# or *333#. A message will be displayed on your screen containing important details about your phone and network, including the registered mobile number.

4. Can I find out my Jio number by sending an SMS?
Yes, you can send an SMS with “MYPLAN” to 199 and receive a message containing details about your active plan as well as the associated mobile phone numbers.

5. What is the MYJIO app and how can it help me find my Jio SIM card’s phone number?
The MYJIO app is a useful application that allows users to manage their Reliance services conveniently. By logging into this app using their credentials, customers can view their account information where they will be able to locate their respective mobile numbers associated with the SIM cards.

6. Is it possible to call customer care for finding out my JIO phone’s assigned mobile digit ?
Yes! You may call Customer Care at 198 or 199 from another device not connected with any SIM card service provider such as landline phones or alternative network providers like Airtel or Vodafone; then ask them kindly about what specific digits relate specifically towards one’s current subscription status – they’ll gladly assist!


Can I know if there are any alternative methods to find out my Jio number?
Certainly! If you are unable



In this article, we have discussed various methods to check your Jio number. Whether you prefer calling a toll-free number, using the My Jio app, or sending an SMS, there are multiple ways to easily find out your Jio number.

By following these simple steps and utilizing the USSD codes provided by Jio, you can quickly retrieve your Jio mobile number without any hassle. Additionally, alternative methods such as checking through Gmail ID or contacting customer care can also come in handy.

Remember that knowing your own phone number is essential for communication and staying connected with others. So next time you need to share your Jio number with someone or simply want to keep it handy for future reference, use one of the methods mentioned above.

Stay connected with Jio and enjoy seamless services on India’s leading telecom network.