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Now a days as we all know  android is the best and the most popular mobile operating system available in the market. This operating system does not have any major alternative except of ios. Though apple ios  is not as flexible as android is but there are times when people for a change want to switch from android to ios but due to high prices everybody can not afford an iphone.
So to have an ios experience on your android device there are various ios launchers available on play store.
top 10 best iphone launchers apps android 2018


1.i launcher os11 iphone x

best ios/iphone x launchers 2018
This is leading on iOS  launcher for Android in this list.
Latest iphone x style directly on your android smartphone.
Convert your any android smartphone into iphone x style user interface.
Latest iphone 3d themes and wallpers,menu and home screen 3d effects like iphone x screen.
Perfect solution for your iPhone x style needs.
Let’s download and enjoy feeling of top rated ios launcher directly on your android smartphone.
Download and change now.

2.ii launcher for iphone

best iphone laucnher apps android 2018
its on the top of the list of the top 10 best ios launchers apps on android is One Launcher. The reason behind this app being the most popular amongst others is that the ios interface that it provides has the maximum accuracy and is very much similar to the apple iphone interface.
One Launcher provides the same transition effects that ios operating system have and even the system icons are exactly the same as of apple iphone ios.
So just open play store and download this app for free and convert your android device to an iphone.

3.x launcher

best ios launcher android 2018

Comes thired on this list of best ios launcher apps in 2021 is x launcher. This app has the capability to convert your android device into an iphone. Espier launcher is available on the play store in two types one of them being i6 and the latest is i7 as of now. Of the two types i7 is the best as it provides improved features and crisper looks as compared to the former type i6.


best iphone launcher android 2018

This launcher is one of the best and the most popular ios launcher available on the google play store. This launcher has some of the best features as compared with other launchers available in the market and the transition effects and the gestures are the most accurate but are limited in the free version.

5.iLauncher 7 i5

best ios launchers android

This launcher is liked by most of the users and has got a lot of downloads on play store because of a reason that this app does not only give an iphone feel to your device but besides this improves your mobile phones performance as well. iLauncher  7 i5 makes your mobile device more fast and smoother than before.The only drawback of this launcher is that user’s have to deal with some of the advertisement that will pop along using the launcher.
So all you need to do is just open play store and download this app for free and convert your android device to an iphone.

6. launcher theme iphone 7

best iphone 7 launchers 2018

As the name says itself this launcher gives your android device a feel of an iphone 6. Iphone 6 being favourite of most of the people gives this app so much of popularity and millions of downloads on the google play store as well.This app is not a complete copy of iphone 6 operating system but has very much similar features of iphone 6. Only negative side of this app is an array of ads that comes with this app.

7.stylish ios launcher

best iphone style launchers 2018

This app is highly recommended to iphone/ios  lovers as this application have the capability of converting your android device into a complete ios based device.  Even the home screen and icons that this launcher will provide will be a complete replica of iphone. With os9 launcher you can use your android apps on your device with an iphone look.
This launcher being free on google play store is the choice of most of the users because of its features and gestures it provides.

8.iphone x launcher

best iphone launchers android 2018

If you are a iphone lover and also want to keep your phone on safer side than this app is highly recommended for you. Not only this app will convert your phone into an iphone but also will give your phone a pin lock safety iphone which is exactly the same one that i phone has. This app is also the best for the users whose device storage is always full as this only takes a few mb’s. Easy to downlaod and easy to manage with the storage of your device this launcher is the primary choice of most of the phone storage concerned users.


best iphone launcher android 2018

This launcher is not only  amongst the best of the top 10 ios launcher apps but also is a bit unique from all of ots contenders. The reason of this app being unique from others is that it doesnot only have the capability to convert your android phone to an i phone but is can also tune up your low end hardware device which will result in smooth functioning of your mobile device with the looks of an iphone. Besides it also have some of the best features that only ios has including pin lock and provide many other beautiful effects that only iphone supports.

10.x launcher 

best iphone x launchers 2018

This launcher is amongst one of the best ios launchers available on play store. This launcher not only allows you to launch particular applications but can also make you launch operations with in the apps.The launcher Center Pro provides an array of apps shortcuts that speeds up daily tasks and helps saving time and energy.It has unique light and dark themes with 3d touch support and simple launch creation tool as well. In short it gives your android phone the most amazing features that only iphone can provide to its users.


best iphone launcher android 2018

Last but not the least in the list comes a launcher which not only converts your android device to an i phone but can even let users customize the way it fits to your phone. With an array of features , apps and widgets like weather forecast and many more this app has gained attention in recent times. With millions of downlaods this application/launcher has won hearts of many users and made android users take benefits of ios platform, so let this happen to you also and download this app today from google play store.


So guy’s these are the latest and best iphone launchers android 2021 for you.
I hope you love it.
Enjoy feeling of iphone x,iphone 8, iPhone 7,iphone 6 directly on your android smartphone.
These launchers such a amazing launchers convert your android ui into complete iphone ui.
Let’s pick your favorite iphone version style and download and set it now.
Let’s go and convert now.
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