Over the time, folks who are residents of the United Kingdom believed that investments could only be done probably by buying shares with some firms and companies out there is just the outstanding method.That’s cool though, but it has made a whole lots of individuals relent with the quest of investing. This is so because when interested individuals think about the money, stress and the procedures required, they just choose to relent instead. Ideally, do you know that you can actually start some profitable investments without going through some kinds of stress and the rest of it? Yeah, there are several alternatives to that and one of the best is Investments Apps. You can really start investing with an application from the comfort of your home. However, this method is much easier and better than the normal investment method. It can be remotely monitored by you from anywhere you might be and at any given moment.Meanwhile, there are tons and numerous Investment Apps in UK you could get hold of and probably start making some percentages instead of relenting from the other methods. So in other to save you the stress and time of searching all day just to find a good and a better app for your investments, we’ve been able to carry out and extensive research on this very topic ‘’Best Investments Apps UK in 2021’’. And as a result of this research, we’ll be highlighting or perhaps listing about 15 different UK Apps for your investments in 2021. This is cool right? Wait a minute; just read through this content to see the apps yourself. Don’t be told about these apps, rather be one that’ll tell others about these wonderful investment apps. 

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1.Money Box

 Best Investment Apps Uk 2020


Money Box is one of the best investment apps in uk. So if you’re looking out for the best collections or perhaps still checking out on the one to download and probably get started with the investment, then Money Box is really what you need. With Moneybox, you can start your investment with little cash as low as £1. With that little investment, you’ll have full access to various ISAs such as stocks, shares, junior accounts, lifetimes etc, on this (Moneybox) platform.


 Best Investment Apps Uk 2020


Wealthify is rated as one of the best Investment Apps in the United Kingdom. The application is very much compatible with your Android device. So why waste your time on several applications and games that don’t worth spending time with where you can possibly make a whole lot of money with this Investment app. On this app, the fund charges ranges at about 0.22% for the year, and you can actually expect a maximum of 0.7% applied to your yearly investments. Do not waste most of your time lamenting; just get started with this app (Wealthify). 

3.Interactive Investor

 Best Investment Apps Uk 2020

Interactive investor is another great app that offers you the opportunity of investing with them and at the end having a great result to show for it. Interactive investor charges a £22.50 platform fee per quarter, which is returned in the form of trading credit. It isn’t the cheapest option available, but it will cost less if you trade more (starting from £10 per trade, down to £6 if you’re a frequent trader).


 Best Investment Apps Uk 2020

Are you yet to download Plum app on your mobile device? Then you’re really missing out a great fortune. Plum app is an excellent UK Investment app you shouldn’t fail to have on your various devices. This app is for residents of UK and with this app, you can remotely pay most of your pills at ease. Don’t waste your time on some unreal investment apps. Just navigate your way to this app and start making huge commissions. 

5.Trading 212

 Best Investment Apps Uk 2020

Trading 212 another great app you should have on your mobile device. This app offers a large number of US stocks. In addition to this, Trading 212 also deals on UK stocks too.It sounds so great for me to announce to you that this Trading 212 have a very awesome and an extensive desktop version for desktop users. So this app is not just for mobile users only. However, you can check your stock portfolio on the go and on the big screen.


 Best Investment Apps Uk 2020

Fidelity is also one of the best investment applications in the United Kingdom (UK) for 2021. This application is very candid and easy to use (this means that even a novice or a starter can remotely use this app without being coached by any professional). In fidelity app, you’re being offered a step by step guide on how to do it all alone. So if you’re new to this very app, worry less, because this app will make your investment yield great results as if you’re a professional.


Best Investment Apps Uk 2020

You can’t talk about best investment app in UK without mentioning Wombat. This application is a very popular app and it can be used by both professional and a novice investor. One of the major reasons why I recommended this application is because you don’t need to or it isn’t mandatory for you to start with some cash. This simply means that with this app, you can start without paying anything. That’s cool isn’t it? This means that you can remotely make or probably save up to £1,000 or even more on this platform regardless of the fact that you didn’t pay anything to start.So if you’re really looking for the best apps to really spend your time with this year, just navigate through your mobile device and download this very app to get started on the money making direction.


 Best Investment Apps Uk 2020

Stake app is one of the best apps I love so much. This app however offers a 100% unlimited commission-free trade. This particular offer is only available on their free account. Stake application became operational in Australia and now, its operation has been extended to UK. This application strictly deals with US stocks and at the same time, they made it easy for people in UK to trade US stocks with little payment cost. In addition to this, they have been reckoned to have about 3,500+ US stocks and ETFs.


 Best Investment Apps Uk 2020

Nutmeg is another great app for investment in UK. So if your target is to make some profitable investments this year and in years to come; then try out Nutmeg. It will really give you a great experience. In this particular application, you can only start your investment with the minimum amount of £500. Yeah! You can actually start with this app then choose a lifetime ISA for stocks and shares and this threshold falls to £100, but it’s still a bit of a peak from the competition. 

10.IG App

 Best Investment Apps Uk 2020

IG is another wonderful app for your investment in 2021 for UK citizens. With this app, you can easily start investments without paying anything. Just like the interactive investor, your trader even becomes cheaper when you trade more. However, this app is known or perhaps mostly used by great active traders. One of the major reasons why I love this app so much is of the fact that it charges no commission on US shares, if you’ve made 3 trades in the previous month. 

11.Free Trade

 Best Investment Apps Uk 2020

This great app offers its users the opportunity of setting up a basic investment account without paying any dime. This is cool right?Free Trade, besides being a great app that gives you the opportunity of investing with no fee also renders a huge and cool customers care online. 

12.CMC Markets

 Best Investment Apps Uk 2020

CMC Markets is another top-notch app every UK citizen should have on their devices for great investments. With this app, you’ll stop worrying yourself or perhaps going through whole lots of stress just to buy shares with some firms out there.

13.Wealth Simple

Best Investment Apps Uk 2020

Wealth Simple is another great app you should invest into. With little or almost-nothing investment, you’ll stand a chance of becoming a real timer earner with this app.


 Best Investment Apps Uk 2020

There’s absolutely no way you’ll talk about the best investment apps in 2021 for 2021 without mentioning RobinHood. In a short and precise note, you can actually start with £1 on this very app. After that, just watch how your little investment will grow and I bet you; the result will definitely shock you. Try out this great app. 


 Best Investment Apps Uk 2020

MoneyFarm is an awesome investment app for folks who reside in UK. On this app, you can actually start with a pension, stocks, general account too. Why wait where you can easily invest your spare money. Get started with MoneyFarm and start enjoying every moment you spend with the app.


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