Hey guys are you confused how to view a private instagram account then you came at right place let’s solve your query completely
In instagram their is two types of accounts
  • Public account
  • Private account

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Public account
Public account in instagram is simply which you follow directly any user and page without any restrictions to see their content you don’t need any other permission or owner approval permission to see their content these pics are shared completely publicly and
if you don’t follow him/her then you also able to see these images and videos shared by them so it’s basically public account let’s check out private account.
Private instagram account –
private account basically refers to privacy and people’s only see content when he/she send follow reqest and approved by owner.
  if owner don’t accept your follow request then forget about their pics and videos you can’t see anything till your follow request approved  by owner instagram account
so what’s the solution of this problem
let’s see how to see their private instagram pics and videos.
let’s go !!!!!
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Follow him/her directly

This is the most simplest way to view private instagram account you don’t need to do any extraordinary things.
Just open your instagram account and search your desired private instagram account which you want to see now hit the follow button
Now wait  ????
when account owner see your follow request and accept your request and you can see their insta account now.
This is positive thing
If account owner reject your follow request or not approve you then what should you do??
Don’t worry about it here i have more ways to see anyone’s private instagram account
Let’s check out another way to see it!!!!

Profile view tool

If first one most simplest way not fit for you then here is a creepy method to see anyone’s insta private account
There is many websites available on the internet which provides you facility of accessing the private instagram account in Just few minutes
Let’s check out how they works
These two tools are awesome for viewing any private Instagram account
You just need to enter your desired insta account  user name or instagram profile url
Now you all set!!!!
It’s sync all the data of that insta account and provide you all the data of that account
Warning-use at your own risk these are the not genuine way to access any insta account and they will ask you to complete a offer then you see the data
So it’s depends on you
Drink mountain dew for risk taking
Or drink thumbs-up taste the thunder.
Choice is yours!!!!!!

Direct message reach out

Before sending follow request to him/her send a sweet message!!!
In this sweet message tell them about you and importance of he/she for you
Convince them please accept my follow request
this polite request is definitely work for you
If not
Then caught them  and show your anger to him/her
grab his/her smartphone
open instagram and accept your follow request
Now politely give Him/her their smartphone back and say good bye with a smile 😊
This is 100% work for you gurrenteed !!!
Warning-  this is not ideal way to access any private instagram account.
Do it on your own risk!!!!

Use your friend insta account or create fake one

how to view private instagram account
Everyone on this planet have friend’s some are good some are bad
But you have definitely one friend whose account password and username you have if not then ask him
Bro give me your insta account password.He smile and give you a slap!!!!!
After 2-3 slap you definitely get the Insta account password
Everything is worth it in the end.
So now search your creepy private instagram account and send follow request.
If account owner accept the request  then give your best friend a good treat
If account holder reject it then dude!!!!
it’s your turn revenge time !!!
Slap as much as you can.
Show your extraordinary skills to your friend.At the end offer him cold drink and chips
And eat it drink it forget about it
Not about accessing private instagram account
I mean forget about slapping each other
If it’s not work then create a fake account with a good name and send request to him/her
It’s may work for you
So guys these are the ways to see instagram private account pics/videos.
i hope this can help you to see your private instagram account content their is privacy which everyone wants it so some people don’t want to share their images and video’s with Everyone only selected people have permission to view those content shared by private instagram account the privacy is one of the essential feature in social media accounts it’s available on all type of social media accounts like on facebook,twitter,linkedin it’s All in your hands what you want to share or what you want to keep private so guys these are techniques
To see someone private instagram account content.
if you like this post and if know any more method to do this please share that method view comments i will update them on this list
Thank you