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  1. Happy to go from miss to Mrs.
  2. Today she said I do to her happily ever after.
  3. The glow on my face is a reflection of your love.
  4. My favorite white dress for life…
  5. That look on her face says “Now I know exactly how Disney’s Cinderella felt when she found her Prince Charming.”
  6. The bride is here, let the party begin!
  7. Whenever I look into your eyes, they speak to me of the immense love your heart holds for me.
  8. Is it all a dream or am I really getting married today?
  9. This isn’t our happy ending – it’s our amazing beginning!
  10. He stole my heart so I’m going to steal his last name.


  1. They said you can’t love someone more than this, but my love for you increases every time I look at you.
  2. The universe conspired to find me my happily ever after!
  3. Ever since I’ve met you, my face looks like a smiley emoji.
  4. When I close my eyes I dream about you; when I open them I see you and fall in love with you once again!
  5. Today will be the sweetest ‘Yes’ of my life.
  6. Destiny brought us together, love will keep us bound forever.
  7. Butterflies in my stomach and tears in my eyes. My love, you are the prettiest bride.
  8. With you by my side, I will win the world.
  9. Dressing in my best for the most special day of my life.
  10. Being with you feels like being home.


  1. You don’t marry the person you can live with, you marry the person you can’t live without.
  2. Your eyes meet mine and our hearts start beating as one.
  3. We fit together like pieces of a puzzle and nothing will pull us apart.
  4. Together we make the strongest team ever.
  5. Not just our hearts, but our souls love each other.
  6. Till death do us part.
  7. Kiss me and make me yours.
  8. Your laughter is my most favorite sound.
  9. We exchanged smiles and fell in love. Now we’ll laugh together and stay in love forever.
  10. Life isn’t perfect but together we are!
  11. I want you in all my memories.
  12. A short walk in the garden with you gives me the peace my heart needs.
  13. I love you not just for what you are, but for what you’ve made me.
  14. In this universe, and in another, we are and will be together forever.
  15. I need you the way the moon needs the sun.
  16. Fairytales are real stories, we are the proof.
  17. Even in another lifetime, I will find you and make you mine.
  18. Let’s write the next chapter of our lives together and fill it with magic!
  19. Through thick and thin, we’ll be together holding each others’ hands.
  20. Mom said— ‘pick the best one’. Guess what? I did.
  21. The day I realized your tears hurt me more than your smile made me happy, I knew I had fallen in love with you.
  22. We are ready for new memories, new adventures, and new craziness in life.
  23. If I had two hearts and three chances, I’d give you both, all three times.
  24. After meeting you, I feel sorry for all the days of my life I spent without you.
  25. Not sure about diamonds but our love is definitely forever!
  26. Our wedding might be simple but is significant.
  27. I’m so excited to experience life and grow old with you.


  1. …and here she comes, into my life, forever!
  2. Ready to get wed, white, and boozed with the love of my life.
  3. You are what happened when I wished upon a star.
  4. Say hello to the luckiest man in the world!
  5. I laugh and cry at the same time. I can’t believe this beautiful, lovely lady is going to be mine forever.
  6. I have never seen anything so beautiful as you walking towards me today.


  1. Sweet, intimate, and magical!
  2. “Take me into your lovin’ arms. Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars.” — Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud.
  3. From this moment to my last, I want to fill it with many more kisses and warm hugs.
  4. You’re my missus, get ready for more kisses.
  5. Life, the gift of nature, Love, the gift of life, a Kiss, the gift of love.
  6. Share this moment with me as I lean into my forever with you.


  1. Do I look like a Mrs. in this dress?
  2. Fairytale mode *activated*.
  3. Gorgeous gown and a sparkling smile— I am ready for my wedding!
  4. I said YES to the dress, now I am saying I DO to this man!
  5. My watch says I should marry you ASAP!


  1. Hey you! Thank you for making my friends jealous.
  2. Happy girls are the prettiest.
  3. We’re all #twinning today.
  4. Here’s to love, laughter, and happily ever after.
  5. Messy bun, having fun. (Bridesmaids)
  6. Sisters of my heart, thank you for standing next to me today!


  1. I’d marry you anytime and anywhere.
  2. Two’s a company, three’s a crowd—it’s also our wedding!
  3. Being spontaneous was always our thing anyway.
  4. It’s just you and me, together forever.
  5. Nothing fancy, just love. And these new rings.
  6. Shhh, we eloped.
  7. Woke up and decided to get married today.
  8. Just married. Surprise!
  9. Hey, wanna get married today?
  10. This just might be our most romantic adventure yet.


  1. They got married, we got to party!
  2. Dancing like crazy to eat more sweets later.
  3. Thanks to the bride and groom for showing us what true love looks like.
  4. Locked in for life? I’ll drink to that.
  5. You guys got me all emotional.
  6. To the couple: May you always be as happy as you made me today.
  7. Both of them are crazy and perfect for each other.
  8. Our vow to the couple is to have the most fun at the reception.
  9. Who says this day is not for BFF time?
  10. Good friends help each other through adventures!


  1. Every step towards you reminds me of the happy life that lies ahead.
  2. Confetti here, champagne there, love everywhere.
  3. A father hold’s his daughter’s hand for a short while but her heart forever. (father-daughter photo)
  4. Dad, the best feeling is knowing that I’m a little piece of you. (father-daughter photo)
  5. It’s you mom, who taught me how to love (mother-son photo)
  6. I still fall for you every day (fall wedding Instagram quote)
  7. Out of all of my fingers, this one is now my favorite (wedding ring caption)
  8. With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair. ( for bride/ bridesmaids with floral hair accessories)
  9. Roses are red, violets are blue, this bouquet means I love you.
  10. Hand in hand, heart to heart, on this day your adventure starts.