It is true and well said by Sabrina Bryan “You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.”

 And same goes with sports like any type of sports or even any or even you are doing some work or whatever believe it or not without passion you won’t even try and it is a fact that every individual is fond of doing something in leisure, some people love writing, some are outgoing, some love playing and some are really very sportive so they play sports to kill their time. Now the world has no more charm when it comes to sports. Our younger generation plays everything on their PC or consoles, that is the reason why the new generation is suffering so much from anxiety, depression and obesity this wasn’t planned but it is the real face of the world where there much less sports enthusiast are left.

This article is about enlightening you with one of the most passionate sports around the globe that is inline skating. Yes it is a very intense sport which looks effortless with years of practice after lots of cuts and bruises. Skating has only known for its pros with a single con and that is same fractures and bruises which can be undone by taking precautions and baby steps during the learning process. Now let’s come to the pros, well firstly it develops your brain and body coordination, increases balance, works in the core, proven to a fun cardiovascular activity and strengthens the limbs which are very important. Now you only have to encourage your child to do so because a gaming console won’t make your kid sportive but a pair of inline skates will. If you have decided to buy one then lets check out some inline best for your kids.

Here are some of the inline skates available in India 

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1. Nivia Super Inline Skates

 Best Inline Skates India 2020

When it comes to sport then Nivia is the most trusted brand in India. The frame of this inline skate is made up of aluminum material which gives a strong support to wheels and shoes as well. Once you look at the rear-side of skate shoes, you will notice built-in brakes to give a support and ensures safety of children. It has 4 wheels which are made from polyurethane material of size 80 mm to move freely even in hard surfaces. The ABEC 5 carbon steel bearings ensure longer life. It has a rugged and sturdy build design to steal the customer’s attention. It is available in different sizes, color combinations and affordable too. It is best to use at both indoors and outdoors without any worries. The major drawback is the manufacturer did not offer the shoes for teens, adults and elders but this skate is a bit heavy still it is comfortable enough and supportive too it comes with 10 days refundable guarantee which makes it is great deal do check it out.

2. Hoteon Inline Skates

 Best Inline Skates India 2020

Hoeton Inline skates have good reputation when it comes to skates. It has Carbon Steel ABEC-7 bearing and its size is adjustable. The design of the skate enhances the skating speed and thereby improves the lifespan. Its wheels are polyurethane which makes it very heavy duty skates the wheels measure 80mm. This product is best to use for kids aged 3-7 years and come in different sizes small i.e. 26-32. It is available in 3 colors and sizes suitable from 3-7 years of children. It has tiny pores in the front region which provides ventilation while skating. Keep in mind that the screws should not be loose, bearing should be regularly checked for maintenance so as to keep the best working condition and do not immerse the wheel in water and avoid direct sunlight as it ensures longevity and gives you best results if maintained well while it also 10 days refundable guarantee.

3. Cosco Sprint Roller Skates

 Best Inline Skates India 2020

This skate is durable and large sized wheels come with bearings to generate high speed and ensures precise turning, flexibility. It provides comfortable feel and also delivers top notch performance. It has aluminum frame offers greater stability to those who skate on roads, skate-paths, etc. It brings joy and happiness into the lives by offering premium quality materials to support the foot size and does not make any side-effects. This is one of the most popular and high-quality roller skates in India. It’s best to use for children above 8 years to offer the smooth skating experience. Just like other famous rolling skate brands, it is also available in multiple colors it comes in blue, red, yellow colour and has sizes which can match with the different age group. It is economical and has low rolling resistant nature which makes it a great deal with 10 days refundable guarantee.

4. Jaspo Blue Derby Intact Adjustable Senior Roller Skates

Best Inline Skates India 2020

In comparison these skate shoes come at low prices to make the gaming device accessible for everyone so, it is considered as one of the best budget roller skates in India. It comes with a whole set of knee pads, elbow pads, helmet and a baggage all these in affordable price range for your junior. It is suitable for 6 to 14 years of age range. It has high speed semi precision ball bearings with 60 mm Anti- skid vinyl wheel which are very tough and durable; It comes with light weight fiber chassis and is adjustable in size. The helmet is made of high hardness PE shell i.e. designed with multiple vents with soft inner lining that absorbs external pressure, special aerodynamic design and breathable foam while knee pads and elbow pads are made of 4 layered fabrics with adjustable elastic belt and has Velcro so, it does not fall off when in extreme sports and it also comes with e stoppers for greater control and finally it comes with v so, that you can return it in days if some issue arises.

5. KAMACHI Aluminum Body, in-LINE Skates

 Best Inline Skates India 2020

This inline skates come with soft boot support system with triple cam lever buckle, push button adjustment system and comfort fit padding. It is perfect for kids, beginners and junior (3-7 years). The length of the shoe can be adjusted easily. It has soft inner lining which prevents blisters, tight spots or under-padded areas. It has a sturdy frame made up of high quality reinforced aluminum. Finally these skates are designed to offer the lightweight experience to the user and come with a 10 days refundable guarantee.

6. Klapp 100mm Wheel Size Adjustable Inline Skate

Best Inline Skates India 2020

This inline skate is made in India and yes it rough and tough and comes with 100mm wheel size, it is unisex and made up of rubber, well it strong and durable. It has an adjustable button to fit the shoes and has an aluminum frame. It is cost effective and available in medium and large size. Overall, this is a perfect roller skate for beginners, intermediate level and advanced level skaters. As they are made of fine quality materials, tends to have longer lifespan and comes with 10 days refundable guarantee.

7. Diswa Adjustable Aluminum Inline Skates

 Best Inline Skates India 2020

It has a great design which  allows for greater speed than roller skates and better maneuverability. Inline skates are designed specifically for those individuals who seek to utilize their skates for getting in shape, or skating very frequently, everything depends upon the  the bearings, wheel size, and overall weight. This inline skate will typically have faster bearings and larger wheels to generate speed for lengthy skates. This inline skate boots will likely be more comfortable due to liner construction, as well as circulate air better via ventilation differences. It offers numerous advantages when it comes to exercise, most notably, it is not boring! Skating is a fast-paced, exciting activity that offers a lot more than your treadmill or yoga ball will. Furthermore, inline skating is a low impact activity that will generate little wear-and-tear on your joints and bones. Also, inline skating can burn as many calories as running. The list of benefits is long, but the bottom line is that inline skating is a great fitness activity. If you plan on using your skates to get in shape via long, fast skating adventures, then fitness skates are likely the best option for you. Please regularly check whether the screw in loose.

8. Quantico Inline Skates 

Best Inline Skates India 2020

Quantico inline skates comes with a composite frame is integrated with the shell to provide a lower center of gravity for stability with durability and has PU Flashing 76mm WHEELS and ABEC 7 bearings indeed is a good combination for rolling at a moderate speed with a little less effort due to the slightly faster bearing. It has the liner and tongue ensures comfort for any skater. The closure system adds to the overall fit and helps to makes this entry level skate feel like it was designed for experts. It is great for beginners and comes with 1 year warranty.

9. Toy Arena Inline Skates with PU Flashing Wheel Aluminum 

 Best Inline Skates India 2020

This skate is a perfect gift for your kid. The super high rebound PU wheels hold up well against the normal wear and tear of skating and also provide great traction and control. It can expand up to four sizes that you will get multiple years of use out of these skates. It is tough and comes with low rolling resistance. This inline skate shoe size is adjustable (8-14 Years), with this skate speed and control are balanced nicely to create a ride that is not as intimidating but still provide a smooth easy roll. When learning, wheels will allow for easier turning while the ABEC 7 bearings will help the wheel spin more freely. It is not suitable for children ranging from 3-6 years.

10. SWAGSPIN Ferrari Original Inline Skate 

 Best Inline Skates India 2020

This is a trendy skate and comes with Ferrari original sign so, that your kid can skate with style and glamour, which makes this skate is a perfect gift for your kid. The super high rebound PU wheels hold up well against the normal wear and tear of skating and also provide great traction and control. It can expand up to four sizes that you will get multiple years of use out of these skates. It is made up of impact resistant PP Materials and comes with PE boot which means it has hard boot chassis  not only that but it also has high impact resistant PP wheels and it has  super high rebound PVC heels. You can gift this to your little inline skate enthusiast. 

11. JERN Inline Skates

 Best Inline Skates India 2020

This skate is specially designed for age 10 – 15 years with shoe sizes ranging from 7″ to 9″. It is adjustable and requires no assembly. It has the combination of PU wheels and high-quality bearing which is perfect for beginners. It also features brake stopper that offers safety for kids & beginners. The result is the moderate speed with less effort for easier learning.

12. Cockatoo IS06 abec-7 100 mm Inline Skate

 Best Inline Skates India 2020

This skate comes with high quality shoes with fixed length and has PU super rebounded wheels with size of 100 mm and ABEC-7 Bearing also fitted with high end aluminum chassis. It is perfect for beginners and mediocre skaters and it proves to be a great gift if you want to gift it to your little skate enthusiast.

13. Xectes Inline Skates 

 Best Inline Skates India 2020

This inline skate for kids comes with eight illuminating wheels that lights up automatically when you start to skate. Its wheels are designed as self-generated power system, the lights are powered by wheels rolling, and no battery is needed. 

This inline skate is available in different sizes; each size comes with a button to adjust the length, by pressing size button, you can easily adjust the size. Please check the size again with our size chart before ordering. It has buckle, strap and lace closure system will help fasten the feet properly into the skate. It has laces work well with the reinforced uppers to create an additional wrapping effect when the skates are properly laced. It comes with rollerblade for kids’ structure features an integrated shell and frame system with a lower center of gravity to give skaters more stability and control, always remember to wear a helmet, wrist guard, elbow and knee pad and when not in use, store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

14. CBEX Adjustable Inline Skates

Best Inline Skates India 2020

This inline skate shoe size is adjustable. Their wheel are made up of polyurethane and come with led flash for all wheels wheel holder and has two thicken aluminum alloy. It has balance frame for power and stability. Keep in mind that children should wear protection helmets and use it under the supervision of adults and regularly check whether the screw in loose. Do not slide in motorway and dangerous areas in order to avoid accidents. It comes with bearing and should be regularly checked for maintenance so as to keep the best working condition. Finally don’t immerse the wheel in water and avoid direct sunlight.

15. Credence Sterling Adjustable Shoes Inline Skates

 Best Inline Skates India 2020

This skate is made up of aircraft grade polished aluminum chassis, top quality frame. It has 100mm, ABEC-7 bearings  and has 82A PU casted high rebounded inline wheels also comes with soft shell with Velcro Cinch strap & lever buckle across the top with built in liner. With skate you have one center wheel, this is your pivot point – your center of gravity, So turning around the corner will be easier having only one center point, it is like spinning a coin. It becomes easier to turn, skate tighter corners, and actually this also makes it easier on the straight line to find your outside and inside edges. This helps you to get the double push technique going which now has been redefined and optimized for tri-skates. It is great product do check it out.


This whole article is your guide to the best inline skates available in India, so that you don’t have to hassle about researching everything, this article saves your time and will lets you to compare with other skates before buying. Happy buying.