17 Best Inclinometer Apps (Android/IPhone) 2024

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Sometimes when you are driving on a rough road, or you get stuck driving in the rain, and your car or bike or any vehicle is nearly half-submerged in the water; the first and most terrible thoughts that scare you is, “Are there any potholes on the road?”, “There should not be any manhole opened on the way” “what if the road level is down or up?”

These all give fear to anyone because it is impossible to know about the angle or gradients on any surface, Especially when driving any vehicle.

So, today in this article, I, Shyami-the tech friend, will tell you the-

17 best inclinometer apps for android / ios2023

 best inclinometer app

Clinometer + Bubble level

 best inclinometer app

It is the best Inclinometer app, iPhone/Android 2024. It has been downloaded by millions of people and having the best rating.
It is the best slope finder, bubble level and inclinometer for phones and tablet.

This professional tool called clinometers is the most precise slope measurement tool for iOS and Android device, plus the camera. It can be used for simple applications like aligning a frame and a more sophisticated field of application where an arbitrary slope needs to be measured accurate reading.

Download it now to make your daily life easier.

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Bubble level and clinometer

Best inclinometer app iPhone

It is the best inclinometer app iPhone 2024. It also has the best rating and satisfying millions of people.
It is a limited but, therefore, free version of clinometers.

It has all features but cannot be calibrated. It is the most precise slope measurement horizontal and vertical plains tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod. It can be used for a simple application like aligning a frame and more sophisticated fields of application.

With this tool, a slope can be measure by all the edges of the device in every direction. The device can display the slope in degree, percentage, and rise sun level.

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 Spirit level

 best inclinometer app

It is also a good app with the trust of millions of people. It has bull’s eye level with roll and pitch gauges screen. It has a horizontal surface and vertical bubble level and a single gauge screen.

It also has a calibration feature to correct for accelerometer misalignment and different axis sensitivity. It also has a Zero or reset button to make measuring angles easier. There are options to auto-select the screen based on inclination.

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 best inclinometer app

It is also the best Inclinometer app iPhone 2024. Theodolite is a multi-function viewfinder that combines a compass, two-axis inclinometer, rangefinder, level detection, GPS, map, nav calculator, and geo-overlay photo/movie camera into one indispensable app.

Theodolite was one of the very first augmented apps, and it been downloaded by millions of customers.
Its uses are endless, and the app is great for land measurement, outdoor sports, sightseeing, navigation, and finding your way around.

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Multi Clinometer

 best inclinometer app

Three clinometers in one include a 2D spirit level, smart level, a 2D clinometer, and a roll and pitch inclinometer. It is perfect for measuring the roll and pitch of vehicles, levelling hobby constructions, levelling pictures on the wall etc.

It calibrates accurately without the need for exactly vertical or horizontal surfaces.

The inclinometer has both analogue and digital displays. You can use any orientation of your phone /tablet as zero for your display.

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Builder’s auto level

 Best inclinometer app Android

It is the best Inclinometer app, Android 2024. Millions of people have been downloaded it and rated it high. It is used for laser precision in measuring vertical, horizontal and any angles.

It is the perfect, precise bubble advanced level tool for every handyperson. Data are presented in degrees and percentages and different units which you choose.

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Precise level(spirit level)

Best Inclinometer app Android

It is professional spirit level with a calibration guide. After correct calibration, you can use this app tool instead of a real spirit level. This bubble level is also a great three meters , angle meter, professionally known as an inclinometer.

Any spirit level needs calibration due to a production defect of a mobile device or because of protruding camera. You can use the PRO version on the whole day by watching ads or forever by purchase.

After upgrading to PRO, you have access to a calibration guide and a clipboard that stores spirit level results.

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Best level

Best Inclinometer app Android

It is the trust of millions of people and a high rated app bubble inside. It is precise and reliable touch tested on many devices, works the same as its physical equivalent. You can check if the specific surface is flat.

The best level besides the classical measure level contains the calibration option and the bull’s eye level. It measures the level simultaneously in two dimension- Horizontal and vertical.
You can use the app to measure the elevation, roof shelf, any inclination.

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Bubble level

 Best Inclinometer app Android 2023

Bubble level app is a handy, accurate, simple-to-use, and incredibly useful tool for your android device surface meter. It can calibrate any side independently and also calibrate relatively or absolutely.

It shows angle in degree, inclination in per cent, roof pitch or inches per foot. It is generally used in construction, carpentry and,flat surface photography to determine if the object on which you’re working is level.

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Cool bubble level

 best inclinometer app

It is an angle and slope measure tool for android. It has an easy and quick calibration function and shows angle or inclination. It helps in level or plumb angle measurement.round meter

It uses two types of degrees and roof pitch. It has the option to lock the angle meter button. It has an X and Y-axis switch mode( for some devices).

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 Simple Inclinometer

 Inclinometer App

It is the most simplified inclinometer app that allows measuring any steepness of a slope. The app’s design is as pleasant and straightforward as possible, and it is straightforward to use.

The app helps you to make the most accurate angle,bar meter inclination measurements with white background and blue lines. The unique feature of this app includes that there is no unnecessary clutter on the screen but only necessary information and data.

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 best inclinometer app

TiltMeter is a professional grade angle measurement instrument that measures the degree of tilt of a surface relative to the horizontal plane.

It is the most trending app to measure every type of angle of a slope, and you can make alignment using the app’s camera. The app has so many other tools like bubble level and motion-sensitive lock. You can use these tools according to your needs.

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Rotating Sphere Inclinometer

 best inclinometer app

The primary purpose of the Rotating Sphere Inclinometer app is to measure the angles of slope. Its fantastic design includes a round white instrument with a measuring scale, and a soothing wooden background will give comfort while measuring.

The unique features of this app include analogue and digital display, and you can choose according to your need. With the help of these advanced features, you can make any measurement as accurate as possible.

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Off-Road Inclinometer

 Inclinometer Apps

The app is the perfect inclinometer for your car’s pitch and roll values, and it is easy to use. You can use this inclinometer app by just choosing the vehicle and theme.

This fantastic app allows you to measure any angle of slope anytime and anywhere.

This app’s unique and amazing feature enables cleaning the layout of unnecessary and bothering icons and information. The app gives reliable and accurate measurements.

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Angle gradient inclinometer

 best inclinometer app

This is one of the best and accurate apps that have two ways of calibration. The advantage of the app is that it doesn’t have ads and is present in the best quality. There is also a bubble level in the app.

The app features a high resolution of graphics with modern navigation and an excellent interface. The special feature of this app allows changing the style of the theme according to the needs. There is a degree rounded, degrees, per cent, engineering, and the roof slope.

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 best inclinometer app

Antoine Vianey develops the game. The Clinometer measures angles of any slope or tilt, elevation or depression of a surface or object concerning gravity’s direction.

You can use this app to check slopes on tracks for accessibility. The best way to use the app is long side to the ground. The app also provides the figures for the inclination of both edges.

This is the first clinometer app that uses the front camera and sights through preview. It is also able to take a photo for reference or zoom functions. 

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 best inclinometer app

Digital Grace App develops this app. it is another good app to find the proper angle of an object by using the Tilt sensor or tilt indicator.

A tilt sensor is an advanced technology for measuring accurate gradients. The app is among the best inclinometer tools with bubble level and Compass, which helps estimate the precise angles and find the right direction.

The slope finder camera feature allows the Clinometer with a compass to find the correct displacement and broken forms of tips.

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