How to see sold items on eBay 2024

Welcome to the world of eBay, where you can find anything and everything under the sun. But have you ever wondered how to see what has already been sold? Whether you’re an eBay seller trying to keep tabs on your competition, or a buyer looking for information on pricing history, this blog post will guide you through all the steps on how to easily access sold item listings. So buckle up and get ready to become an eBay expert!

How to see sold items on eBay

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How to see sold items on the eBay website

To see sold items on the eBay website, visit the Sold Items section. This section includes a list of all items that have been sold on eBay within the past 90 days. The Sold Items section also includes a Sold Listing tool, which allows you to view information about the item, including photos, bid and buy amounts, and more. You can also save an item to your favorites or email it to a friend.

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How to see sold items on the eBay app

To view sold items on the eBay app, open the app and tap on the “Sold” tab at the top. This will show all of your sold items, with information such as the buyer’s name and contact info, the item’s description, and when it was sold. You can also see a map of where your item was sold.

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